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Never forget to share

Aloha! Hola! Gudentag! Possibly bonjour! Hi! Today we’re here to remind you all that ACG and I share a lot of things. For instance, a name. Literally. Like, how do you get closer than that? I’m sorry you asked. Or…caused me to ask. Despite that fact that we share many, many things…there are still some things I would never share with even my bestest best friend.

Guys. We’ve discussed that before. There’s many reasons to that. Many, many reasons, but that’s kind of a given. Past, current (ha…that’s a joke), or future (for me that might also be a joke because, like, I’m so emotionally unstable I forget to capitalize i’s sometimes) are all off limits. She thinks she won’t have a guy to share…ha, that’s also a joke.

…Not…toothbrushes? EW NO! Ily, but honestly… um. no. maybe if like it was an emer– nope, sorry. That made it worse. I would share toothpaste though. Like, tube wise. This just sounds weird.

Certain clothes. We all know what I’m talking about at face value but she also refused to wear my socks the other day, too so….yeah. I wore your leggings though, and I would’ve worn your socks if, like, I wasn’t paranoid that my feet would offend your socks. I mean, like your feet are so tiny and precious that I’m sure you’ve never offended your socks, but I have, and I’m just… Offended socks are awful. BUT the actual clothing items she’s referring to, I don’t think we could actually share part of at least at all, and the other would just be…no.

Uhhhh…ice cream…? Well I would if there was enough… I’d share my ice cream with you. Actually. Take my ice cream. Run away with it. Don’t let me have ice cream. I’ll just get sticky.

Parents? That’s impossible unless we marry brothers and then that’s okay. What? What? Wait… Wait… Okay… I get it… But it’d be weird to marry brothers. But… Sorry. Fantasies. Then we could share a wedding day, too Maybe kinda sorta…! But what if one of us didn’t meet the other’s guy’s brother until the wedding day? Would we have to get married on said people’s anniversary? That’d just be…weird. That would be weird…but we should probably meet before just in case.

I don’t think sharing…lollipops would be that much fun. Actually, I wouldn’t mind. Don’t argue the difference between toothbrushes and food. Just don’t go there. No worries I won’t.

And then we could never really share shoes because your feet a tiny. I could share yours…and stuff socks in the end. My feet aren’t that big… You’d probably just be a little floppy. Maybe.

Am I forgetting anything we couldn’t/wouldn’t share? Besides the completely taboo normal stuff? Um. Nope. Can’t think of anything.

So basically…share and share alike unless it’s physically impossible or emotionally/physically compromising. Sounds good to me.


STICK SPOONS IN SOCKETS!!! It’s harder than a fork or knife but is much more rewarding!!!!!! (That’s not scientifically proven.) I’m just saying.

Just… drive safely. It’s winter. It’s icy. Don’t die. Unless you’re in Australia. Then I’m not suggesting you die. I’m just worried about how you’re going to not. I mean, really. Is everything deadly there?

😀 🙂 #) O.o ❤ 😉 😛

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Today’s Special?????

Hey, y’all! For the life of me I can’t think of something, it’s right on the tip of my tongue. I mean, today feels like it signifies something important but then again it feels like a normal day. I hung with my best friend and watched Disney movies then came home to crawl up inside my truck’s engine to check on something. Normal day, right?

For the record, I don’t know how I was ever supposed to jump into that intro, but I’m going to solve this “confusion” for ACG. It’s Valentine’s Day, which is the best day in existence.

Ohhhhhh, that does sound familiar. Maybe I heard some girls at school talk about it in the hallway or something. Whatever, that’s good to know 🙂 but it might be more useful if I had a boyfriend. (Boys are really ugh-worthy and overrated get a ferret instead. They’re just as annoying and ugh-worthy and cute. But they’re highly underrated.) Yeah, yeah, I know there’s that whole “love in all forms” thing but how often do you see two friends out to dinner at a fancy restaurant on nights that are celebrating love? Well, if the universe wasn’t so afraid of what other people thought you’d see a lot more. But, you know, caring about people genuinely isn’t a thing you’re allowed to do unless it’s romantic.

