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Cupcake wars….okay, maybe not wars…maybe they’re just cute :)



#NERDALERT: (Baby) Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy is adorable, especially in cupcake form. Don’t shoot me, they reminded me of something from Harry Potter, though I’m not sure if it’s the screaming root things from plant class or if it’s something else…I’m sorry. Lol. At least it’s still nerdy


Ahem. These remind me of a favorite YouTuber (amazingphil), and also my dad. They’re adorable and I think of Daniel in the lion’s den. Ooh! They could be related to that!


Dragon. Need I say more? Dragons….need she say more?


These are so lovely and just looking at them briefly gives me the feeling of having my life together. I almost automatically think of a boutique and those types of people(girls, I mean) who are always dressed cute in that adorable way…and also chandeliers but those are unrelated.


This one reminds me of the time I tried to make “Fourth of July” cupcakes on my own in fourth grade, and ended up with mud brown, dog fur cupcakes. Aw, that’s sad but precious.

Mine are, too… but mine says “cute cupcakes” in the search box 😉 ❤

cookie monster

COOKIE MONSTER!!! It’s childhood 🙂

I just *thumbs up* I meant to find an Elmo one for a companion, but alas… I did not.


I couldn’t resist the burgers… 😉

At least I see some green on there. 😛 🙂 You’re slightly deranged some days I think…meat is the bomb. I had some meat tonight. 🙂 Some is okay I guess…maybe.


Who doesn’t love pancake cakes??? Mmmm…. Darthon, Liam until he gets a taste of Rae’s, Elle. Might could add some irl people instead of just fictional, too, but I won’t. -_-…sigh You asked… #)



Late 8th grade is rough for everyone. Smh @ past us.


In honor of a friend I’m missing due to the season ❤

Awww, I miss her too!

I apologize to all who were confused by any references to fictional characters that aren’t published yet…But I hope everyone enjoyed our cupcake show and maybe the commentary with it some… 😀 🙂 😉 😛 😀

So until next week, eat cupcakes and drive safely.

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Shoes. Maybe some shunning of social norms, too…?

Shoes. The gendered genderless. Culture, why you so binary?

This sounds like a Star Wars coming on. Or some other space type thing…or maybe it’s Space: The Final Frontier that I’m thinking of. Either way, I don’t know my space movies but that sounds really dramatic.

But alas, ‘tis not space we’re in. Well, I mean, technically Earth is in space, so we’re all in space. But we didn’t have to leave the planet to find a culture that has created “male” and “female” shoes, when in reality men were the first to wear high heels. Smh.

Yeah but as society, is there anything that can ever just stay uncategorized? Especially by gender? There’s clothes, accessories, shoes, colors, and tons more stuff. So really, it only makes sense that things are categorized into genders and especially shoes because they are a necessity in life (according to most signs on the doors of stores).

Obviously. The world could not live if everything was equal footed and not categorized into two genders. We would forget how to breathe. I mean, how would a man know what razors to use if they were not gendered? He might…perhaps…use a pink razor instead. And then the very fibers of the universe would come unraveled. Or what if a women were to drink Dr. Pepper Ten? I don’t even want to fathom the consequences. (To be fair, Dr. Pepper Ten did change their slogan from its previous campaign of “It’s Not For Women,” so kudos to them for realizing misogyny is not a good marketing tactic.)

If we can’t all tell, AJA feels deeply about colored razors and Dr. Pepper…or stereotypes. But either way, there are only two types of shoes that I (maybe we) can think of that are easily unisex:

The first, clogs. I’m just not quite sure, other than the designs maybe, how a wooden shoe can be made to look one way or the other. (I apologize if I’m wrong, I didn’t exactly do all the research in the world on clogs before typing this part.)

The second is, any shoes you want. Because honestly? Culture is making it all up. Tomorrow heels will be in for men and a girl wouldn’t be caught dead without a pair of sneakers. Who knows in a hundred years if we’ll even be wearing shoes? So, I say wear what you want. If it goes on your body, it’s probably for you. (This does not apply to the color yellow, which only card carrying yellow wearers should wear. And maybe orange. Maybe.)

With all this being said and done, keep your toes in the air like you just don’t care and your hand in your heart because it’s warm there. (awww, poetry) 😀 🙂 😛 😉 ❤ 😀 🙂 O.o

And remember to wear shoes while you drive safely.

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Two Tired Girls Present…

I’m just going to be straight with you. This is one tired girl, and we are presenting you with essentially nothing. So if you were looking for entertainment either scroll down further or just get yourself off our blog.

Ahem. I mean…

Hello, this is AJA, and I am here to tell you that ACG and I are both exhausted. So, tonight’s post is as simple as this: ACG has church things going on and has been exceedingly social all day (and will continue to be so for much of next week) and I took a huge test today (the ACT, the SAT’s southern little brother). We are neither fit to write nor feeling a post this Saturday. I hope you all can stand and understand our absence.

Until further notice (or next Saturday), rest up and drive safely.*

*(Because your response time and driving skill is more severely impaired when you haven’t slept in around 36-48 hours than it is when you are actually drunk! I hope I’m saying that right. Do not quote me. That’s another thing: look up your own facts. Alright… I’m getting out of the parenthetical. Good night.)

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A Trip to The Past AKA Last Week’s Post This Week: EYELIDS OF WONDER

Can you (or do you know someone who can or could) do that trippy cool thing with their eyelids? You know, the juvenile flip them halfway back up to freak other people out, trick. What ACG means to say is, if you could reveal the inside of  your eyelids, what color would you like for them to be? I actually was curious, about the literal question, too. But that’s okay, we’ll settle with the creative question.

Last week this was vaguely mentioned, and now… IT’S DECISION TIME!

I’d be too sporadic while trying to pick. So I’d probably just end up with my go to color scheme of black, red, and silver. Or navy and silver, either works. I’d also go for a vine theme because it looks cool.

Personally I’d just, like, defeat the purpose and paint them black. You can’t go wrong with black. Ever.

If you must be so ironic (it’s my favorite color. there is literally no intended irony. A person painting a dark place black. But it’s not intended.Does a dentist mean to get a cavity? I rest my case. I specified intended irony. So, your argument is invalid.), that sounds cool, I guess. If nothing else, sometimes we do get to see patterns and colors when we close our eyes just a little too tight or rub them so 🙂 😀 bonus points.

That’s not really a consolation, in my opinion. But if you enjoy such things, who am I to rain upon your parade.

I’m easy to amuse and occasionally I sound optimistic. 😉

I’m not even getting into this whole optimism/pessimism thing now. But I think we found next week’s topic! Oh no. #REALISTPROBS

On that note, I think it’s time to remind you to keep your eyelids open while you drive and, in doing that, drive safely.

Keep your toes detached and your emotions sporadic. 😀 🙂 😛 😉 ❤ :O 🙂