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The Week of Love (And Kisses)

Hello, friends and also Romans! Hey, y’all!!!

So, I know we’re a couple of days late, but Happy Valentine’s Day! Or Galentine’s Day or apparently ACG’s favorite day S.A.D. or, you know, Lent! Whatever you happen to be celebrating! We just want to share the love over the whole week. And, while I happily celebrated S.A.D., I’m so glad that there were so many couples out there that got to spend their favorite day(s) together. Only a few people celebrate for three days. O.o Which was actually entirely accidental. @) #) But overall this has been a good week of love for all sorts of relationships: friendships, romantic, or yourself. It definitely has been.

A week full of chocolate, hugs, red, hearts, and maybe even some kisses (well, that’s redundant; I already said chocolate @) sure). Now stores everywhere have stripped the red and pink and moved onto the green, which is kind of sad, honestly. Eh, there’s still lacy nightgowns hanging in the supermarket across from the microwaveable pizza. 😉 

Keep your friends close and your chocolate closer! O.o 😉 😛 🙂 ❤ 😀

Drive safely, y’all! ❤

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Derailed Oreos

Hey, y’all! HELLO!


Sometimes, things do not occur as planned. For example, sometimes you don’t get fried Oreos like you had planned on all week or spin a fidget spinner the way you see done commercially, and sometimes your Friday night study session gets spent in the ER wondering if you’re having seizures.


No, sometimes they don’t, but we care about our friends much more than the fried Oreos that we didn’t get. And after it’s over we don’t regret it at all because we’re glad the person that was in the ER that we love is okay. ❤


All of that to say, drive safely and we’ll see you next week! ❤

Keep your Oreos in the cabinet and your toes in the frier! 🙂 O.O 😉 😛 😀

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A Message to a Queen!!!

Hey, y’all! So, I know it’s the middle of the week, but I realized something. AJA’s birthday has only been mentioned once, and it was in passing to debate traditional versus cookie cake. That’s insane!!!

I don’t draw attention to point out that she’s getting older or anything like that. I am posting this because she’s an amazing sister queen to me, has done this for me at least twice, and really deserves somebody–everybody–to post something like this for her.

With that being said, AJA, happy birthday. I don’t post things like this enough, definitely not as much as you do naturally, and I want to be better about that because you’re an amazing person in my life. I don’t know where I’d be without you. You’re my best friend of six years now, it’s coming up on six years since I first spend the night at your house, played Rock Band, or tried to put Sour Patch Kids on anything. In that time we’ve tried to shoot sprinkles (by mutual bad judgement) and probably thousands of other sketch ideas. We’ve gone on crazy adventures and made tradition out of carving a pumpkin about TFIOS.

My point is that you’re a queen that should be recognized for being you more often. You push yourself until you’re exhausted for the people you care about. I think sometimes you worry about upsetting those same people more than you could upset them. You deal with a huge load every day and have taught me how to be brave by still being here and functioning today. There has been a lot of change and things to happen, but you still keep rolling. You’re beautiful and have been such a great addition to my life. Thank you for that, and I hope that this day is as amazing as you are!

Love you! ❤
ACG 😉 O.O 😀 #)

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Until next week…

Hey, y’all! It’s just ACG here tonight. AJA is not feeling her best (though she is amazing and continues to run herself past tired to do things with and for me).

Also, I would love to say that I may not be the one that is quite as quick to post an appreciation post, but she isn’t the only thankful one. We may have moments where we butt heads. We may have moments where she messes up. However, we also have a lot of moments in our friendship where I mess up and she is rightfully mad but does eventually forgive me and helps me work it out.

So this is nowhere near as good as hers are (and I wouldn’t dare try), and this is not anything close to the post we were planning, but I love you, AJA, and thank you for sticking through everything with me so far and planning to in the future.


Keep your hearts on the line and toes in the safe! ❤ O.o 😉 :/

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A Platonic Love Letter To My Soul Sister/Sister Queen

Today is the last Saturday I, AJA, will be posting from my favorite cushion in my living room. 

It’s mid August, which means colleges and universities all over the country are about to begin classes and move-in. 

By this time next week, ACG and I both will have started a new chapter in our lives.

I’m excited but scared because this will be the first time in a very long time I will not have my other half within a couple miles from me at the most. I’m trying not to think about that. I’m trying not to think about how much I’m going to miss ACG. But I can’t help it.

All I can think about is how much I’m going to miss her and how much I wish sometimes that we weren’t a yin-yang duo but identical copies, although that would be terribly boring. So, I understand why we are traveling different paths, but it doesn’t make the hurt of separation any less. 

All of this to say, I want to write ACG a letter publicly about this transition that is most definitely not a goodbye.


Dear ACG,

You are one the most special people on this planet. When I walk into a room, I am immediately searching for you because I know that no matter what, you aren’t going to let me–or anyone–get hurt. You do what’s right most of the time. You protect those you love. You are strong and brave and courageous, so I know you are going to slay at this new adventure. 

