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Hey, y’all! Hi!


So, here’s a riddle, friends: what’s warm in the morning, wet in the afternoon, and frozen at night? Oh! Oh! Pick me; I know! It’s the weather. Uh, yes… yes it is. At least here in Alabama. You mean it isn’t this unpredictable in other places? Only in Kansas, where occasionally you get transported to other worlds when a twister comes by.

Don’t get me wrong, I love living in Alabama and all of the beautiful weather we get to witness. Sometimes I just get really confused when we have fall and winter (occasionally spring and winter) in the same day. Meeee tooo. For example, today C left his house at 5:30PM in a short sleeved t-shirt to pick me up, by the time we left for supper I had on a coat with my long sleeves, by the time we left ACG’s for him to take me home it was SNOWING. Yeah, life is really weird, and it had been pouring rain earlier this morning/afternoon before it ever started snowing.

I also feel like this contributes to part of the reason that people from the south get made fun of for not being able to drive in the cold weather, because it COMES OUT OF NOWHERE. Forget to listen to the weatherperson one day, base the weather on how it feels when you’re leaving (with an educated fifteen degree give or take) and bam! You end up with snow and no bread or milk in your stores for when your best friend has been at your house and everyone loves milk ;P. Yeah, the milk is the worst part… But SERIOUSLY, Alabama is kinda crazy with its weather patterns, so don’t judge us too harshly.


Drive safely y’all (in whatever weather conditions present)! ❤
Keep your snow cream ingredients ready and your rain boots nearby! 😛 😉 😀 🙂 ❤ O.o

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Alphabet Rearing

Hi, A’s, B’s, and C’s! Hey, y’all!     

Okay, so, AJA and I have had this weird project going on at my house for the past few (is it a few? It may just be a couple, who knows?) weeks. (It began during the time frame known as “winter break” where there is no concept of reality, let alone time.) It all started because my Mom misheard something I said, and it turned into the chaos you will soon see.

See, she thought I said “pregnant A.” It’s not at all what I said (which I can’t remember now), but the thought was too intriguing, so I had to draw it on the whiteboard that hangs on my refrigerator. It was a very confusing thing to just SEE on a kitchen whiteboard that is usually decorated with grocery lists and small doodles. (Occasionally snowmen get a cameo, too, though). Not only a pregnant A, but a pregnant B and C as well!! So, I asked questions. Then, got “permission” to draw a pregnant D. #)

D happened…then E and F and G *insert Chicka Chicka Boom Boom joke here*…then H (which is terrifying), I, J, and K… …will there be enough room?… We finally finished up U through Z last night, and we wanted to share it with y’all tonight! Good news: there was enough room.

whiteboard showing every capital letter with lowercase letters around them

Ah, yes… Fertile letters, bearing young… What a LOVELY sight–full of potential! They’re gonna grow up to make such great words, like EGYPT (which ACG can tell you about next time she has to cover cause I’m unreliable and my life is too 😉 It’s a beautiful word.)

I’m just thankful to my mom for not destroying our masterpiece halfway through, and I’m so grateful to AJA for putting up with my craziness.Without those two things this would not have made it to the end. Very grateful to your mom; also what would I do without your insight? ;P  I’m also not sure what happened to the red marker that the first three were done in, but I’m kind of digging the vibe of founding mothers in red.


Drive safely, even if you’re pregnant…with ideas 😉 like ACG 😉 ❤ (What I mean is: she’s creative for this… lol… What I mean is: don’t judge me I’ve slept like a total of 17 hours in the last 4 days.)

Keep your markers away from Annaz and your letters held in high esteem! ❤ 🙂 😛 😉 😀 O.o #)

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Life Goals (dedicated to 2019)

Hey, y’all! Hello! 🙂 It’s nice to have AJA back after her sickness and trip! It’s very good to be back.

It’s also a new year! Wow. To think, I haven’t been on the blog since 2018 ;). Which, neither has ACG but… my point stands. It definitely does. 🙂 Since we have wrapped up an old year and are starting in on a new one, we wanted to share a few of our goals for the coming months/year with y’all.

