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Hey, y’all! HELLO! So, as you know (or may not, no judging) this past Thursday was Thanksgiving for Americans everywhere. 😉 YAY TOO MUCH FOOD AND WEIRDNESS!

As a result of that (both being Americans and having had this day to celebrate) we wanted to share ten things we’re thankful for.  Soooo onward, we go…


  1. NEW EXPERIENCES (like a strange bean’s family)
  2. Family and friends (that eat your experimental thanksgiving pizza happily)
  4. Cookies!!!!!!!!
  6. Time off school and work to contemplate the deeper things of life
  7. MORE NEW EXPERIENCES (like disc golf and bird watching)
  8. Realizing that some experiences are meant to be shared and some are best individually
  9. Naps #) because they make everyone’s mood better when done right
  10. Sister queens (platonic soulmates) to have ridiculous conversations, video chat seven minutes apart, and go on some crazy (donut) adventures with.


Keep your turkey in the ball pit and your seasoned bread in the churn! ❤ 🙂 😛 😉 😀 O.o

Drive safely! ❤

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Pizza My Heart

Hi! Hey, y’all! Tonight has been inspired by supper. By pure coincidence, we both had pizza for supper, so we thought we might share with you a little bit about our preferred pizza experience. It’s the universal meal: sleepovers, rewards for clubs and teams, and family meals. Basically everybody loves some kind of pizza, and why not give it the place of honor that it’s due.

Of course, there are some Not So Great pizzas out there, so we thought tonight we’d share with you our qualifiers for a good pizza experience.


  1. The sauce must be good, and there must be enough of it.(Sauce texture has to be appropriate. Nothing too chunky. Truuuuue.)

  2. The crust can’t be too thick or too thin. If the flavor gets absorbed by bread, you’re doing it wrong. If you’re eating off a cracker, you’re making a questionable decision. (Handmade is my personal favorite, and I also like when the bottom is toasted and crunchy while the top under the sauce is still a little squishy.)

  3. Closely related, the crust should be able to support the entire structure of the pizza. I don’t want to bring this to friends and eat it in a living room having to use a plate, really, much less a fork. (I think napkins aren’t cool, but I like pizza that would do just as well served on a napkin as a plate.) Napkin opinions differ, but that aside, same. If you want to eat pizza with a fork, be my guest, but it should not be necessary!

  4. The flavor of the cheese on a pizza has to be rather specific. It cannot be too salty, but it has to be at least a little salty.  And, please, for the love of every pizza, do not burn your cheese!!! It should be melted (YES) and thickly layered (ALSO YES), but do not burn it. The way to know it’s done right? Does it stretch? If yes, you’re good. If no, you’re just wrong. 😉

  5. Do not try too hard (as with all things). Pizza is not supposed to be gourmet or frou frou. If I want something that has potential to be in a five star restaurant, I’m probably not going after pizza. Please make something casual and fun. Pizza, after all, is an American food. We all know that Americans really and truly are not known for having the most divine food choices. Please don’t soil that reputation.


Pizza preferences can vary vastly from person to person, but we both stand by these qualities. Although, I guess we won’t shame you for your pizza choices. I know people that have to have them without cheese or like them without sauce, and I can still be in the same room as them. Before we go, though, we wanted to share our favorite part of pizza: the toppings.


I like chicken (and sometimes mushrooms) on my pizza, if given the option. My favorite pizza flavor is Hawaiian, fruit over vegetables any day. ;P Ham and pineapple are musts, but tonight my Hawaiian also had chicken on it O.O (this sounds so good!), so that was interesting.


Keep your pizza on the counter and your heart in the sauce!!! 🙂 ❤ ;P 😀 😉 :O O.o

Drive safely, not distractedly by pizza, even though it is great. ❤

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Winter Break

AJA was the least bit delusional in our last post. Winter break fixed nothing except the fact that we don’t see our friends and learn every day. We still can’t coordinate schedules enough to post together. *good natured eye roll* today I’ve been with family and up to my general ACGness (with a pumpkin and my immediate family, actually). Today she has been preparing for festivities (with wrapping paper and immediate family). For now, that is it.

Check in Monday in case we decide to wish you a Merry Christmas or something and be sure to put the chocolate in the blender. 🙂 😀 😉 ;P 😛

(Imagine a “Drive safely.” here.)

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Throw it back ten years…(bonus points if you get the reference)

Werewolves. That’s all I have to say about it. (Not really, though. Hey, y’all! I just needed to get that out there.)

Hot-headed, over protective, moon maniacs, she means. Ahem. (Shut up, they’re not all bad.)

It’s throwback time. Tonight, we will raise the age old question: vampires or werewolves? *waggles eyebrows as if that’s a thing actual people do* We know my opinion, so let’s get AJA’s out here before we discuss the real pros and cons.

Back in the early days of my discovery of werewolves and vamps, I’d have totally been a crazy, Jacob fangirl. However, today… I must say vampires slay.

To be fair, the weres I’m talking about aren’t completely from Twilight.
One of my main reasons that I like them better is kind of because I already have cold fingertips 94% of the time anyway and don’t have the desire to forever like cold people…? If that makes sense?
There are also all the other cool things about them. They’re strong, protective (they care deeply *cough* overly so *cough*), and they live in packs to stay healthy. There’s always someone else close to you because pack is family.

Basically, the notion of vampires is deeply romantic…and a little sensual, but that’s beside the point. Ahem. It all depends on the vampire’s lifestyle as to how they would be in a relationship. While vamps get a rep for being “cold” (I meant literally cold ^ up there) and “soulless,” it truly depends on the mythology behind your vampires. There are vampires that seek to retain humanity, those who are totally monstrous, and even a few who walk a line between the two. My argument behind this would be that, vampires–if you so choose to believe they retain their souls–are deeply tortured, which is problematically associated with being attractive. So, there’s that. Also, I just really want to have my blood drained, okay?!? Is that too much to ask?!?

“You wouldn’t have to change for me, Bella…” “Flesh, and blood, and warmth…” Okay, I’m done quoting.

Technically Edward didn’t want to change her. Bella and I connect on that level in the wanting to be changed. Like, real talk if she could have Jake and be a vamp, I’m not sure that wouldn’t’ve happened.

Yeah, idk, I like my blood in my body for the most part. Call me crazy, I just think it’s nicer in there. 🙂 😀 😉 😛 O.o ❤

Anyway, whatever side you choose, make sure to drive safely…because neither of these “creatures” are likely to do so, being relatively invincible and all.

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Pitch Perfect, football…eh, flip a coin

Hello and welcome. I am under the influence of not coughing my head off. I am sitting on the couch watching Bama get their helmets handed back to them on a platter. It’s not pretty. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your view) I am not. I’m watching the Twilight saga (again the goodness of this depends up on your view). While I love the Twilight saga as a teenage girl should, football is a no brainer this time of year and it has been on the TV all day (sometimes with picture in picture on, too). It’s my life, and I love it. Even if the others in my family are kind of lunatics about it.
Technically, now my television is on Pitch Perfect. It has been a girls’ night in at my house essentially, though football has never been a priority in my family. I do understand it being a well-loved source of entertainment for many.
It’s always been my life. I practically used a football as a teething ring and potty trained with the games in the background. That’s only mildly disturbing at this moment.

Anyway, I am currently so drugged due to trying to kick this weird crud that came up on me out of nowhere, that I am no longer contributing useful words. Until next time, drive safely and
don’t do drugs, kids!

Keep your head in the clouds and your toes in the surf. 🙂 😀 🙂 😛 =-O :-* :’D