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Broken Toe

Hey, y’all!  

*awkwardly waves from a dark corner*

I really don’t want to see another paper(printed)  picture for a LONG time. Almost as long as I want to sleep right now. (photo album galore clean out thanks to family)

I…am not really sure where I am or what’s happening, so I’m just going to say: send good vibes ACG’s way. Also my parents may or may not have been inspired by her family and are going through old stuffs, too, which is just…odd.

I apologize and don’t wish to influence anyone to take on that monstrosity just because, unless you’ve wanted to for some time and in that case, ha ha we did it, y’all can too! But really, I wasn’t encouraging that.

In related news, ACG almost broke her toe. I mention that mostly so that we can title this post “Broken Toe,” but…also to encourage sympathy and love towards my friend. But seriously… That’s how this post got (is getting?) its namesake.

Awww, thanks. It hurt. Badly. But that’s okay because I’ll survive and…yeah, not sure what else is “good” about it. Other than it became a namesake.

Well, this has been a post. The pictures may have been paper, but obviously this post is not. (Ahem. We saw Paper Towns Friday. I was trying to be clever, but……..)
Keep your pictures in your phones and your toes away from chair legs. 🙂 😀 😉 😥 😦 :O 😛 🙂
Oh, and if per chance, you go on any sporadic road trips to find a girl who doesn’t want to be found, please drive safely. ❤

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Things Learned at a Party

  1. Wigs are very, very itchy.
  2. People are exhausting.
  3. Spinning in circles is also exhausting but more fun.
  4. If you don’t want to become a source-of-an-extra-life-target, bring a Nerf gun.
  5. If you do bring a Nerf gun, you run the risk of losing bullets.
  6. Get no drink stronger than peach tea when you have already had more than your normal quota of Dr. Pepper for the month the day before and that’s what you call “stronger” (and you don’t exactly like Dr. Pepper to start with).
  7. For some reason, almost everyone seems to be okay with you grabbing them by the forearm or wrist. (Results may vary.)
  8. if you don’t talk to a lot of people willingly and slash or you’re not exactly into partying, you follow people around a lot because you’re not really talking to anyone else anyway, though I wasn’t totally singular in my conversing tonight.
  9. If you try to talk to everyone, be prepared to feel like an idiot when you get home because you will have said something you regret at some point.
  10. When you go to a party, 😀 🙂 😦 😥 :’D :O 😛 😉 :/
  11. Most importantly–leaving or arriving–remember to drive safely. ❤
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Drum roll please (Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work we go)

Hello, I am Hyper But Exhausted (HBE aka AJA) and that’s *points in the vague direction of ACG* ACG, and we’re here to talk to you about the most important thing we’ve ever talked about on this blog. (Not really. I speak in lies. Accidental lies. Over exaggerations. Much like all other humans. Ahem. (Hyperbole, if you will.)) If I had to pick, I’d be Dopey…kidding, I just only remember two of the seven dwarves from Snow White…

You don’t remember Sneezy? Or Bashful? Or Grumpy? Or… Or… Happy? Or… Well, 5/7 isn’t bad. Sleepy was the other one I knew. But we’re not talking about Snow White, we were supposed to be talking about *drum roll please*…COFFEE. Which I feel like Sleepy would need a lot of :). Much like myself. 😀 😀 😀

I like coffee, but however, I’m not like my friends and some family who would just drink it black. (I’d only drink it black in a survival situation. Or if I’m being crazy, which is 67% of the time, but… I still don’t always drink it black.) I can handle it when it has creamer and sugar in it but black coffee isn’t for me.

I mean, really though… Coffee is amazing when you find the right balance for you, regardless if that means straight black or a “frou-frou” drink from an expensive coffee place. *inserts magic coffee for everyone reading this* AMEN!!!

So, to everyone who just drank their virtual coffee, keep your hair in the bowl and your cereal in the light fixtures. 😀 🙂 😉 😛 :O 😀

Until next time, drink coffee and drive safely. ❤

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July 4th

It’s the 4th July, and if you have been anywhere on the Internet today you’ve probably already been bombarded by proud Americans. Well, that continues here. So if you do not wish to read a post about the celebration of ACG’s and my country’s birthday, you are welcome to navigate away from this post. There’s that…and the fact that there were fireworks and food. Good food. Good good good food…

Ahem. I second.

America… it’s great, it’s crazy here sometimes, but it’s our home and we’re thankful for our freedoms we have. ❤

Yup. It’s home of idiots like me and genius like ACG (We’re ignoring this absurdity.)  and basically there are opportunities for everyone. (Or so we say. But it’s the 4th so I’ll save my government rants for the 5th.)

Despite the fiascos we get into in the name of freedom and rights, it really is a nice place to live and I’m glad that we get to fly our flag and speak the truth. Plus all the other stuff that I can’t think of right now. Thanks to the people who have fought for our freedoms and to protect us at every turn. 🙂 😀 🙂 😛 🙂 😀

Luckily, in America, you’re free to drive safely.