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Magic–Horns or Tails?

HELLO! WE HAVE A SUPERNATURAL DEBATE FOR YOU TONIGHT! #) Hey, y’all! AJA blew my mind tonight, which is the reason we have a debate at all.
We were trying to figure out what to talk to y’all about tonight, and I mentioned unicorns and mermaids. To be more specific, I said “we can talk about why mermaids are better than unicorns,” thinking it was a given. There are no givens with the supernatural. 😉

I was wrong. AJA told me that she didn’t like mermaids more than unicorns.

And that is why we are going to give you two lists tonight. We’re each going to give our reasons that we’re right.



  1. They live in the ocean. Honestly, that’s one of the best things about them; they get to swim around all day and find all of the cool underground caves, not to mention all of the amazing ocean life they get to see. They could go for miles and days without seeing the same thing twice.
  2. They’re beautiful. I’m not talking about the fact they swim around naked or have amazing forms. They are covered in shimmering scales that both protect them and catch the light in dazzling ways and a rainbow of colors.
  3. They’re free. They carry themselves with an air of freedom and confidence that allows them to be passionately curious and go anywhere they want to go. Between the inspiration of the ocean and their ability to swim so well, they can do anything–swim anywhere in the ocean that connects the entire world together.



  1. This alone…might make me sound more introverted than ACG, which is hilarious. But, let’s think about.. Unicorns are technically animals, now animals can be loyal as friends and you can even have a relationship of equals in a lot of situations. But at the end of the day, if you’re exhausted of people…unicorns are not people or people-like.
  2. They are just as beautiful as mermaids. Maybe even more beautiful. Now, I know it’s hard to compete with the “form” aspect of mermaids cause mermaids can be considered attractive. But thinking about beauty as a concept and not limited to human standards–unicorns have beautiful, flowing manes, their hooves are usually gold or silver, their hair is usually pure white or some other exotic and fascinating color, and of course they have dazzling, sharp horns with intricate shape.
  3. Speaking of their horns, it’s basically a built in weapon. Unicorns are prepared warriors. A loyal, beautiful warrior… Think about that.


So, there are our lists… I guess, you have to make your own call. I stand with unicorns, but I can understand why ACG would appreciate mermaids so much. They are magnificent creatures. But unicorns are truly awesome. 😉 I know we’re both glad that both exist (at least in our hearts). Absolutely! Just because I think mermaids are the best doesn’t mean that I have anything against unicorns. We need them all to make the world go round.

Keep your horns held high and your tails in high gear. ;P 🙂 😀 😉 😛 O.o ❤
Drive magically (safely)! ❤ (Or, if you’re in Alabama–swim safely…)


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Learning the Do Re Mis

Hey, y’all!

It’s just ACG here tonight because we have had a hectic week. We’ve been learning a lot, but it’s been a little crazy. All of that to say, we are going to rest before continuing our adventures in the morning, and we’ll be back next week with more craziness.

Keep your hearts cool land your heads warm. ❤ 🙂 ;P 😉 😀 O.o

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Chocolate Quick Fix


Hello, humans who enjoy chocolate! Hey, y’all! (You don’t have to like chocolate, but this post may be weird if you don’t. Just keep that in mind. ;P Eh, only as weird as last week’s post without a uterus…)

So, we’re pretty busy college students. Similarly, we like sugar. These two things put together mean that we need fast sugar to satisfy our cravings. Could we hit up the closest store and get cookies and cakes every time? Sure. (Cakes? Whole cakes? GROSS.) However, we also like to cook, and that would be a LOT of cookies and cakes. (This makes us sound vaguely like we have no concerns for our health or risk for diabetes, which… is not true. We balance our meals pretty well. We do; I really meant if you factor in how long we have hung out and the fact that I think we plan to keep hanging out.) Either way, when we’re looking for a sweet snack that we can make while we study, we like to make brownies.

Tonight, we wanted to give y’all a list of some reasons that brownies are literally the best sweet snack out there (except maybe white chocolate puff corn (true but it’s too special for an all the time thing), but that’s a whole other category and post).

  1. Brownies contain chocolate, which as aforementioned in last week’s post is indeed an actual pain reliever thanks to your opioid receptors! Brownies keep you off drugs…….. that’s a real reason.
  2. THE CORNERS–enough said. Actually, it’s the fact that there are both edges and middle pieces, so it can bring a room together. Our group is actually split about half (as half as we can get since K left us D: ) as to who likes edges versus middles.
  3. So, likewise I must argue for both my original opinion (although I’m quickly becoming a corner girl) and C’s sakes–THE MIDDLES–that ooey, gooey deliciousness that cannot be matched.
  4. Their size is completely customizable, and they’re portable! You don’t have to have a plate, somewhere to throw the wrapper, or even a plate. Just cut a piece the size of your choice (using a template brownie if you must to make it even with your friends’) and go.
  5. Do you really need a 5th reason to justify brownies? Seriously, though… For our friend group, they’re pretty agreeable on. They’re a good compromise between a cookie and cake. And honestly, I think it’s that opioid thing…. Who am I kidding? Brownies don’t keep you off drugs; they ARE drugs.

