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The Best Post of 2014…Maybe.

In case anyone out there was worried, yes I and or we realize that we have to make this good because it’s the LAST POST OF 2014!!! It flew, we grew (did we? did we really grow?), and learned things old (can you learn old things? Really? Really, Sonny? (That wasn’t a reference from a 2009 show, nope nope nope.) History, duh.) and new.

2014 has been…well, it could’ve been worse. We didn’t die. ;-D (Look, I’m even using emoticons now.She misses the emoticons…awww *wipes tear*) So, we’re here to discuss the HIGHS of 2014. (This might be a short post *looks away.*)

Okay, pessimist Peggy. (Am I related to a Peggy? I feel like I am.) Anyway, favorite things from 2014…starting with…


…books. Go!

I liked that one book with that one boy and that one girl who did the thing and it somehow saved the world from total destruction? Yeah. That one.

Or maybe I mean Opposition by Jennifer L. Armentrout. Because that book came out in 2014, even though I think the series started in…2012? Sounds right. (Checked on Goodreads. Verified. Bam.)

I don’t know that I can pick. Or remember everything I read in this year.

Okay, so, like I think I read more books that were published earlier than 2014 this year than not, but also I like was kind of not actively involved in my interests, so I can’t remember anything else either.  

I guess my favorite(other than the Obsidian series because it was pretty raw and I found it first. She did. She’s good like that.) was that I was still discovering and reading my Prince of Wolves babies and then the Into the Fae series after that by Quinn Loftis that if you can get past the language, is a very good story even if it is third person and yes, has werewolves but they are NOT LIKE THE TWILIGHT WOLVES, PEOPLE! (Twilight and them are kind of equal in my mind, if I’m being honest. But not because the world building was the same. Just…the vibe.)  I don’t have a problem with Twilight, they even reference the series, I’m just saying that the wolves aren’t the same because anytime someone hears werewolves, Jacob and his friends come to mind.


How are they different exactly? I haven’t read enough to really know. Yeah, the wolves are affected by their emotions but they don’t phase because of vampires in the area and they don’t imprint exactly. They have mate signs but it’s always with another wolf or gypsy healer until later in the series when another species is introduced into that mix.

They’re also not made to be predators and kill things, they were actually “created” when wolves were being hunted to extinction to save the creatures by combining man’s wisdom with the wolf’s nature, body, and strength. Plus, all of these wolves run around with their clothes on most all of the time. Their shifting isn’t erratic enough that they have to watch out for the whole shredding problem. And there are packs all over and not just Indian magic. And there you have it. The magic of The Prince of Wolves series and companions explained by an uber fan. Don’t even think that scratches the surface of it. That’s just a small glimpse into their origin and mating. I didn’t even get into the bonding ceremony or mate bond.


THE YOUNG ELITES BY MARIE LU IS BAE! There! I remembered one! I also would recommend the Mila 2.0 series by Debra Driza if you like sci-fi-y stuff. (As a fair warning the Mila series started a little slow for my taste. Even I’ll admit that, but it’s kind of worth it if you’re patient.) And The Museum of Intangible Things by Wendy Wunder is a GREAT book. I love it. It’s contemporary and kind of a great book that features the discussion of mental illness, which I think is v. important. (There are other swell books, but… I’d be here all night if I tried to list them.)


On top of that, I think one of my favorite movies is either Pizza My Heart (which totally did not come out in 2014 no but we watched it in 2014 ah, but you said things that came out in 2014 earlier I didn’t mean to but yeah, there you have it) because it was an epic Netflix find or Big Hero 6 (which bites I never got to see in theaters).

I find movies hard to watch. Little bit. Um. Short attention span and all.  Maleficent was grand. I got a copy for Christmas ^-^. Mockingjay Part 1 was killer. But really Maleficent had to be number one for me.


Before ACG gets down here to discuss music. I will not be reckoned with that any song other than Yellow Flicker Beat by Lorde or the entire album of 1989 were the best in music. She can say what she will, but those are my faves.

Except…this one song she made me listen to last night. Grrr. Thank you very much, it’s called “Take Your Time” by Sam Hunt and it’s GREAT.