  1. I want to be a little more outgoing/friendly. I’m not great about starting conversations with new people, and I want to improve that.
  2. I’d like to be more grateful for and more mindful of the people around me. Show more respect for others.
  3. Close to being more mindful of the people around me, I’d like to be more observant and try to notice if others are upset or seem worried about things so I might can try to help better.
  4. On a much more selfish note, I’d like to grow into myself. I want to develop a strong sense of self. The last year or so has definitely changed me tremendously and even before that there were difficult things going on, so I’d like to figure out exactly who I am, become stronger and firmer in what I believe and what I value, and make an identity that is mine and not wrapped up in another person (even though I love the people in my life).
  5. I want to be content in the moment and situation I’m in without looking so far ahead that I forget the great things I have now. I don’t want to get so wrapped up in wanting something else in my life that I miss the opportunities and lessons that this version of me is supposed to get.
  6. I want to stop letting emotions dictate my response in a moment. Of course, emotions are super natural and necessary and part of what makes life worth living, even the difficult and bad ones. But, there comes a point when you have to be able to identify a feeling, acknowledge why it’s happening, and move forward in spite of it. Aware that it is just a feeling and just a moment.

And after that deep meandering, I think we’re quite ready for classes to start back up Monday for ACG and Wednesday for myself. O.o Yikes, I guess we are. It will definitely be an adventure with chances to work on these goals.

Keep your hearts open and your minds spinning! ❤ 🙂 ;P 😉 😀 O.o
Drive safely to make it to those wonderful 8AMs on Monday! 😉 😉 😉 ❤

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Opportunities and Adventures

Hey, y’all! It’s ACG here again tonight. This time it’s for a really good reason (and one that’s not my fault!).

It’s just me tonight, because AJA just got back from spending a few days on the east coast, and the time shift back has wiped her out. It was a great opportunity that I’m glad she got to take advantage of, even if it did leave me back home by myself. 😥 (I got to spend some quality time with my family, so it all worked out, but she still abandoned me.)

Basically, we may actually both be back to post something about the New Year next week, but just in case we aren’t…

Keep your resolutions adventurous and your grape juice sparkling! 🙂 ;P 😉 😀 O.o ❤

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Hard Times

Hey y’all! It’s ACG here and I just wanted to let y’all know what’s kind of been going on in our lives. AJA’s grandmother is really sick right now and so that’s why we’re not both on tonight is because her and C are at her grandmother’s house with her. I know all of our thoughts and heart to going out to AJA and her family right now as they face down sickness and loss.

Keep your lives close and your loved ones closer!  ❤ 🙂 :/ ;P 😉 😀

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Gaining Time with Friends

Hey, y’all! Hi!
AJA and I have had a pretty great day, even though we were only together for probably 10% of it. It was amazing, despite not being together much. For different reasons. Lots of reasons. Time oriented, people oriented reasons.

I spent time with C because this marks 1 year of us admitting we might at least like tolerate each other and ACG got some family time and some productivity time. All of this to say: time is important. So, why does it change? The productivity was limited, but in my defense my computer battery was dying. As to why time changes? Some old smart guy decided that was the best way to do things and then a group of more old smart guys agreed. Thus, we now have this thing called “Daylight Savings Time” (unless you live in certain places like Hawaii or Arizona in the United States). Those obnoxious smart old dudes. @) OH well, at least we get an extra hour for now. 😉

Another great thing that happened today is we got to see our friend, K! The other most significant member of our party 😉 (ha…haha…. Hamilton reference lol It was a truly beautiful reference. I’m proud of you. For knowing the musical I introduced you to? 😉 But thanks, lol). 

(I know this post is a trainwreck, I’m in a sleep-deprived, post-clinicals, anniversary and pain endorphin highs state of mind, so I’m like a little extra giggly tonight @) I don’t know that it’s a trainwreck, maybe just touching on a couple more subtopics than we planned. ;P)

But really, seeing K was amazing. It had been a while (that’s what happens when you move 3 hours away), and she’s the kind of friend that you don’t realize just how much you’ve missed her until you’re picking right back up where you left off and there’s too much to say before time runs out. That’s true! Really… She is that kind of friend, that everything falls into place when she’s back but unfortunately, she has to leave again soon after. Yeah, that part stinks, but the good news is that Thanksgiving is coming up so we get a chance to see her for a bit longer then, and it’ll be great!


Keep your shoes high and your apples in the dryer! ❤ 🙂 ;P 😉 😀 O.o
Drive safely, dudes! ❤

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Fantastic Fours

Happy birthday to us. Happy birthday to us… Hey, y’all! I mean, I was just gonna be like “happy birthday to a variety of people as well as this blog,” but ACG had to go write a whole song and show me up. ;P 🙂 Ahem.

