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Popcorn and fruits, a match made in textureland

I forget how jokes work, but I hate fruit. Those things are uncorrelated. But, you know…

Hi! I like most fruits(within reason) and don’t normally remember how jokes work either.

Some fruits are okay with me, but certain fruit… Certain fruits are very, very hideous and lazy members of society. (I’m talking about oranges.)

I don’t hate oranges. True, they’re not the prettiest and somewhat lazy because they only move when you push them since they’re round but hey! It’s got citric acid in it and that’s pretty cool. I don’t like tangerines at all though. They’s so small, they think they’re helpless and deserve special treatment for being as small as they are. They don’t. (Ngl, I now am Team Tangerine. You made them into underdogs.)

My personal dislike stems from the texture of oranges, though. So, in reality, I probably would never be Team Any Fruit With Pulp.(That’s what I thought. Ha! :P) It’s always about the texture with you, isn’t it? Hey. It’s important. You can tell a lot about something from it’s texture. For instance, oranges/fruit with pulp are awful and should be avoided at all costs.

And what? Apples are trustworthy because they’re solid all the way through? I think this logic is a little flawed. You just proved my point for me.

Another example: grapes are “okay” because they’re tiny and can be swallowed quickly with minimal chewing(not always, do not try this at home, kids), but they’re not solid enough and quite frankly are too pulpy to ever really like.

The moral of this post: texture. It defines us all. Wait… That…that’s not what I mean. Ahem. Let’s go with: fruit is a necessary evil.

And I mean: keep your popcorn on the ceiling and your eggshells on the walls. 😉 😛 ❤ 😀 🙂 😀 😉 😛 🙂

(And, like, drive safely.)


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