I also liked “I Don’t Dance” by Lee Brice (oh, yeah, this song… I was just hit with feels…), “I’ve Got a Car” by George Strait I believe, “Shut Me Up” by Elle Lindsey I think, and “Ball Cap” by Glen Templeton. Oh! And “Famous” by Kelleigh Bannen and “Wish I Could Break Your Heart” by Cassadee Pope. And “Girl in a Country Song” by Maddie and Tae (This one is important for SO many reasons).

I could go on and on but I’ll stop there.

And lastly “Immortals” by Fall Out Boys which is the only non country song so it had to be added separately.

Oh! Wait! I forgot my CD boyfriend. Ed Sheeran! His album Multiply (Or “X” if you must) was like the thing that fed me during the summer.

Yeah, I’m with AJA’s mom. Ed Sheeran isn’t my favorite but that’s okay. She likes him so…that’s cool.

*bats eyes* I still think that one person who sometimes sings his songs while playing random guitars that we both are in class with, yeah, him. He’s moderately better. …Moderately.

Okay, I guess I moderately (I hate you.) know who you’re referring to…but I digress.

OH! One more book that I found, like, yesterday is called Runes (by Ednah Walters? I think? It is.). Just thought I’d let y’all know.


So, this post might not have been the best post EVER, but that’s because 2014 was not the best year EVER. That will be 2015. ;-D

Except the small fact that I turned 16 and got my license this year but, hey, no biggie. I turned seventeen…and…yeah, that’s it. I aged. Whoo! one more… Wait. Eight months ‘til I’m an adult! (That’s not enthusiasm. That’s terror, my friends.)


So, until next year… DRIVE SAFELY…you hooligans!

Feet in the outlet. (Don’t.)

Nose in the ceiling. (These are not good ideas.)

And shoes and cells in the lake. (This sounds like a murder mystery.)


🙂 😀 😛 😉 ;D :’D


*Salutes survivors of 2014*

*Mockingjay salutes non-survivors of 2014*

*Marches boldly with stilettos into 2015*

Consider yourself slayed, New…Year!

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Because I’m Happy

As mentioned on Saturday, today we will begin a new feature-thingy in which we will discuss music. (I’m mature. I use words like thingy to add to a word.) Today’s song will be Happy by Pharrell. As you might know, this song has plagued the top forty for most of 2014.

Sorry, I got distracted and delayed by my parents not understanding true art. But whatever, that’s not the point here… The point is that HAPPY IS NOT MY JAM!!!

Fair warning: I don’t have strong feelings about this song at all, so my defenses shall be weak. (I don’t either until a minute and a half into the song.) But, I mean, you have to give it that it has a “happy” beat and uplifting message…? I’m really not sure what nice things there are to say about it other than it can be a fun song, though a bit repetitive.

I just have to point out that I’m pretty sure 89.9995% of the lyrics are “happy” or “Because I’m happy.” If a song is going to have THAT MUCH crazy repetitiveness in it, the other 10.0005% better be KICKING.

Okay, but consider this: it’s good background noise for negative conversations. Yeah, not really. It just adds to the irritation level.  For example: Your cat dies. Your mom turns on Happy and starts singing and dancing and suddenly says “Clap along if there’s no cat left for you!” It’d totally soften the blow. That’s AWFUL!!! Like, I’m insensitive but even I know better than THAT.

Okay… BUT. Let’s say you failed a test. You come in humming and your father is sitting at the kitchen table reading the paper (do people still do that? my dad doesn’t. some do. My mom does and my dad’s electronic, generally only knows it if it crosses his notification panel in some form.) and you burst into lyrics. “It wasn’t what I wanted to do, but I’m haaaaaaaaaaapppppppyyyyyy!” He’s going to ground you for like three weeks instead of seven because at least you can sing. (This is bad advice if you can’t sing.)