Yeah, I don’t get why there’s one day so dedicated to it? I mean, doesn’t that make all of the other days kind of dull in comparison? I mean friendship or relationship, both should be–and can be as exemplified by AJA’s last “ACG was too lame or too tired or too busy to get on” post–shown every day equally because they may not be there the next day or may get discouraged and does it not at least help if they know every day that you care, no matter how you show it, just do something for them or cheer them up. Show them that they matter by helping them with the tiniest things so they never need to wonder and we don’t need a “motivator” like Valentine’s Day to “make” us step up to the plate and admit feelings or reassure people we care. Or, is everyday life just too orderly and perfect to mess it up with feelings and happiness?

Basically I like Valentine’s Day because even though it sucks no one cares (or wants to express it) 99% of the time, it’s a day when you can. (Plus everyone else either hates it or is in a relationship, so I get to be the minority this way by being single and loving it.)

And I sort of take up a little bit of arms with it because it makes everyone feel like that have to wait until then or you’re weird and creepy. Or it tries to. I mean technically this one day doesn’t do this. Society does that all by itself. This one day breaks the norm, but whatever. Yes but this is the tool society uses to channel all the emotions into one manageable time frame. Not really. Most people dislike Valentine’s Day. They think it’s too commercial.


But anyway, Happy Valentine’s Day, I love you all and with that in mind I’m telling you not to put electrically charged  wire into the ocean or if you do, don’t go swimming in it. 😀 🙂 😛 ❤


People are stupid all by themselves. Don’t blame Valentine’s Day, and  don’t ever ever forget that. Anyway, you should do what you want for people anyway regardless of the day(AMEN), but if you need the day to give you courage. Take it. There’s nothing wrong with special.  

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Best Friend

Hello, all!

Tonight ACG is not joining me, and I alone shall be writing our post. Now, onward.

I feel like there’s never a wrong time to talk about the important of best friends, which is exactly what I’d like to give my two cents worth on. (Ugh. I ended a sentence with a preposition.)

ACG is my best friend, and for that I think I’m extremely lucky. We don’t always agree and we don’t always-always get along, I think this blog has even seen some of that, but ultimately she is one of my favorite people in the universe, if not my favorite person. She’s the kind of person that tells you how it is. She’s honest. She’s not afraid to be herself, and she’s not afraid for you to be yourself either. She’s a daredevil and fearless and also kinds of crazy. She’s confident and beautiful and I don’t know how I got her as my best friend honestly I swore when we first met we’d never get along, but she’s funny and can make me laugh even when I’ve wanted to never wake up. She knows me better than essentially anyone. She’s also the kind of person to randomly give you cards or letters or pandas or pocket sized people or make your giraffe baby a reality or bring your green folder by your house because she loves you and is insane and also probably a ninja in training. She’s so, so, so creative (ahem. she made a giraffe baby out of pipe cleaners and she finished writing her first novel on Thursday!!! (I am so proud of her by the way!!!)) and she’s not afraid of magic (I’m specifically talking about implementing it in stories but take that on whatever level you’d like). And, she’s brilliant. So brilliant, sun and moon and stars brilliant. Lights like New York City brilliant. I’m not just talking about her intelligence, but just her person overall. I mean, she has her flaws and bad moments too, and I acknowledge that she’s fully human, but that’s part of what’s so incredible about her.

I don’t always say it because she’d probably roll her eyes at me, but I am incredibly lucky to have someone like her in my life. People underestimate something so simple as friendship, and it really gets under my skin. I mean, I love romance as much as the next person, but I don’t and never have had a “true love” but I do have a best friend, and I think that’s kind of amazing. I think she’s kind of amazing.

So, next time you see your best friend maybe tell them that you love them, and remember how lucky you are to have them. And maybe also tell them to drive safely.

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Nostalgia, dogs, soarin’, and flyin’ <3

Doe, a deer, a female deer, ray, a drop of golden sun…
Me, a name I call myself, far a long long way to…

Whoops, I was just preparing…I’ll leave The Sound of Music out of the rest of it now…:D

To add to ACG’s lighthearted opening, I must warn you: I have a dog on my chest/face/person and life is good. (I almost typed food. Life is food, too. My kinda comment…especially meat and potatoes.) Anyway, it’s time for…*cue sunglasses removal* Music Monday!

Now we just need a song. What to sing, what to sing? Yeah, I got nothing. But I think we were going to dive into nostalgia this week.

There’s The Eagles with “Hotel California.” Or Journey… Or Sesame StreetGood groups, good music, but I’m thinking something a little more current. Perhaps something from Disney around 2006. You know, something that we could all be in together?

