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Top 5 Animals

Hey, y’all! Hi…

This week has been a high key week of adventure, which means our time is limited and our creativity is…mixed. So, tonight we’re gonna be posting about something very…shall we say…elementary. Haha… Ha… Mixed is a good word for our adventures, but I’m excited for this elementary topic. I might even say I’m rearing and ready to go. 😉 (It’s a bad animal joke, but it’s all I’ve got…we’re talking about animals tonight #) ).

AJA is a biology major, and while she wants to work with people, it’s hard to escape her love for anything with cells, so naturally animals are very much something she loves to talk about. And ACG is human with a heart, so obviously she loves the adorable creatures that the earth has been blessed with. 😉 ❤ So, here is a list of our Top 5 Favorite Animals:


  1. The Dik-Dik, which is like a tiny deer thing, stole my heart in 2013. My dad actually found out about them and shared the information while we were at one of his treatments actually, which makes this little guy all the more special as he was an adorable moment in a rather crappy time. (But I mean…look at him!)
  2. I like wolves. I would like to be deeper than to say it started because of werewolf books, but it did. Now, though, I also love the dedication and fierceness that they show, and it’s also cool to see the wild nature of what we consider a common animal like the domestic dog.
  3. The Kiwi bird!!! Okay, this is a bird that is named the same thing as a fruit. Am I sure which got named first? No! Do I care? No! It’s got an adorable name! It’s got adorable brown fuzz! It’s a win of an animal!
    kiwi bird
  4. Snakes are pretty cool creatures for a lot of reasons. I specifically like the constrictor types, because the way they can use their bodies to hunt and capture their prey is pretty amazing (plus, around here I don’t know of any lethal-sized constrictors, so they’re much less of a threat to lives as some of the more common and venomous snakes).

  5. To end this fabulous list, I have to say what we’re all thinking, the best animal. The PUPPY. Yup. I’m talking about a normal, domestic doggy. A precious bundle of fluff.

    So, that’s it. A Top 5 that is forever evolving. I love birds. Anna loves wolves. Those things will remain the same, but…overall we aren’t in elementary and picking favorite animals is just fun to share our thoughts on some cool ones.

    Keep your noses to the ground and your ears open for the sounds of nature! 🙂 O.o 😉 ❤ 😀

    Drive safely. ❤







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The Week of Love (And Kisses)

Hello, friends and also Romans! Hey, y’all!!!

So, I know we’re a couple of days late, but Happy Valentine’s Day! Or Galentine’s Day or apparently ACG’s favorite day S.A.D. or, you know, Lent! Whatever you happen to be celebrating! We just want to share the love over the whole week. And, while I happily celebrated S.A.D., I’m so glad that there were so many couples out there that got to spend their favorite day(s) together. Only a few people celebrate for three days. O.o Which was actually entirely accidental. @) #) But overall this has been a good week of love for all sorts of relationships: friendships, romantic, or yourself. It definitely has been.

A week full of chocolate, hugs, red, hearts, and maybe even some kisses (well, that’s redundant; I already said chocolate @) sure). Now stores everywhere have stripped the red and pink and moved onto the green, which is kind of sad, honestly. Eh, there’s still lacy nightgowns hanging in the supermarket across from the microwaveable pizza. 😉 

Keep your friends close and your chocolate closer! O.o 😉 😛 🙂 ❤ 😀

Drive safely, y’all! ❤

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Fleeting Time

Hello, friends! Hey, y’all!

I’d like to just comment that life is weird, and it’s easy to lose track of time. Like, did y’all realize that the middle of February happens the middle of this coming week?! Ummmm, no, I didn’t at least. All of that to say, because of shopping for the “holiday” in the middle of this week, ACG and I lost TWO hours of our lives in a supermarket.

We did, but to be entirely fair it didn’t feel like 2 hours to me. It felt longer to me being in the madness that is Walmart. O.o It was weird and true to how fast all time seems to be passing recently, but it was fun and didn’t really seem like two hours personally. How crazy is that, that time can just vanish and suddenly you’re missing two hours, then almost a month and a half. As for the rest of this year, no, it seems ridiculous how quickly it is already going. I fear I’m going to wake up and tomorrow will be finals for this semester and then it will be on to a new chapter. If that happens, I just hope I know the rest of the material. I’m not ready for finals; it’s only one-third through the semester now. It is ridiculous, though, I agree.

I think the takeaway from tonight is: enjoy your time. It’s fleeting. It’s going. Make the most of it. Laugh until you cry with your best friends; cuddle with those you love; sing–off key, on key, when your voice breaks in the middle of a line; and do not take for granted a singular second. Or…maybe the takeaway is: Walmart’s a time warp. *shrug* I like the first one, personally. 😉


Keep your head high and your friends close to your heart. ❤ 😀 😉 O.o 🙂 😛
Drive safely, guys! ❤

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New, Old, and Acronyms

Hey, y’all! HI! 😀 We’re finally both back here, free and able to post this week, and believe me it’s nice. SO VERY NICE! WE HAVE MISSED YOU! (and this time together… ;))

While it’s nice to be back, the reasons we’ve been so busy have also been pretty nice. That’s true. We’ve technically been together in person almost every time we’ve been unable to post as of late. We’ve just also been with more than each other a lot of it. Exactly, there has been a lot of that other close friend we mention on occasion (the middle letter of our acronym (don’t ask, it’s an inside joke from the 8th grade)), along with a couple of other new friend additions as well (just a few… ACG’s sibling, a set of siblings (one of which I’m dating he’s pretty cool, I guess ;)…I think he’ll be around for a while he’ll be around forever even if we break up @) he’s already been around forever @) …but me too #) <3), and a few rotating individuals who are super cool).

It’s been fun (and strange truuuuuuueee) to have so many more people added to what used to just mainly be a duo, but it’s a routine we’re settling into and really enjoying while we do it. It’s great. It makes for a lot of late nights, laughing and feeling invincible. Oh, and a lot of adventures. We’re both so grateful for these people and couldn’t have better reasons to be spacey on here these days. ❤ Don’t think we’re going anywhere for too long though. We’ll be back soon.


Keep your adventures responsible and your dreams big. O.o ❤ 🙂 ;P 😉 😀
Drive safely…and, please, no more than 6 people to a truck. 😉 ❤