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Finals Week Continued :'(

Hey, y’all!

So, study time is still here. We’re also two college students so we run around like chickens with our heads cut off anyway. This means that we’re still not here again just yet. We hope to be back next week.

Until then, keep your noses in the books, and your pedal to the metal! 😉 😛 🙂 ❤ O.O 😀

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Swish and Flick (Also, whoops)

Hey, y’all! So, as you saw in the post that was created last week, you can totally blame me since I was in charge of posting. (I mean, you can blame her, but it won’t really change you didn’t get to read such a High-Quality post “on time.” So, we could leave blame out of it.) I promise you it told me it posted, but alas we saw two drafts in the publish waiting room today when we got on to do it, so we posted those. One of which was from January and I swear I saw posted during the winter, so I’m not sure what is going on with WordPress. 

On a different note, AJA saw Harry Potter for the first time today!!!! (Technically last night, but details. It was after midnight…sorta, not really. Never mind.) Also, she’s planning to stay for the football game tonight, so I’m very excited for that. She’ll definitely make the sport more fun to watch. 😉 Ha…haha… Go…Te-team?


Basically, please accept our apologies for the delayed postings of “Winter Wondertasks” and “Vague Characters.” Enjoy these fine selections in place of actual meanderings from today.

Keep your wands in troll’s noses and your cups in the sink! ❤ 🙂 ;P 😉 😀 O.o

Drive safely ❤ (and ALWAYS check your main web page…) 

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Until next week…

Hey, y’all! It’s just ACG here tonight. AJA is not feeling her best (though she is amazing and continues to run herself past tired to do things with and for me).

Also, I would love to say that I may not be the one that is quite as quick to post an appreciation post, but she isn’t the only thankful one. We may have moments where we butt heads. We may have moments where she messes up. However, we also have a lot of moments in our friendship where I mess up and she is rightfully mad but does eventually forgive me and helps me work it out.

So this is nowhere near as good as hers are (and I wouldn’t dare try), and this is not anything close to the post we were planning, but I love you, AJA, and thank you for sticking through everything with me so far and planning to in the future.


Keep your hearts on the line and toes in the safe! ❤ O.o 😉 :/

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An Almost-Post

Hey, y’all! Sooo, we were planning to post something, even if we didn’t know what day it was most of this week after finals. So, this is definitely something. (Also, hi!)

Part of the reason for this post’s lack of topic is that I don’t feel like it’s close enough to Christmas to talk about “wintery” or “Christmassy” things. But also…we decided that tonight was the best time to lose our heads in our words. Or, at least, try to…

So, for tonight, our apologies. We’ll be back next week with more thoughts, probably “wintery” in nature.

Until then, drive safely, even if you’re unsure what day it is.

Keep your words in the sky and your toes on the fan. ❤ 😀 😛 😉 O.O 🙂

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Shoes. Maybe some shunning of social norms, too…?

Shoes. The gendered genderless. Culture, why you so binary?

This sounds like a Star Wars coming on. Or some other space type thing…or maybe it’s Space: The Final Frontier that I’m thinking of. Either way, I don’t know my space movies but that sounds really dramatic.

But alas, ‘tis not space we’re in. Well, I mean, technically Earth is in space, so we’re all in space. But we didn’t have to leave the planet to find a culture that has created “male” and “female” shoes, when in reality men were the first to wear high heels. Smh.

Yeah but as society, is there anything that can ever just stay uncategorized? Especially by gender? There’s clothes, accessories, shoes, colors, and tons more stuff. So really, it only makes sense that things are categorized into genders and especially shoes because they are a necessity in life (according to most signs on the doors of stores).

Obviously. The world could not live if everything was equal footed and not categorized into two genders. We would forget how to breathe. I mean, how would a man know what razors to use if they were not gendered? He might…perhaps…use a pink razor instead. And then the very fibers of the universe would come unraveled. Or what if a women were to drink Dr. Pepper Ten? I don’t even want to fathom the consequences. (To be fair, Dr. Pepper Ten did change their slogan from its previous campaign of “It’s Not For Women,” so kudos to them for realizing misogyny is not a good marketing tactic.)

If we can’t all tell, AJA feels deeply about colored razors and Dr. Pepper…or stereotypes. But either way, there are only two types of shoes that I (maybe we) can think of that are easily unisex:

The first, clogs. I’m just not quite sure, other than the designs maybe, how a wooden shoe can be made to look one way or the other. (I apologize if I’m wrong, I didn’t exactly do all the research in the world on clogs before typing this part.)