Yeah, you’re probably still going to be confronted about/by the problem. And your singing the annoying song is just going to add to their irritation and then you’ll get in trouble for avoiding the topic and odds are if they aren’t used to you failing, you aren’t going to be okay with it enough to sing a song about happiness, because you’ll be mad at yourself. Like, tears and punching and screaming mad at something. (Maybe even fighting in the rain… P. sure, Taylor talked about kissing in the rain and cursing names at 2AM.)

Well. You could still feel like a room without a roof. I mean, I’ve never been a roofless room(you’ve never been missing a head? Oooookay, wouldn’t have pegged you for that type And what type is that? (No, seriously.) decapitated and headless), but it doesn’t sound as fun as this Pharrell guy makes it sound. So, maybe he’s actually failed a test and is writing this song to cheer him up.

La. La la. La-da la da la.

I don’t even know what that’s supposed to mean. But I’m going to assume it means that you agree the functionality of this song is literally to make situations more comedic? I’d say worse. To make situations worse. But what do I know? I know people throw rocks at things that sparkle…wait, shine.

If she ever asks me to do a Taylor Swift song I will come positively unglued.

And why is that?

Because Taylor is queen. SHhhhhhhhh! Your argument is invalid.

Why do queens have so many blank spaces? You’d think most would want to keep a king instead of bashing their cars with clubs and dropping their phones in pools. 😛

YOU ARE GOING TO START A WAR! Taylor is too good for a man. Let’s be real here.

Didn’t she have a song about kids in ripped up jeans beating the kings and queens? (Long live the still sorta not unbearably pop in transition Taylor!!!)

ACG, you best watch your step if you want me to literally not get upset because I think I will lose my mind if we have to have an argument about Taylor and how much she is the best thing not actually in my life but metaphorically in my life. Because the best thing in my actual life right now is our friendship. ^-^ (Nice save, AJA. Nice save…)

Thanks, that’s sweet. But I wasn’t bashing, just telling my favorite album, practically. Anyway, I think we’ve digressed far enough that Happy is no longer the point.

Until next week, my friends!!!! *holds up fist and is everyone else’s cue to toast or copy because if it’s not already in a movie as a pep talk conclusion, it should be*

🙂 😀 😉 😛 O.o

I was worried you wouldn’t add any emoticons and then our post would be lacking. Stay chill, and…drive safely, I guess. I mean, do what you want really. I don’t know your life, man. *salutes you* *turns on 1989* *feels the power of Taylor in my veins* *wants to take over the world* *decides becoming a dragon is better* *questions what ACG is doing* *is dragon* *roars loudly* *breathes fire on to peasants who have hurt me* –-and goodnight everyone!!!!

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Hey, this is AJA here. Tonight, ACG and I will not be doing a regular post in light of holiday events and the like. Hopefully next week we will return to “normal.”

ALSO: We are planning to start a new “feature” hopefully this Monday. It will be called “Music Monday” and we will be debating about none other than music. So, no big deal. But it will be neat and also swell.

Happy Holidays to you and yours!

As always, drive safely.

❤ theannazzz

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non-boring non-fiction interests…and pasta!

It’s 12/13/14!!!! Just needed to point that out, everyone! The dates are cool and all. I mean, unless you’re from not America and write your date like 13/12/14, in which case it stinks to be you because you don’t get to experience the awesome that is a consecutive date today.

Anyway, date notwithstanding, I’d say something about just finishing a weird book but this post is specific non-literary. We won’t talk about books or writing or how much we love to do those things(though no one should ever doubt that we definitely love to read and write or talk about that). Instead we’re going to talk about other things we enjoy doing (like eating pasta!). Or maybe learning (on our own timetables of course).

You might have heard us mention once or twice that ACG is rather fond of writing torture scenes, which lends her to not having to research horrific incidents because she just creates them. I, on the other hand, really enjoy learning about horrible things that can happen to people that make them crazy.

I appreciate Criminal Minds a LOT. And the NCIS shows (New Orleans specifically because, well, Lucas Black [I think that’s his name] has a killer accent). I appreciate learning about the mental processes and thoughts but any time I enjoy something I want to see it applied into a “real life” scenario so learning about it in textbook-classroom-format can be tough for my two tracked brain (she’d learn it regardless, but she just doesn’t enjoy it. I enjoy it just fine(psychology at least, which is what we’re talking about here), I just get distracted easier.).

