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Fangers, Spring Showers, and Productivity…:D

Welcome to the most disturbing, terrifying topic we have discussed on this blog: returning to school after spring break. Yes, it is true! We’re here to express our sympathy to everyone who has had to deal with it or is alongside us dreading the experience ourselves. Or those who are working and wish they had a spring break to have to dread the end of.

The worst part I think is that 2015 has been a snowball running kind of year already. I mean, it’s almost April! What is even going on with time?!? The year is literally approaching being a fourth over(3 days) with every tick of the clock. So, of course, spring break has lasted no time hardly in my mind. (Double negative if we’re getting in the spirit…I think it is, at least…maybe. Sorta. *ducks head* never mind, ignore me. It’s okay you just want to embarrass me. I know how it is with you. Of course.)

Basically, I’m beyond confused about time’s function in our lives at this point and I don’t want to go back to school. So why don’t we just not and say we don’t have to!? 😀 😀 😀

I like that idea. We can read, write, and whatnot FOREVER!

Agreed. So, there you have it according to the Annazzz you never have to go back to school again. The End.

Well, this was a lovely decision. Look at us being all productive! I’m proud!

All you vampires out there, remember that pointing with your fangers isn’t nice! Use your noses instead. 😀 🙂 😛 :O 😉

When you do actually go to school again (assuming you were on break and realize this whole post has been a joke), drive safely.

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The Mysterious Rectangle of WHAT EVEN WAS THAT MOVIE?!?

Have you ever gotten an ice cream cone and dropped it on the ground after only one lick? That’s essentially the same emotional crisis you suffer when a book you love gets turned into the worst movie of the year. Okay, maybe it wasn’t that bad. But it was still almost laughable.

Well hi there. If you haven’t noticed, we saw a bad movie last night. Well, the movie itself had a couple of good points… If you don’t think of it as really having any relation to the book it was “based” on. Or any relation to humanity.

Basically, it was okay if you enjoyed vertigo, under developed characters, and so much fighting it became borderline ridiculous. And don’t forget the added in, almost forced all into one scene overboard stuff like language and random vest unzipping then a black screen. There was a really irrelevant sex scene, okay? It was pointless, and Shailene (We weren’t seeing a John Green book-to-movie movie so there’s another clue to what the movie was. It was Insurgent. No more being polite. I was beyond disappointed.) must be perfect and not need a bra??? Which was just…weird and very confusing. That aside, the scene didn’t make sense in the first place. Tris and Tobias’ relationship in the movies was already suffering and poorly developed. This didn’t fit into their dynamics. Besides, as a fan of the books, I have to point out that the this scene wouldn’t’ve even happened until Allegiant.

If I had to pick just one thing to hate though, it would be the fact that the side characters literally served no function. They weren’t even introduced. Uriah, Marlene, and Lynn are a favorite, core group in the books, and while I understand not every detail can be observed in an adaptation, this was a huge huge huge disservice to these characters. Even worse, it was mostly just confusing.

I would have to say that mine was the fact that, minus a minor confrontation at the beginning, everyone seemed to adjust almost entirely too well to wherever they were. There were no weird frustrated zen moments with an Amity or no spirited debates with a Candor over anything even though if you know even the least bit about Faction interactions, we know that Candor make everyone uncomfortable and Dauntless like to yell at them generally. And we had Dauntless switching to Erudite and becoming lab techs as if it were the simplest thing.

For me none of those things were really problematic because everything else was so terrible(I needed my own thing to not like about it, too. Understandable. I’m just saying.). If anything else had been remotely okay, I would’ve probably been a little irked as most book fans are when things have to be altered in movies.

But I just… I can’t. I’m sad and disappointed. (possibly spoilers??? stop now if you want to live??? I mean, what?) The redeeming quality was Tris having to forgive herself to unlock the mysterious rectangle of power or whatever that was supposed to be. Oh! And the little tiny that was almost shot. She was precious. Otherwise, I’m not okay with it. At all. Maybe if I ever watch it again, I’ll feel better about it, but with first impressions in mind, I’m disgusted and hurt.

OKAY!!! Everyone is safe again from spoilers. Don’t just take us at our word for it if you’re feeling skeptical. There’s enough trippy (ha…trippy… she’s being nice) to go around, we won’t be greedy. 😀 🙂 😉 😛 ❤ :O

AJA’s moral tonight: drive safely and quickly away from Insurgent the movie. (Sorry! I like the book(s)! READ THE BOOK(S)!)

