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The Distinct Scent of NYC

Hello. This post is only expected to be slightly longer than the previous few because while we are finally back in our own homes, we are also kinda tired and still adapting to being back home.

Ahem. Yeah, I also was being lame and not cooperating very much. Sorry, but I’m here now. It’s amazing to be back home.

Since we are now Experienced Travelers (that is a huge stretch, but I guess we are Minutely Experienced Travelers now), we can report to you all on some of our many experiences. This week’s experience: The Smell of NYC.

It smells…unique. It definitely doesn’t smell like my neck of the woods, even my town square (as opposed to Times Square). I wouldn’t wish it on anyone particularly, but I would also say it’s something one needs to smell to believe as well.

The conclusion: it stinks.

Here is the literal text I sent my mom:


I have no text about the smell to mi padres. I just happen to know that the hospital thing was mostly my doing because I kept smelling hospital. And as a completely unrelated side note, Central Park was gorgeous.

Basically, I don’t think I could live in the city purely because of the smell. Smh @ NYC..that isn’t my reason but I concur. Rhode Island is much better.

Keep your hospitals in dumpsters and your overnights in the pond. 🙂 😀 😉 😛 :’D ❤ 🙂 😀

Anyway, with all your scent discoveries, I hope you continue to drive safely. ❤

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Bumpy Ride

Hey y’all! We’re all seniority and stuff. It’s been crazy and fun, but we’ve had some unlucky breaks a couple of the nights. On two different days we’ve tracked over 11 miles walking. (Today was basically 13). Either way we love you all and hope you keep your salt in the cupcakes and chilies in the milk.
😀 🙂 😉 😛 ;P ❤
Drive safely and go on many hopefully less long than ours adventures!

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Four, YALL, Now

Hey, y’all! ACG here. AJA is en route back to her home from some convention thing (YALL fest, and I really think it’s cool) just before we leave on our trip as a class. Quite frankly, we’re both terrified and a bit nervous, and I’m not sure how next week will go. So if we don’t get back to you in a week, check back the next week. Just in case, HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Anyway, I have to be up at some 4 o’clock hour so I’m going to attempt sleep now.

Keep your head on the ground and your toes in a jar. 🙂 😀 😛 😉 :’D 😥 ❤

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Productivity in Sweatpants

Hey, y’all! If you combine our productivity today, we have gotten MONSTROUS amounts done. Okay, to be fair, I feel like you achieved most of the bizarre things that make a nice list and I achieved like three things that took all of my energy. She took a major test for five hours; that’s amazing in my book. ACG built stools, went shopping, did her homework (partially), and what else? I’m forgetting something… Still. Both of us were relatively productive.

Relatedly, if you combined our outfits as of 3:00pm today, you would see a full sweatsuit. (senior year stuff) *nods* Not only did we wear a sweat suit, we also got stuff ready for a monstrous trip (+3 for me) we will be going soon. I am basically in tears and the common definition of “got things ready” is probably not a good description of what I did. My room is utter chaos, but…(mine, too) The night…is…young. It’s only 11:07pm, right?! RIGHT?!? Sure, whatever floats your boat.  In California, it’s only, like, 8pm. I think. I don’t math well. 😦 My brain is too sleeeeeeppppyyy.

Well on that note, we’re going to let y’all go so everyone can get some sleep. (Roll tide!) Keep your linemen hopping and your fingers in the sockets. 🙂 😉 😀 😛 :0

I don’t understand football. Red is red, and this is the end. Drive safely. Bye.

*Falls asleep on keyboard*

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College Bees on Halloween

Hello, welcome to the land of the living. They were unalive before? I’m so… I’m so… It’s HALLOWEEN!!! Exactly…the internet is a living beast for one night only. I’ve forgotten every five minutes all day.

Halloween isn’t the only big thing that’s gone on in the past three days. I almost died (okay, not really but it sounds cooler that way)!!! I was afraid she was going to die. She exaggerates. Really, though, it was kind of amazing. Terrifying, you mean.

We were taking a field trip (nearly literally? okay, not really…) with our senior class (be afraid) to take pictures for class stuff. While we were eating lunch, I had a friendly visitor with a yellow and black striped posterior land on my finger. I was holding my second piece of pizza in that hand, as well, and I didn’t get to eat said pizza for a bit. This yellow jacket bee thing crawled around my finger and hand, stayed still for three-ish minutes (it was more like ten thousand), and would’ve stayed longer if the wind had not ripped this poor creature from my finger. While I was glad I could eat my pizza and it no longer tickled, I do sort of feel bad for Mikey. (The thing was on my hand taking its sweet time for probably close to five minutes; we named him. Our son! Okay, that got weird. He obviously was very lonely, though, and needed a parental figure of some sort.)

Displaying IMG_4305.JPG

There it is, the full story. No one was stung, no one died, and the pictures look amazing. (Well, the non-official ones…*shhhhhhhh*) Now, on to the rest of our life and weekend.

Last night we went to a Halloween party as the good cop bad cop of witches. I was an evil sorceress (with amazing makeup thanks to AJA), and AJA was the good witch of the outfit. It was fun, and we went on a hay ride twice. I fought a boy for a water bottle, and got called forty but details… Those two things were unrelated and neither were cool. 😛 I like to fight… *pouty face*

So today we visited a college and they claimed to be great and I like their face. Well, its face. Well…… She looooooooves it. I really like it, too, but she has been in love with it for a long time now. I am excite. I am less excite, but that is mostly because of tiredness currently. I am also fear. Most seniors are at this point though.

Anyway, feed the bees and be an evil queen (or king). Peace!
❤ 🙂 😀 😛 😉 :O :’D

Life has the potential to be very cool, so drive safely. ❤