If you haven’t gathered, this weekend is somewhere in the celebratory time frame of when we started this blog. Oh, ya know, as juniors in high school–4 whole years ago. What the mess?!? I’m not even sure what happened, but it’s absolutely ridiculous. It’s been 4 years since we started posting our nonsense on the internet, and loving every second of it. Oh, ACG–no wonder you never truly had an emo phase 😉 ;P. @) You’re eternally optimistic. But that’s not a bad thing. Of course, we love you guys, but there have been downs to balance the ups. More recently too many posts that are quick to let you know we are thinking of you. Or in the past posts that are laced with frustration at life. But it’s amazing, isn’t it? It’s definitely amazing. 😀

Four years? That’s…quite the time. We have survived four years and so many challenges. From junior years light and silly freedom as high schoolers to senior year and its emotional trauma to starting college with me moving away for a year to redefining our friend group as well as starting the depth of our curriculums and degree plans. We’ve both suffered losses and seen our family members face serious challenges. Wow. It kind of goes to show you that if you stick around long enough, you never know where you’ll be. Which as someone who has struggled to see the point in sticking around at times, knowing that there have been so many life changing moments is comforting because it proves that you’re never stuck in a situation forever. There is always, always change, but there is also always love and the best things? They will survive, no matter what form they take on.

Okay, sorry. I got sentimental. #) Sentimental is great. I feel the same way, though not as in quite so elegant words, so I’ll go with what AJA has already said and agree wholeheartedly.

Of course, if you’ve been with us for any length of time, you know that we have a yearly tradition to commemorate the birth of our blog together. We carve a pumpkin together and then post the results for y’all to see!  This year, we included my boyfriend C in that process and oh how exciting it is to have a boy’s point of view. Oh my my my……… @) ❤ Exciting, dangerous, match-consuming, whatever word you’d like to use. I was intrigued but also watching carefully.


Normally, we carve our pumpkin into a theme. This year we still carved a pumpkin, but our theme was a little different. That’s not to say we didn’t toss around theme ideas like “Twilight” and “horror movies.” Ultimately though, when cleaning the inside of our “Jumbo Pumpkin” was far too difficult, C had an idea. We did toss those around, and those would have all been cool, too, but I think that this was definitely the most…adventurous pumpkin we’ve ever done.  The idea was pretty simple: why scrape out what you can burn out?

So, that’s…exactly what we did. Well, tried to do. To ACG’s families loss, C went through two boxes of matches trying to burn it (to be fair, we rarely use matches. They had probably been up there at least a year, but we did carve it with flames and other vents to promote the burning. Unfortunately, we mostly got smoke until we aided it with WD40. Which was…not our smartest move. Still, it was a fun Halloween project. It was fun, and we had a certified Pyro with us to keep everything under control. ;P We needed something flammable.


Overall, a very fun fourth birthday to our litle space here and a wonderful time trying to wrestle this year’s pumpkin project (not to mention the pumpkin itself).


Drive safely my aging patience so that you may live a long and full life. ❤
Keep your pies sweet and your potatoes pumpkin. 😉 😛 🙂 😀 ❤ @) O.O


P.S. Please enjoy this image of our burning child. There was supposed to be a video, but alas technical difficulties happen. Just pretend this is a video.




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Hello, Internet beans! Hey, y’all!

So, as we know, AJA is in nursing school. This Friday, she had validations, which is where the instructors sign off on her demonstrating her skills (okay, yeah, but it’s more like being afraid someone is going to yell you’re responsible for the death of ten people by not correctly checking their pulse or dressing their wounds or ARGGHH! then the professors kindly being like “um, you need to work on this…” or “try doing this instead” and everything feels relatively manageable again. Ahem, anyway…)

This week, her validation was about vital signs (blood pressure, pulses, things like that), but the more entertaining one to help her practice for was her wound care section. Why was it more entertaining, you may wonder? (She didn’t actually injure me, thankfully.) ACG volunteered to be my victim!!! Of…Crayola markers. I gave her some wounds, C gave me grief, and she gave us both a lot of help in practicing! It was fun when it wasn’t extremely stressful. I had a ton of fun, and while it felt like practice it didn’t feel at all like a chore. And, of course it wasn’t as stressful for me because I didn’t have to remember the steps. All I had to do was sit there and pretend I’d been offered (and given ;P) pain meds for various injuries. I’m glad to be able to help AJA (and C, I guess) practice. She already does a great job, and I’m excited to see her grow into her confidence and potential. Thanks, queen bean. ❤


Keep your blood in and your elbows out! ❤ 🙂 ;P 😉 😀 O.o
Drive safely, dudes, so that C and I don’t have to use our practice and bandage you! O.O ❤

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School, Birthdays, and TOUCHDOWN!