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Today really IS special…*insert pi symbol here*

Hey, everybody! I’d like to say that I didn’t pick the topic today but I’m not hating on it. Just stating that I didn’t pick it. It’s because she doesn’t want everyone to know she’s actually a real nerd because then I couldn’t call her nerd lovingly and jokingly, and I’d have to upgrade to, like, princess or something. I don’t know. I can’t think of any loving non-insulting(she says this after declaring me a nerd…-_-) insults right now. But that’s not the topic of today. The topic would be PI DAY! And, yes, today is the super Pi Day. Or, Ultimate Pi Day.

Also known as: my reason to eat a ton of sugar and get out of a class once a year. Not that I don’t eat a ton of sugar regularly. But at school and actual pie is rare for me. I mean, what else do you expect a bunch high school students to do with a day called pie day?  That sentence was kind of lame. I’m sorry.

If you’re wondering why this one is so specially “ultimate” it’s because the digits are 3.1415(to four decimals) and the date is 3.14.15… Hilarious, right? There are some more numbers after that, too but…I can’t remember those (92653 = 9:26:53AM would be the moment that it was literally Pi Day). Maybe there’s a nine next or something…

So, as you can tell: I’m an ACTUAL nerd. ACG is a “nerd” who likes sweets. And today was a good day.

Just eat the pie instead of talking about it and remember to always give people sparkly bunnies. 😀 😉 🙂 😛 :O ;D

And drive safely. ❤ 3.141592653…

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Music Monday 3: Little Toy Guns (Or alternately, Carrie Underwood is Great!)

Hey, all! So, if you didn’t already know, Carrie Underwood had her baby a couple of days ago!!!! 😀 (That’s not vital to the post but I really like the fact.)

That is related to this “Music Monday” because today we’ll be doing one of her new(er-ish) songs: “Little Toy Guns,” which I just watched the music video for and kinda hated ACG for ever suggesting because now I’m moderately upset(to be fair I haven’t seen the video, I’ve just heard the song which is moderately sad in its own right), but we shall move on.

One of my favorite things about the song is that it’s kind of haunting. You hear the tune and then the words kind of start registering with you and you realize just how scary it would be for a child.

Honestly I like the whole of the song for a lot of reasons. I don’t even think that thinking about it through the eyes of a child is super necessary. It’s true no matter your age. Even if you’re the one saying the words, there’s that feeling of “I don’t want to hurt them” sometimes. (I mean, there is the whole “I’m saying this to hurt you” mind set, too, but we’re not here to discuss fights. Maybe in our next Saturday post! ;D)

Even if you don’t like country music, it’s Carrie Underwood who is one of the artists that seems(maybe not, but from what I’ve observed) to be pretty well liked across the board and she’s not too far country to be annoying. I mean, I like her. 😉

That’s it for now, folks! Remember to keep the radio on, the music up, and never forget to floss! (Okay, so I really don’t care if you floss or not. (;) I love you all! 😀 🙂 😛 ;D 😉

And as always, drive safely. ❤

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25,000 Words From Your Friendly Neighborhood Telepathics

Good evening, we are here tonight to discuss something that will haunt you for years to come. Okay, that’s not exactly true. But…I mean, I don’t know your fears, man.

And that was the theatrics for the night. Sort of…who knows, we may have line dancing cats in top hats, too…so many possibilities. It is us afterall.

But we’re not here to put on a show. Instead, we’re here to talk about somehow writing 25,000+ words in 48 hours with breaks for sleep and other interests(only sort of though, mostly just sleep). Of course, neither of us did that alone, seeing as this is a co-written project(I wouldn’t have fingers left if I’d done it alone or a brain if she had). And honestly we’re a great team. No bragging intended. (Okay, okay! Bragging slightly intended.)

If it says anything about me, she gets the emotional parts. I take the action scenes generally.Unless the action is someone having a nervous breakdown because that’s mostly emotion based. Yeah, but I’m not too concerned with it, it’s what I have other people for to criticize, correct, or do for me. *Sighs* She can write emotion scenes a lot better than she thinks. I just monopolize, I’m pretty sure.

But there is definitely a reason I don’t do action, and that’s because everyone would just start crying. Maybe. I’m not saying it’s not possible but she’s a lot less annoyed when she lets her characters’ emotions move them instead of their brains or things like fight scenes.

Writing together can also make the dialogue easier because we split it up and it’s even less likely that it seems like one person playing two different parts at the same time (cue image of a person running back and forth switching a top hat (knew that was coming!) and a mustache respectively).