Five years ago, I could not have fathomed calling you my best friend. I would not have dreamed that your family would claim me as a part of yours. I had no expectations of graduating from our high school as one of Those Girls who have best friend they are inseparable from. But I wouldn’t change it for the entire world.

I know we have had our differences and our struggles. I know there have been fights and long night and tears and frustration, but we’ve worked through it. We’ve grown. We have a strong bond, not because we are perfect, not because we always get along, but because we were willing to put in the work on the days when it would’ve been easier to walk away. 

This is beginning to sound like a love letter, and it is. I think platonic love letters are highly underrated, so I’m writing one. You are my sister queen. I could not rule a kingdom alone. I could not have slayed my dragons without your hand (or pinkie) reaching for mine during the long nights of battle. And I’m not saying that there aren’t roars and smoke and growls that still plague me, but I know that you are not afraid to help, that you willingly steady my sword when I can’t do it for myself. 

You are a beautiful person inside and out. I envy your confidence. You radiate power and strength. You know what you deserve or, at least, you should because you deserve everything. You are a queen after all. 

I want to tell you that this is all going to be fun and exciting, but I’d be lying. It’s going to hurt. But we aren’t just queens. We’re warriors. We are capable. You are capable of so much greatness. 

You don’t have to know exactly what you’re doing right now. I don’t. I doubt anyone does. So, just breathe. You were made for this. You were gifted with a brilliant mind and deep and complex thoughts. Use them. Take advantage of these new experiences to let your brain free. 

This is hard. This is a transition, but queens are not easily knocked down by change. They stand at the forefront and push for new ideas.

So, I encourage you to stand with me, and with trembling hearts lets embrace this. 

Long live the queens! Long live us! ❤


PS- ACG, if you still wanna post tonight, I am totally game. It’s only right that we post together, if that’s what you desire. 

PPS- I’d say expect a second post, but I don’t know what she’ll say yet. So, until next time, drive safely. ❤


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Welcome! For once, we plan to actually blog about, like, things that have happened instead of, like, not having time to blog. O.o I know, I know… It’s shocking. Still shocking considering things are only going to get more busy from here, so hold on tight. *grips the handrail with both elbows* I mean, I feel like they aren’t going to get more busy on a weekend though. Like, you might could argue next Saturday we have one commitment during the day and Sunday will be insane that week, but… We have busy senior stuff tomorrow night, too. TRUE, but hopefully that won’t prohibit us from blogging.

ANYWAY, that is not the point of this post. This is our escape from the world tonight. We are going to talk about our word worlds. 😀

The best way to go about this is to literally jump right in and introduce each other’s projects in the manner one might introduce themselves at a group therapy. So, this is ACG’s project, and it is actually a sequel to another story of hers with a very, very, very confusing and vaguely messed up and incestuous family. You see, this hoodoo chick loses her sorta brother/boyfriend/sorta husband because of a magical competition where they must either compromise her values or die. So, her husband kills himself by magic? To save her? And now she’s trying to live her life while pregnant (which wasn’t supposed to happen but what can you do?) with her dead husband’s son, and she’s like eighteen and she hates everything and everyone and is very depressed and vaguely frightening so I think after she gives birth she goes on a weird killing spree? But then falls in love with a cuddly person who she is not vaguely related to? And splits herself in half, but I’m getting ahead of this book.

This is AJA’s project, and it is the story of the long time boyfriend of the girl who has her own novel about the fact that her brother is suddenly dead. It is following the boyfriend’s relationship and interactions with the best friend of the girlfriend’s brother who is also very distraught (obviously, it was his best friend). It is a “before” of the before and after (which is the not-title) style novel from the sister’s perspective, showing from an outside source the havoc the original death wreaked on both sister and best friend of the depressed college student who took his fate into his own hands because he did not think he could continue to handle it. This boyfriend and brother struggles to know how to best help his girlfriend and brother cope and move on then learns a hard lesson that a boy cannot always be helped and “fixed” by yelling at them and telling them to get it together. He learns that even the people that are not perfect can still be loved to a degree of debilitation, no matter how he personally feels about the character and standards of the object of this love. In the end, though, he still does have his brother and his girlfriend and things are looking up and ready to get through the summer into his girlfriend’s perspective of the first year of college life without her older brother.

Now that ACG has become a professional summarizer and I have become a confused tween again and end all of my sentences with a question mark? (To be fair, my mouth runs a lot more about the future of my plot than hers, which means that there are more variables from the future that can change, which is where most of the question marks came into play, that or questioning my goofball character’s intents which I barely even know. Yeah, yeah, you’re just being humble.)

Anyway, I hope this has given you some insight as to what we do with our free time, which seems awful…unstable and vaguely hyperemotional. Until next week, drive safely and carry a big stick, or something like that. ❤

Always put your words on a page and your nose in the binding of your favorite book. 🙂 😀 😉 😛 ❤ O.o ;D ;P

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Elephants and Chauffeurs

Hello! Tonight is the night before the day that we all dread internally. At least, on some level… Single people might be lonely or, at least, sick of all the hubbub, and couples might feel stressed to live up to some impossible standard. The good news: contrary to popular belief, Valentine’s Day is just another twenty-four hours we all want to get through unscathed. So, relax, tell someone you love them, and try not to overthink the whole ordeal. Now that that elephant is out of the room (or at least tightly squeezed into the closet), maybe I’ll let ACG get a word in.

