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A Week on Poetry

Hey, y’all. Happy day…I guess. I am probably being a cheery sunshiney optimist, but hey at least we had a day today. It could have been night or the zombie apocalypse or fire or ice. Anyway, I digress. Sort of.

Sorry about last week. My computer likes to murder things, which is actually somehow relevant to this week’s topic: poetry. In the past two or three weeks, we’ve studied poetry in our English class, and poetry tends to have one of two focuses: death or love.

We sort of had a week of ice. Or a few days of ice to ruin social plans. It wasn’t even really enough ice to count here (if any). There was snow, yes. It was sort of just enough to be annoying, though, in my opinion. Okay, I am done being a brat about that, now. Go read Shakespeare’s “Winter” for more information.

The poetry we discussed was often about pining, but I do have to say “A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning” has become my favorite despite the fact it’s mostly romantic and I’m not too keen on love poems. I think it’s because it features math and also poetry.

I like the name of that one and the fact that they are connected even when they are apart; it’s a sophisticated kind of love. My favorites are more towards “To His Coy Mistress” because I interpret it all kinds of not like my teacher; “Death, be not proud” because I like the fact that the speaker is not afraid of death because it is not as permanent as it likes to pretend to be; and “Snow White and the Seven Deadly Sins” is kind of too edgy for our high school class, but I found it and really liked the thought that she got away. I don’t know that I could make myself pick a favorite though because I liked most of them that I read on some level.

Another one (that was a fan favorite and a long time personal favorite) was “Do Not Go Gently into That Good Night” by Dylan Thomas. It’s pretty popular overall, too, and a good reminder as any to drive safely.

And don’t freeze. As always, keep your face in the dryer and your quill in the doorframe. 😉 😀 😛 🙂 :O ❤ 🙂 😀

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Tune in next week to find…

Hey, y’all. It’s just me tonight; AJA is having some technical difficulties. We do have a great topic for next week planned though, so you have to be here for that. Want a hint?

“Beneath the blue oblivious sky, the water
sings of nothing, not your name, not mine.”

That’s all you get for now; Google it if you get too curious. 😉

Keep your hair in the pool and your toe nails in the fryer. 🙂 😀 :/ 😉 😛 😀 ❤

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Why Is It Not April?

Hello, how was everyone’s return to reality? Mine was boring and full of physics (nasty). Oh, wait, we weren’t asking me. So, hey, y’all!!! How was everyone’s return to school? 😀 Or work? Or outerspace?

Outside of school, my Monday consisted of basketball (and for the rest of the week: for many ages and both genders) and some free time and friends. This was the same Monday I only got three hours of the sleep the night before.

The holidays always leave me too much freedom to get my days and nights mixed up. O.O :/ However, we have learned just how done seniors truly get (inner grammarian says “are” I guess, I mean more of become, because it is worse than before.) during their second semester (or how sick they seem to be), and we also learned just how long a week can feel like. WHY IS IT NOT YET APRIL?!? I FEEL LIKE IT SHOULD ALREADY BE APRIL!!! Because there is this novel thing of having to go through January, February, and March first. 😉 😛

Like, I’m not exactly looking forward to making The Big Decision (Which, as a piece of advice, should probably be made before April.), but I am looking forward to being done with everything and the decision being made. (I agree with the sentiment of having made the decision by February sometime.) Totally agree, but I feel like once it is made, my soul will be signed away or something. That makes me think of the song “The Devil Went Down to Georgia.” You’re welcome.

I can’t make words tonight. They don’t order themselves well apparently, so before I say anything offensive. I’m going to instruct that you make good choice and, of course, drive safely.

I suggest being away from the experimental light fixtures when testing and keeping your toes in the puff cakes. 🙂 😀 :O 😛 😉 ❤

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Welcome to the Future. (Spoiler Alert: School Still Exists!)

Hey, y’all!!!!!!! (There are 16 characters there because IT’S 2016!!! Where did life go?) Okay, I digress. Hi. 😀

Well, that’s one way to start this.  Welcome to the future, everybody! I cannot even think about the date without wanting to throw a hairbrush at the universe. However, that hairbrush needs to get thrown for many reasons. One of which is school.  (That’s pretty close to a bad word in my book, but anyway, that isn’t particularly relevant.)

Yes, the beginning of the year means the beginning of the second semester. The second semester brings a whole list of things to throw a hairbrush at. So many, in fact, that I think we could open an archery range with a target for each. It would encourage me to learn to aim a little better. *SIGHS* I can’t think about that either.

Not to be too brief with this post, but quite frankly 2016 looks like a year of things I’m not ready to process, so ha…haha…ha. Ha. We have made a lot of progress…the “ha”s are separated now. (Don’t wonder, worry, or fret about it.)

I was hoping there would be a number of words ending in 16, but I’m lame and it didn’t happen anyway. So, keep your nose in the wax and your fingers on the big red button. 😛 ❤ 😀 🙂 😉 ;P :O

Drive safely…or if you’re in my area recklessly while targeting a short, chubby girl with frizzy, awkward-length hair because I might just be down with death. Or at least, pain stronger than the panic in my chest…ha…haha. (I’m mostly kidding…mostly.)