Having telepathy also helps, but that’s just a bonus. “Telepathy” you make it sound so simple. It’s more like… there’s a brain string… This just got weird. Never mind. I was trying to be cool. Don’t hate me.  Love me anyway. Sigh, as if…but yeah, “brain strings” aside, it helps to be on the same wavelength (that’s not that much different than “brain strings.”) because you don’t seem like your document is trying to rip itself in two from the inside out.

It doesn’t matter how in sync people are though because TWENTY-FIVE THOUSAND is a LOT of words (it’s half the NaNoWriMo challenge starting count) no matter if that’s all the people have to do or they’re twins or clones or whatever, it’s a huge chunk of most stories(over a quarter of it even possibly).

So, in conclusion. We’re both tired but for very different reasons, and so this post gets to stay short (I think it’s our first or close to it less than a page) and less variant than most others.

Drive safely and don’t go gently, my friends.  (Sorry I have a slight obsession with Dylan Thomas from time to time.)

Psh, always be reckless and go nuts. Love all of you!  ❤ 😀 🙂 😛 😉

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“Z”s and Liquids

Hi! Warning: I haz had an energy drink and I’m v. hyper anyway.

Read as: “Someone had a lapse of judgement and gave me a liquid. I’d ALMOST suggest running.”

PLEASE. I’m not that bad. I’m perfectly… I’m perfect. That’s the end of that phrase. Plus now I have Sprite, if that makes you feel better. No more caffeine.

Whatever, inappropriate use of “z”s and liquids is not what we’re here to discuss. Today, it would be “bad brand names”…or just take out the “r.” (Although I would like to point out that an electronics company named “buffalo” just doesn’t seem right. Okay, now onto bad band names.)

Honestly Calm, In the Mosh Pit would be a very bad band name. Especially compared to my current obsession of Panic! At the Disco

And I’m just going to throw out “most big hair bands” and be done with that section.

Hmmm… Well, there are some band names that are bad because they’re down right vulgar(I’d probably avoid any band that’s got much more than one or two symbols in the name, too), but I’m assuming that’s not the kind we’re here to talk about so instead I’m just going to say anything that’s mostly made of initials and not actual words. Like… Go by what your initials stand for, please.

And don’t ever go public with a band name that you came up with in any English class that’s focusing on literature for the day. #ThatTimeWeWrote8SongsAboutTheScarletLetter  Anything that can be derived from “classics” should probably be avoided. Names for a band or any songs that you would put on a playlist for it.

Not that there’s many people that would do that. But if you were thinking about auditioning anywhere with one, make sure it’s stellar before attempting it. Because chances are that even your English teacher will just stare at you when you mention it’s existence. Maybe laugh nervously. Yeah thankfully that didn’t affect any grades and he’s pretty easy going…

Drinking Lying Down would be a bad name. For a band name or a song or an album. Don’t use it. Actually it might be pretty cool. I mean, I’d listen to them. Maybe. Are they annoyingly pop punk? Because that’s the only music (not true, btw) I like. Maybe, they’re more alternative realistic (realistic? new genre 😉) rap than anything.

I’d also avoid anything that takes a name word by word and uses the antonyms (Stand In Girls, for example). Or uses synonyms, like Creating Serpents. Basically, if you bring syntax word play into it, just stop and wait for some real inspiration.

OH! Don’t ever name it after someone you’ve been crushing on either! (Kissing Kyle, Falling for Fred, Lonely Because of Lisa, Check Yes, Juliet, Bad Cookie, Krazy for Katy (ha…haha not thinking about Daemon Black at all now)) Bad idea!

And if you’re wondering how we know what we’re talking about, you probably have good reason to ask seeing as how this isn’t attached to some musician’s Twitter account. That answer is simple: Basically trust us, because we’re the demographic most bands are looking for.

That, and…well, we know what we like, okay?!?!?!?!!?!?! It’s not wrong for two teenage girls to actually have a lasting opinion on something related to music! *turns away and sobs dramatically*……;) Babe… *doesn’t hand stroke because she hates that* Chill…

So, to conclude, if you took my advice from last week, you’re probably not reading this. If you didn’t, congratulations, you win an award of proverbial standing.

This time, try the knife (it makes prettier sparks) and keep your microphones away from the cats. 😀 🙂 😉 :O 😛 ;P

*sighs deeply* My advice is to not ever listen to ACG and always drive safely.