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Creative Process: Deep Meanderings

Tonight we found it fitting to show you a portion of our process. Without further ado: {Hold on to your trackpads.}

Hi, are we talking about toes or nose or pose or pole or coal or stupid book endings where you are entirely too satisfied and not all at the same time or stream of consciousness or rambling or a combination of those…or or or, humidity and walking outside while your hair is drying equating to cosmetic suicide not a bad idea at all….. Haha… Ummmmmmm idk… *We COULD talk being old grannies (grannys?) compared to fifteen year old infants tho! Idk how to say that either…grannies I THINK…we could…idk WHY IS IT SO HARD TO PICK TODAY/NIGHT/WHATEVERTIMETHISIS?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Idk… but it is insanely hard… we could talk about being indecisive that we could….but where would we go with that???? We’re already writing that post technically tbh if we took the thing about chat out we could probably just roll with this…clean it up a tiny bit and go…title it “deep meandering creative processes” or something weird. I mean, it’s a rather interesting process.

*{Also feel that y’all should know we were at a volunteer ending party thing with the fifteen year olds, we weren’t legit grannies. Nor were the fifteen year olds suddenly actual infants. Yeah, no, we just felt old.}


So, I think, this wraps up the creative rabbit hole that is our process. AKA: AJA’s unattended babbling. 😉 HEY I SHOWED UP EVENTUALLY IT’S NOT MY FAULT YOU DIDN’T TEXT ME YOU SPORK! Yikes, it really wasn’t intentional. Miscommunication and dying phones hit hard. :/ TRUTH. ❤

Ahem, as I was saying,  hopefully next week we’ll pick an actual topic to write on.

Keep your heads in the sand and your clothes in the rain. 🙂 O.o ❤ 😀 😉 😛

And as always, don’t forget to drive safely. ❤


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Post-Graduation Kind Of Early Class Reunion Sleep Over (*Creepy Music*)

Good evening, our dear friends! (That…made me feel like I was welcoming you to a haunted house. Maybe a little bit. Ahem. Anyway.) Hey, y’all! Our weekends have been chock full recently, but this time it really is Saturday. Honestly, it feels so strange, even if it’s only really been one weekend where we had to schedule a post. This weekend it was mostly just our Friday that had adventure all in it.


See, we had a party to go to. It wasn’t a dance party or anything, and it actually felt more like a strange graduate shower…? We got cool but strangely domestic gifts. Towels and hangers, soap and tissues–all very useful items and much more lovely than I’m making them sound by listing them in such a way. There was also pens and binders with paper already in them.


Because of the intriguing nature of this party, we thought we’d share with you all some things we learned from a Post-Graduation Kind Of Early Class Reunion Sleep Over (I don’t know what I’m doing, tbh).

  1. Life happens to everyone, and boys seem to be at the top of the list.
  2. You CAN talk a topic to death, even if it’s a topic that would generally be enjoyed by most of the parties present.
  3. Not everyone watches movies the same way. Some like to sit quietly and actually watch intently.
  4. There are more collectible toys than one would think is possible.
  5. Disney can actually be life.
  6. But people you don’t expect might read lots of the same books as you.
  7. Some playing cards have been made especially for the military.
  8. Gluten-free brownies are actually pretty great.


There may have been a couple more minor things we learned, but I think this pretty well covers everything. Keep your hats on toes and your faces in the Jello. 🙂 ;P 😀 :/ ❤ 😉 😛 O.o 🙂

As always, please remember to drive safely in strange lands on strange 800 lane roads.


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Read-A-Thon (Alternate Title: Secretly Written On A Friday)

Hey, y’all! We have a confession to make, we are creating this on a Friday at 3:00 instead of a Saturday at 10:00. Fortunately, it’s for a very, very good reason. We are going to be indisposed for the next “thirty-six” hours for a twenty-four hour readathon. Then we may have to sleep. If we have not been turned into vampires by then, I certainly hope we will sleep, especially since this is eating most all of the weekend and we need to be recharged for the next week.


It’s funny because quite frankly when we think about–and I know ACG and I share this opinion–about twenty-four hours in relation to being at our library, where the read-a-thon is happening, it doesn’t feel that long, but in reality it’s a rather long time. It is, and I feel like I’m preparing for a battle while getting everything together, even if it is not a super strict YOU MUST READ AND NEVER TAKE ANY BREAKS. My arsenal is ready to go so I can leave once we finish since I live a few more minutes away than AJA. Snacks, caffeinated beverages, and ALL THE BOOKS are our necessities. And boy am I ready.


So, since we need to get off go slay some wicked reads and claim our crowns of Queen Readers, I am going to sign off with my usual reminder to: drive safely. ❤


Keep your glasses in the punch and the hairbrushes in the closet. 😀 🙂 😛 😉 ❤ :/ 😀


FYI, here’s what’s on the docket:

ACG has Conjure, The Black Book of Secrets, The Coldest Girl in Coldtown, Nobody’s Princess, Because It Is My Blood, and Glass Sword. {The last two have been started previously, but the rest I know next to nothing about. Also, I am bringing my entire Kindle library, so over 200 more options.}

AJA: The Raven Cycle books, Solitaire, the first two books of the Harry Potter series (because I’m a loser who has never read them or watched the movies), Firstlife (unfinished), and The Crown (unfinished) // (I only intend to read the first series listed, but I am listing all the books I’m bringing.)

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Bistro vs. Britain

‘Ello! I am very hyper and it’s thanks to the coffee I had earlier. (That’s a clue as to what we’re talking about tonight. 😉 ) Hey, y’all! My tea did not have the same effect, really. However, it was hot instead of my usual colder “syrup” concept of tea. However, we both agree that tea and coffee (both hot and cold) are delicious each in the right situation. So, how come there seems to be a war between these beverages?

Kind of like the concept of math and English, it seems that people “cannot” like both (I love both #yikes).  If someone likes tea, coffee is too gross (which is completely understandable, it has taken me a while to warm up to it ayy…THIS!) and if someone likes coffee then tea is too sweet or flavored or something I cannot put a finger on (no one understands why one might not like tea).

I guess coffee is a bit more…intensely precise in its flavor profile as opposed to the different and more subtle possibilities for tea combinations. Coffee is like drinking a dirty sock, even when you sweeten and dilute it. I enjoy coffee, nevertheless, but if we’re being real: coffee certainly is a strong flavor and an acquired taste. Teas are more prone to have fruit shaving, flavorings, and other herbal components. This makes teas slightly sweeter usually. The things flavoring them are often very light, so I think tea is easier to enjoy overall. I agree, and am also not completely sure that people enjoy coffee. I think they drink coffee. Coffee is often used to wake someone up, keep someone up, or offer a pretentious or “sophisticated” (still pretentious) air, whereas tea is genuinely meant to be enjoyed.

Summarizing this post, ACG and I both love coffee and tea. We do not understand the feud. Perhaps if you are a part of this contest of Tea Vs. Coffee, you could tell us what exactly causes this disagreement.

Please do. We need insight. Until then, keep your shoelaces on the ceiling and your timers in the oven. 🙂 :/ 😀 😛 :O O.o 😉 ❤ 🙂

And drink your beverage of choice and drive safely. (The legal to drink and drive ones, that is…)