Hey, y’all! Before we do anything else, we need to apologize for completely vanishing last week. There was gonna be an apology post, but um even that plan failed for Reasons. We’ll explain why in just a little bit.

Tonight, we wanted to kinda update y’all on what we’ve been up to. We don’t seem to have gotten any less busy than we were in summer, but it’s a completely different type of busy. It’s for real the craziest thing ever and we are all constantly exhausted either mentally, emotionally, physically, or all of the above. Literally…our entire friend group.

    1. As we talked about in the past few weeks, school started. This means that AJA has started nursing school, which is crazy and kind of intense, and the classes I’m taking are either core to my major or minor this semester (minus a really cool science class). As C put it earlier sometime in the last two weeks, it’s obvious we’re all at “junior level” basically, which means all work (that feels like play sometimes) but still ALL WORK.
    2. I, AJA, also had a birthday, which isn’t a HUGE deal (suuuure), except that I am now not only pretending to be an adult but am legally an adult in all ways. That being said, I shall now pretend to still be a child. She is definitely not a child, but I don’t think there’s a way to stop her from pretending to not be 😉
    3. Tonight marked a very important day in America, particularly the southeast where we live. It was college football’s opening day, and there was yelling at my house. A lot of yelling, great friends, and some pretty good food. It was A Time that I better get used to or C might breakup with me. @) Seriously, it was fun and I might have even been a little excited about it, even if I only understood what was going on like 25% of the time.



So, now that we’ve condensed this to a very short list….well, it feels like it might not be so much, but believe us when we say school this semester (and probably the following ones) is gonna kick our butts (I mean, it’s only taking up like 90% of our waking hours), so if we miss a post: assume we are either not dead but studying or died while studying, although we promise to try not to miss another one for a long while. That was completely accidental, but if we do, we more than likely didn’t die and more than likely are…studying or ACG is writing a paper. That’s true. I do have to write a lot of papers.

Anyway, good luck with school to those of you in school. Keep your noses in your books and your shoes in the air. 🙂 ;P 😉 😀 O.o ❤
Drive safely, guys, preferably not while studying, but I feel you if you try to. :/ ❤ 🙂

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“These are a few of my favorite things…”

Hey, y’all! Hi! So, earlier today we were with a group of women, and part of what we did was an ice breaker where we shared “A few of our favorite things” with the group. One thing we realized was that we didn’t know each other (or ourselves in some cases) as well as we should have.

Since we didn’t know these things about each other, we wanted to share them with y’all as a fun fact type thing.

  • Favorite color
    • Yellow, the best color in the world. Except, it’s so un-emo…
    • Red of all shades, but particularly bright fiery reds.
  • Favorite salty snack
    • Anything w/ Cheese
    • Barbecue chips
  • Favorite music group
    • Twenty-One Pilots
    • The original recording cast of Hamilton, the Broadway musical. I know they aren’t a musical group in the traditional sense, but come on…Hamilton.
  • Favorite sweet snack
    • Brownies
    • Cookie dough, just the dough…sugar cookie particularly
  • Favorite scent
    • C, no fudging on the blog… I’ll be real. He’s the best.
    • Metal (I’m weird. Most said vanilla or coffee. That just wasn’t me.)
  • Favorite place to eat out
    • Chick-fil-a
    • Lawler’s, which is a semi-local barbecue restaurant that has the best potatoes.
  • Favorite place to vacation
    • The East Coast (like Charleston, SC or Rhode Island)
    • Mountains (To be fair, I should have said Rhode Island, because that’s my real favorite, but I didn’t think about it in time. Besides, AJA had included it in her answer, so I thought she had it covered ;).)

This was a cool ice breaker type thing, and I look forward to being more involved with these women. It also was just really cool to actually think about all these things about ourselves. (Also, shout out to C: he literally got all but two right immediately and they were both food related and he knows I like home cooked stuff best, so). If only I had a boyfriend to make guess… 😥 (No, just kidding, I’m not shocked at all that C got them right, and it’s great that he did.)

Drive safely, y’all, and contemplate the important things in life while doing so, like, you know, your favorite salty snack. ❤
Keep your secrets close and your snacks closer. ;P 🙂 😀 😉 O.o ❤