I have an inferiority complex. I enjoy learning about those, too. (I can’t form a coherent though tonight. Forgive me. I have pasta.) While, I think it’s safe to say I like learning about how the brain ticks as well I prefer the emotional side. I also occasionally delve into physical ailments.

I kinda struggle with the emotions while it’s happening. I’d rather just think about the scenarios or whatever. And trying to wrap my head around mental diseases is a struggle some days…a lot of days. I try  when it’s presented to me but I make no promises nor do I mean to try to come across and give the impression that I come close to getting it. I’m not sure exactly how high my EQ is.

I am a bag of emotions and pasta. (Do y’all see my hang up tonight?) So, I will never have the situation figured out before the emotion. It’s a good eighty percent of the reason I can’t plot and would rather just pour out what comes, but we’re not here to discuss writing styles. Or writing.

This is why we’re a team. Just like she’d rather write her Spanish and I’d rather read it (I don’t have a problem with reading it) and speak it (nor do I dislike speaking it, I just am not very good at it). I think she’s the white part of a best friend yin-yang because you need light to write and read it. I didn’t say she disliked it (you really don’t have to disclaimer it. I’m just clarifying), I just said that she preferred to stick to writing it (which isn’t entirely true, to be honest. I’d like to be able to have it all rolling in the deep… you had my heart and soul in your hands, but you played it… yeah, you played it to the beat… Sorry. Adele took over.). I’m 99000% sure that has nothing to do with Spanish.

And since we’re also talking favorite subject to learn in a classroom environment or studying, I’m going to say that academically, it’s probably psychology just as a in classroom thing, or maybe drama if drama was a class option where we go to school. But I’d also say that I really really love Bible classes whether it’s at church or anywhere else.

Supposedly we were avoiding academics and spiritual growth stuff and instead were focusing on things you can’t learn in the classroom, but since we’re not. I’m just going to stick with my earlier sentiment. I’m a bag of emotions and pasta and sitting still stresses me out (says the girl who can go practically catatonic some days).

Didn’t realize we were avoiding it… Whatever. The way you said it when suggesting this topic hinted at avoiding serious things, but you’re right. Whatever. Yeah, I might can have communication issues sometimes, maybe kinda a lot. But that’s okay, it generally gets worked out… until it doesn’t…

But back to not so serious stuff, I really like drama and would do a lot more of it if it was more easily obtained. I’d love to take a class as an elective about it but that’s not an option so…*shrug*

We’ve never had anything close to drama, or I haven’t. She did go to a different school than me for childhood, but I don’t know how I would feel about it. I don’t like to count things out before I try them, but also don’t know that I would love to do it because it’s been such a limited opportunity. My grandmother told me I should be an actress one time though. I could never tell if she was being sarcastic or not.

And who knows, I might not be any good at it but I’ve always wanted to and never had the chance (what elementary school offers drama as a whole class because I’d kinda wanna visit there children have plays sometimes for like end of the year stuff. I mean, even we did that, but it was mostly singing.). I mean as a class class not like working on it on the side…I really meant high school…

Because I’m ninety percent sure that I don’t have anything else to contribute seeing as I’m a snail with a bag of emotions and pasta who either sits still for far too long or can’t be bothered, I’m going to just say that I’m a person who spends too much time on the internet and sometimes learns about lizards who reproduce asexually as a result.

Until further notice, drive safely.

Take it away, ACG.


Feet on the fans, pasta in the dryer, and fingers in outlets.





🙂 😀 😉 ;D 😛 ;P :O o.O

*tries to shrug indifferently* *strongly suggest she cares* *carries bag of pasta covered emotions elsewhere*

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Writers, relationships, and tater tots….?

Hey! It’s our earliest post yet! 😀 I think… O.o Or it might not be, but I haven’t been corrected yet so… 🙂

Oh dear. We’ve already got two emojis. No, three. Wow. Okay, well, at least she’s in a good mood. I’m in a good mood, but really grossed out. That’s not the question at hand though. I think we’ve had one earlier post, but who really knows?