Hey, y’all. I need a chauffeur hat. However, I am not a chauffeur, and I am here now. 🙂 You’d be a good chauffeur probably, ngl. That being said, your hair would probably murder the hat. Probably, for everyone not acquainted with my hair, just know that if it is provoked by anything (including brushes) it turns into a monster of frizz. Pencils have lost before, pretty sure. Not the thing you want to mess with unless you’re super bored in math class. 😉 Apparently in college that is the sign of a creeper, though. I mean, it could be more of if that’s how you meet someone it’s kinda weird. Yeah, yeah. Anyway, the facts that my hair is nuts and turns into the bermuda triangle (in both shape and purpose) when it is cut anywhere near shoulder length were the points of that statement, not meeting someone in college. Good. Because you said the c-word, and I think I’m gonna go be sick now. I did not really mean the c-word (believe me, I did not) but it sort of just happened. It was related to this but not the actual c-part.

Still… 0.0 On that note–and my computer’s poor temperament–I must bid you all a good night and remind you to drive safely, lovestruck or not. ❤

I must remind you to keep your petunias on the roof and your paints in the dishwasher. 😉 😀 🙂 :/ :O 😛 😀 🙂

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A Toast to the Winner

Tonight we are trying something different.

We are proposing a challenge! Yup! It’s a pop culture math inspired challenge, at that. 🙂 And it’s all ACG’s fault. Or our math teacher’s… He can have the credit, I’m satisfied with knowing I’m just this clever. 😉 {I recently retook the emoji world by storm.}

Okay, here it is:

What Star Wars character do you get when you find the diameter of a circle that has a radius of one inscribed inside a larger circle? The larger circle has a diameter of four.

If you have any love for geometry, this should be relatively easy. If not, maybe rely on your love of space-themed movies.

Keep your head in the clouds, but don’t get into arson! (It’s a long story.) 😀 🙂 😛 :/ 😉 O.o  ❤

Drive safely and may the force be with you.

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Today’s Special?????

Hey, y’all! For the life of me I can’t think of something, it’s right on the tip of my tongue. I mean, today feels like it signifies something important but then again it feels like a normal day. I hung with my best friend and watched Disney movies then came home to crawl up inside my truck’s engine to check on something. Normal day, right?

For the record, I don’t know how I was ever supposed to jump into that intro, but I’m going to solve this “confusion” for ACG. It’s Valentine’s Day, which is the best day in existence.

Ohhhhhh, that does sound familiar. Maybe I heard some girls at school talk about it in the hallway or something. Whatever, that’s good to know 🙂 but it might be more useful if I had a boyfriend. (Boys are really ugh-worthy and overrated get a ferret instead. They’re just as annoying and ugh-worthy and cute. But they’re highly underrated.) Yeah, yeah, I know there’s that whole “love in all forms” thing but how often do you see two friends out to dinner at a fancy restaurant on nights that are celebrating love? Well, if the universe wasn’t so afraid of what other people thought you’d see a lot more. But, you know, caring about people genuinely isn’t a thing you’re allowed to do unless it’s romantic.

Yeah, I don’t get why there’s one day so dedicated to it? I mean, doesn’t that make all of the other days kind of dull in comparison? I mean friendship or relationship, both should be–and can be as exemplified by AJA’s last “ACG was too lame or too tired or too busy to get on” post–shown every day equally because they may not be there the next day or may get discouraged and does it not at least help if they know every day that you care, no matter how you show it, just do something for them or cheer them up. Show them that they matter by helping them with the tiniest things so they never need to wonder and we don’t need a “motivator” like Valentine’s Day to “make” us step up to the plate and admit feelings or reassure people we care. Or, is everyday life just too orderly and perfect to mess it up with feelings and happiness?

Basically I like Valentine’s Day because even though it sucks no one cares (or wants to express it) 99% of the time, it’s a day when you can. (Plus everyone else either hates it or is in a relationship, so I get to be the minority this way by being single and loving it.)

And I sort of take up a little bit of arms with it because it makes everyone feel like that have to wait until then or you’re weird and creepy. Or it tries to. I mean technically this one day doesn’t do this. Society does that all by itself. This one day breaks the norm, but whatever. Yes but this is the tool society uses to channel all the emotions into one manageable time frame. Not really. Most people dislike Valentine’s Day. They think it’s too commercial.


But anyway, Happy Valentine’s Day, I love you all and with that in mind I’m telling you not to put electrically charged  wire into the ocean or if you do, don’t go swimming in it. 😀 🙂 😛 ❤


People are stupid all by themselves. Don’t blame Valentine’s Day, and  don’t ever ever forget that. Anyway, you should do what you want for people anyway regardless of the day(AMEN), but if you need the day to give you courage. Take it. There’s nothing wrong with special.