Thankfully it’s a legal drug for all ages. I would be really, really sad otherwise. Anyway, hopefully this convinced you to drop everything and go get a box of brownies. (Not really, it may be late where you are. Eh, there’s always a Walmart run 😉 ❤ We don’t judge).

Keep your brownies close and your batter closer. 😉 😀 🙂 ;P O.o ❤
Drive safely ❤

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Hey, y’all! HI! It’s that time of the week, y’all 😉

So, this post may be for just the girls tonight. There are some guys who may make it through (Yes, this is a challenge.), but for the most part I doubt it. Eh, in my experience…guys can handle it. 😉 But, the warning is probably nice.

As you know, this blog is brought to you and powered by estrogen, which means ACG and I both know the wonders of having uteri (uteruses? Dr. Google says either is fine 🙂 ). We really do; it’s truly amazing. Since we know just how obnoxious awesome it can be, we wanted to give some tips to make it even better.


So, here we go…

  1. First, one thing having a uterus has taught me is to be PREPARED for anything, especially pain and messiness(better than any Boy Scout I’ve heard of). I almost always have ibuprofen and tylenol with me (large quantities) and I’m the girl who has at least 3 pads in every single bag I own, just in case my uterus decides to gift me with my period at a random time. Look: it only takes once of being in Birmingham at 13 with your middle school “boyfriend” and getting your period with absolutely nothing to do anything about it. You live, you learn.
  2. One thing I have learned from the whole experience (well, I’m working on it) is to keep track of your own habits. It helps a little bit to know that if you feel ready to bite someone’s head off (or whatever other tells there may be) about the same time every month, you can start doubling up on AJA’s first point. Or you can know so that you make sure you don’t bite said head off; that’s also a good idea.
  3. Almost a component of being prepared is pain management and pain tolerance. See, uteri are finicky creatures. So are their close friends ovaries. All three organs get upset very regularly and when they do, it hurts. ALL OF US. See, my pain tolerance is pretty high because I’ve experienced period pain (and actually ovulation pain) that was bad enough to cause me to black out for several seconds and throw up in the past. Once you’ve endured pain that intense on a regular basis for any reason, you learn strategies to effectively manage it as well as how to tolerate it and still at least semi-function. Over the counter medications + heat therapy + exercise–all are wonderful ways to cope. (PROTIP: if having cramps, try using the row machine at your local gym. It feels amazing to use those muscles.)
  4. This one may come across as super stereotypical, but there’s a reason it’s a classic piece of advice. Chocolate is literally one of the best things to help. (Note: chocolate can ACTUALLY, scientifically relieve pain thanks to opioid receptors and associated endorphins (so next time some dude in your life questions why girls are extra about chocolate just tell them science said it was okay ;).) Our brand of chocolate is typically brownies. Occasionally I really just want sugar in general (more like cookies or cupcakes), but chocolate is pretty much a staple.
  5. Look, as much as I complain about the whole thing. My last tip is to enjoy being a girl. AMEN! What our bodies do is pretty freaking cool. Like, think about it this way–even if you don’t want kids–your body is DESIGNED to GROW an ENTIRE OTHER HUMAN inside of this hysterical, pain-inducing organ, from the singular cell of the other two smaller, temperamental, pain-inducing organs. That’s kind of hilarious if you think about it. Like, I wouldn’t’ve thought to install that feature. 😉 But seriously: it’s unpredictable, comes with some nasty mood swings, and can have a mess ton of pain BUT you get chocolate and the ability to grow a person inside of you so maybe it sort of balances out. Maybe so, and I’m kind of glad I wasn’t put in charge of designing this body, because I definitely wouldn’t have thought to include that spectacular feature either.


There you have it, ladies…and well, at least, C. I know he’ll keep reading I’d be more concerned if he didn’t. 😉 Here’s mine and ACG’s grievances with having uteri as well as a couple of small benefits. ❤ Haha..

It can be a fun, crazy, wild, exhausting ride, but I hope–at least one day–it’s worth it in the end to each of us. Keep your punctuation close and your pads closer. 🙂 ;P ❤ O.o 😀

Drive safely! ❤