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Hey, y’all! It’s just me tonight. AJA isn’t feeling too great and is also doing me a favor (because I’m a great friend that asks her friends to do things for them while feeling bad).

This week has been kind of crazy in a really good way. It’s entirely too hot to be April, and the end of semester work is getting turned in, my finals are wrapping up (AJA is in a week or so), and we’re getting ready for summer! 😀

Keep your feet in the clouds and your heads on the ground. ❤ 🙂 ;P 😉 😀 O.o

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Hi! Hey, y’all!

Earlier tonight, we finally got to do something I had been wanting to do ever since I heard of them: we went through an escape room tonight! It was so much fun, and I’m so grateful for both AJA and my brother being willing to come with me and work it into busy schedules. It was totally worth a little schedule squeezing 😉 just to spend time with ACG. Seriously, it was pretty serendipitous how today fell together, which made it all the more exciting, fun, and perfect.

Absolutely! We had three “theme” options for the room, and we (read as: I) chose the one called “Antidote,” which is–as you might have guessed—a rampant virus with a lost cure. (NGL when I see the word “antidote” (or hear it) I think about Egypt? Idk… ) It was our job to find the antidote before the time ran out. This was only moderately stressful. No one screamed at each other in anger, but we did raise our voices in fear a few times. One big takeaway from the medical science world: there are a lot of coded doorways and cabinets. We didn’t scream, and I don’t even really remember raising our voices. And, yes, there are a TON of cypher locks, cabinets, and random lab supplies all over the place. There was also an alien, but that’s a different experiment.

The most important question to ask, though, is if we won or not. It was a fear of losing 2/3’s of the party had with only ACG confident in our abilities. Honestly, if y’all knew the team and skillset I was working with between AJA and my brother, you’d be confident, too.

*snort* @) Mmmm I was scared because our only abstract thinking comes from ACG usually. 😉 But ultimately… *dun dun duhhhhhh*

WE FOUND THE ANTIDOTE!!! With 13 minutes to spare! It was amazing, and we got some really cool bracelets and a very fun picture out of the deal. Uh huh! It was great!

All in all: I think this whole adventure was a 10/10 and now we are eager to do it again sometime. 🙂 Agreed, and to try the other room options maybe, challenge ourselves with the more difficult rooms and test our teamwork.

Keep your key ring close and your puzzles closer! ❤ ;P 🙂 😀 😉 O.o

Drive safely ❤

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Achieving Goals

Hello, humans of earth! Hey, y’all!

Tonight we’re here to say, that it’s been two weeks since we said we had some fItNeSs GoAlS and since we have actually made progress towards those goals! Whoo! Like MAJOR progress. 🙂 The progress has been major…ly painful. (I’m kidding; it’s also been really great. We’ve been going every day that we could, and we’ve really been working to push ourselves and get better.) I may not enjoy working out as a hobby exactly, but I am enjoying the fact that I am improving already. I’m really proud of ACG for doing something she doesn’t exactly want to do and that does “kinda” hurt at first. O.O I mean, hey, I’m kinda proud of ME for doing something I DO want/enjoy/seek out doing even though it kinda hurts at first. Thank you ❤ I’m proud of both of us too, honestly, because it still takes effort and hard work no matter if you enjoy it or want to or not.

We thought tonight we’d share a few things we are doing and the things we like or dislike but hope to gain out of doing. 🙂 Which means, as per usual, it’s time for a list. #)

    1. We have started doing the stairclimber in the past couple of days. I find this by far the most interesting machine in the gym (besides the stretching cage that looks like it belongs in a torture chamber), but I think we’ve quickly learned that it’s one of the most intense ones, too.
    2. DEATH BIKES!! Okay, that’s way more intense sounding than it is. It’s actually a completely normal immobilized bike. But since it’s not a true spinning bike, you can’t stand and pedal… which means LUCKY YOU… you get to sit. on the most painful bike seat. in the world, leaning forwards for balance. Honestly, sitting on the thing is a work out of endurance. 😉 Seriously, I enjoy it. It’s fun and not something I’ve made time for a lot in previous work out endeavors.
    3. Swimming has not been a part of our regular work out routine. It still isn’t super regular, but it is something we do from time to time that I really do enjoy. It works every part of you without you even necessarily realizing it at the time. We also use water weights while we’re in there, and that’s a fun way to build up some resistance as we keep using them.
    4. Ellipticizing, which we may have mentioned before. Using an elliptical is my absolute favorite way to work out. I feel like I don’t even need to explain–good music, little stress on joints, and just moving your body. Idk. Maybe I’m weird.
    5. More P.E. style exercises, which we do in a multi-purpose area that we affectionately call the “little room.” By P.E. style I mean pushups, planks, situps, lunges, jumping jacks, and squats, the kinds of exercise that don’t require special equipment.





Overall, everything we’ve done is great for our bodies but challenging for us, but getting better means putting in the work. I know I personally am watching what I eat and practicing balance really well, which is something I’ve always struggled with. It feels really good to take charge of your health. It’s very confidence boosting and exciting. I am thrilled continue on this path. It does feel really good to decide to take the time to make a change and put a set of things into your life that will help you in the long run, even when they seem something close to torture in the now. I can’t wait to see what happens.

Keep your shoes laced tight and your socks clean! ;P 🙂 😀 😉 O.o ❤
Stay healthy–er, drive safely! ❤


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Living Our Best

Hey y’all! It’s just ACG tonight, because we’re both a little tired and ready to get some sleep tonight.

This week has been really great, even though it’s had some bumps along the way (featuring kittens and some changed plans among other things). Hopefully we’ll have a chance to share some epic story soon, but for now we wanted to let y’all know we’re still living our best lives, or trying to anyway ;).

Keep your chargers held high and your heels plugged in! ;P 🙂 O.o 😀 😉 ❤