Ohhhhh! “Nobody’s perfect, I gotta work it…” Or are we…ohhhh never mind you’re talking “Bet on it, bet on it…” and “The boys are back, the boys are back…” and even “We’re soarin’ flyin’ there’s not a star in heaven that we can’t reach…”

‘Tis right. I’m thinking of none other than the East High Wildcats. (*choruses from behind: “getcha head in the game!”*) Certainly we all remember those good ol’ days! If you’re above the age of fourteenish. If not, well…you missed it. Honestly if you’re not above fourteen, it’s too late for you to appreciate the finer things. (I’m kidding, I’m kidding… Mostly. You just won’t appreciate the actors in it as much because now they’re old and weird and druggies. Zac Efron is not a druggie, Ashley Tisdale’s biggest problem is her plastic surgeries, annnnddddd Gabriel Lucas is actually pretty chill still.)

Okay, my lack of celebrity knowledge aside, High School Musical and the accompanying soundtracks are really actually more like a current high schooler’s guilty pleasure and you might not ever admit it but you know you’ve wished every once in a while to curl up and just watch them and when the songs started explode like a bottle rocket. Am I right or am I right?

High School Musical was our childhood. Obviously this week we’re not taking sides. There’s no way you can be against High School Musical if you have sentimentality about it that our age group/generation does.  

Well, this was productive…as always keep the baseball in the pool, the ear in the glove, and the pinkie toe in the jam. 😀 🙂 😉 😛 ❤

To sum it up: don’t die and drive safely. *salutes you*

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Just us again down here…eating crepes <3

Hello, people, aliens, martians, and canis lupis (would you not need to pluralize this somehow? Canis lupi? Canis lupises?)!!! We’ve decided(sort of) that since we both write(or “try to”) that, well, we could, kinda, sorta, maybe…yeah I’m not sure, I didn’t suggest it… We’re going to attempt to talk about writing, but probably not do a very good job since, like, I’m having writer’s(editor’s is what she claims eh…) block (sorta) and she’s in the thick of finishing her novel. I have over 65,000–THOUSAND–words and I’m in chapter TWENTY-FIVE!!! That’s a lot of novel! ‘Tis true. That is a lot of novel. I finished writing a thing a few weeks ago, and it was just barely that long. So, congrats to ACG! (My brain is so heavy right now. Forgive my lack of coherency.)

Does anybody…and that thought died. So I’ll finish it with…eat crepes? Because I ate at this great place in a mall at Nashville called “Music City Crepes” and it was AMAZING. I should write a scene where my characters eat crepes. That’d vastly improve the manuscript I’m trying to edit, would it not? Sure…? Is that the right answer here? Since when does food(unless it’s a book about a chef or person with a food problem) make or break a story? Since always. Duh. Ah, that’s what I’ve been missing. Okay, anyway, I seriously had amazing crepes and found my dress (it’s really, really cute) for our school banquet (to understand, read our last post) today and got to go to Nashville, TN in the process so…bonus points. It was a cool escape and lunch at “The Rainforest Cafe” was great, too. Yay for fun times!

I have done nothing because I am nothing. I am the ultimate form of zen.(_-_…sure I am, too! ) 😀 But seriously her dress is adorable. (awww, thanks :D)

So, writing turned into the daytime adventure of ACG into the heart of country music and pondering about magical characters eating crepes…bonus points for a successful day, night, and dusk (not really “successful” for both of us, but I’m happy for ACG, so we’ll ignore that fact). The night was successful for both of us! (How so? bonus points on a post I didn’t get bonus points? Once again that was you?) And you got your successful day last week! (Was also an incredibly painful day. my feet hurt from walking around all day and my feelings were hurt by a couple of dresses. This was meant to be a wrap up sentence…hmmm…*sigh* I’m just pointing out that my day wasn’t super great today or successful at all because my biggest accomplishment was not going back to sleep when I’d slept over twelve hours the night before.)

Anyway, I am sincerely glad ACG had a great day, and I’m not completely miserable with my heavy brain, though I am thinking of trunking that story I was talking about editing. As always *insert a long list of things to do that ACG might say* and drive safely. ❤


Head in the socket, foot in the fan, and fingers in the pool! 😀 🙂 😉 😛 ❤