The second is, any shoes you want. Because honestly? Culture is making it all up. Tomorrow heels will be in for men and a girl wouldn’t be caught dead without a pair of sneakers. Who knows in a hundred years if we’ll even be wearing shoes? So, I say wear what you want. If it goes on your body, it’s probably for you. (This does not apply to the color yellow, which only card carrying yellow wearers should wear. And maybe orange. Maybe.)

With all this being said and done, keep your toes in the air like you just don’t care and your hand in your heart because it’s warm there. (awww, poetry) 😀 🙂 😛 😉 ❤ 😀 🙂 O.o

And remember to wear shoes while you drive safely.

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Fangers, Spring Showers, and Productivity…:D

Welcome to the most disturbing, terrifying topic we have discussed on this blog: returning to school after spring break. Yes, it is true! We’re here to express our sympathy to everyone who has had to deal with it or is alongside us dreading the experience ourselves. Or those who are working and wish they had a spring break to have to dread the end of.

The worst part I think is that 2015 has been a snowball running kind of year already. I mean, it’s almost April! What is even going on with time?!? The year is literally approaching being a fourth over(3 days) with every tick of the clock. So, of course, spring break has lasted no time hardly in my mind. (Double negative if we’re getting in the spirit…I think it is, at least…maybe. Sorta. *ducks head* never mind, ignore me. It’s okay you just want to embarrass me. I know how it is with you. Of course.)

Basically, I’m beyond confused about time’s function in our lives at this point and I don’t want to go back to school. So why don’t we just not and say we don’t have to!? 😀 😀 😀

I like that idea. We can read, write, and whatnot FOREVER!

Agreed. So, there you have it according to the Annazzz you never have to go back to school again. The End.

Well, this was a lovely decision. Look at us being all productive! I’m proud!

All you vampires out there, remember that pointing with your fangers isn’t nice! Use your noses instead. 😀 🙂 😛 :O 😉

When you do actually go to school again (assuming you were on break and realize this whole post has been a joke), drive safely.

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Alternative ideas…? Yeah, I had to try…

Hey, y’all! Just lil’ ole me again. AJA is MIA, presumably sleeping, so you’re stuck with me again. She’ll be back soon…maybe 🙂

Tonight, I’m going to discuss different things you MIGHT(if you were a little crazy) seriously consider to be your boy/girlfriend…no, not all of these are true or at least from experience, thank you very much *blushes and ducks head*

1. You can use any stuffed animal or plush object with a face.
Whether it’s your comforting and long time friend teddy bear or a strange fuzzy ball that has a face, whatever works as long as you believe. You might even get away with maybe a doll.

2. You can use any pillow.
You’ve heard of people kissing their pillows, how about just taking that relationship to the next level, huh?

3. Soccer ball, basketball, football, baseball, volleyball, softball, okay I think we get that I’m talking balls here!
This may be more for guys than girls but we’re all in love with our sports anyway, right? Why not just bite the bullet and admit that we want to date the embodiment-slash-symbol-slash-focus of our favorite sport?

4. Signs.
They’re easy. They will say whatever you want them to say. They’ll stay where you leave them to the best of their ability. Also, they can’t take revenge on you after you move on. 😉

5. An alibi or person of the opposite gender who owes you a favor.
We’ve all seen this one go horribly in movies and shows and whatnot but that doesn’t change the fact that if you’re seriously considering any of these to introduce to your parents, friends, or ex (or maybe even just for yourself as a self-help-anti-pity-party thing), well, you might be up for trying it because at least this is a real, animated, human choice.

There you have it! Five choices for non-boy/girlfriend boy/girlfriends! I don’t seriously suggest any of these outside of a joking situation but, hey, if you want it, go for it. I won’t judge, but the judge you go to for the wedding ceremony/certificate might laugh at you and sentence you to time with sane family and friends.

With love,
🙂 😉 😀 😛

P.S. Drive safely and eat marshmallows!

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Funny Story…

Once upon a time there were two girls who decided to start a blog while carving a pumpkin. These girls are usually successful in meeting deadlines and following through with projects they start (lies!). Except one day, they both went on fictional writing binges and forgot to make a blog post. So as a last ditch effort, the one who is apparently known for implying terrible things wrote a “funny story.”

Ha…Yeah, okay. This is AJA. This week ACG and I kind of…didn’t get around to making a full length post and it’s kind of late where we are, and sleep is a thing.

This is part of being a writer honestly, though. You forget about your commitments and surroundings until someone shoves reality down your throat. While we regret not posting together, I assure you our time writing was well spent and our next post will be butt-kicking awesome. Until then, we bid you farewell. Drive safely.