Not me. So okay, y’all! If you’re reading this you’re probably a writer. Or a reader. Or you may be neither and watch for the pictures (ha, take that, AJA! Emojis for the win! Technically we do have pictures of our pumpkin, too.) but either way, this is our perspective and maybe a warning to the unsuspecting on what to expect out of a relationship with writers.


Writers are a little bit…different, which sometimes makes having relationships of any kind–whether it be friendship or something more–difficult or just plain confusing (or very very very interesting).

Yeah, yeah. They’re mostly interesting. Until they’re too far gone. Which may not ever happen, depending on how many worlds they create and try to balance and figure out and plot for. Kind of like sloths.

Sloths? Sloths. They are very interesting creatures and they don’t move a lot. Kind of like writers in their natural state. Oh. Well we move more than sloths (nah!) but less than clock pendulums or gears of a moving machine.


One thing you might have to but shouldn’t necessarily worry about is if you’re with them and they randomly start laughing. There are about three options:

  1. They’ve completely gone insane, ready to be committed. (This is unlikely. They’ve probably been insane they’re whole life and committing them will only be confusing. ‘Cause that’s a reason to avoid getting help.)
  2. They’re laughing at you for no real reason (or maybe one you’ve yet to notice) but mean no real harm by it. Of course, they could be being a jerk and are abusing this article? Post? Yeah.
  3. Something absolutely hilarious happened in a story they just thought of or you saying the words “tater tots”(or any other greasy snack  food of your choice typically associated with a fast food restaurant) simply made them think of potatoes and Mr. Potato Head and how funny he would be in a scene (back to writing) or how stupid he’d look with his mustache upside down. (Sometimes I’m waiting for my computer to load and laugh at the phrase “I a squid with one I/eye” and I never know which he’s/I’m/my brain is talking about.)

(Because there’s a real guy talking in her head about aquatic
creatures. Not. He’s very real to me, ACG. You know this.)


Setting inappropriate laughter aside. You don’t have to worry about ever truly being at a lack of a hypothetical-may-or-may-not-really-be-plausible-scenario. Most writers either keep one in their back pocket or love the impromptu-last-minute-stringing-together of a story.


One problem for those significant others (hopefully spouses, esposos if you will) of a writer might be naming your kids. Because anyone who has a lot of characters has gone through a lot of names. Besides the lack of originality, I can imagine that it would be very disappointing to think of a kid you named after a character and think about all of the flaws (whether it be lack of development or true character flaws) or admirable qualities they possess and that the child might or might not possess. This is why the idea of two writers getting married is super cute and also extremely worrisome. Because…HOW DO YOU EVEN HAVE CATS?!? I’m looking at you Tahereh Mafi and Ransom Riggs. How do you even have cats? You can’t name them anything. You can’t name anything! (I named a character after my dog. *sighs quietly* *hangs head*)

Not getting into the fact that I think animals don’t exactly count the same way (no offense to anyone who considers their true baby of a different species) because, they’re not humans and so that makes it different. It does, but it’s still got to be weird. So consider not marrying a writer if you ever want to name your children something other than “hey, kid.” Or consider marrying a writer and being a name generator. I feel like the second option is best. Yes, because NOT HAVING RELATIONSHIPS WITH WRITERS JUST BECAUSE THEY USE A LOT OF NAMES IS NOT THE ANSWER! …maybe.


One last thing writers do that you really need to keep in mind when maintaining a relationship with them is that they will stare off into space or start using it as their calculator, timeline, spreadsheet, etc. They will stare at other people. And since for the most part writers are heavy readers, they will be in love with several thousand characters and keep their noses in a book and/or keep it glued to their persons. It will be weird. So if you have a problem with weird…. Well, you’re out of luck.


Maybe somehow this has informed you on how to have a relationship with a writer. Or not. Probably not, but we can all pretend it did, right?


As always, keep your heads on sideways, move your checkers pieces straight and EAT MORE TATER TOTS!!! 😀


And drive safely. 😉




🙂 😀 😛 😉 O.o :O ❤