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Hello, beans! Hey, y’all! We’re both here tonight, isn’t it great? I mean, it’s been just as crazy of a week, I feel like, but things worked out for tonight. 😀 Yay! Posting!

It’s been a pretty crazy…uh, what is it now? 4 months. The entire semester– maybe the entire year, but we’ll consider it that more closely in like 21-28 days or so–has been INSANE.  And it’s gone. So, so quickly. It certainly has. I feel like I started my semester, blinked, and now it’s done. That was, like, a 16 week long blink where five million and one things happened. Bad things, good thing, in-between things. Lots of things have happened.

It’s definitely been one of our most exciting (in all the ways) semesters. Absolutely, especially for AJA finishing up her first semester of NURSING SCHOOL!!! (It’s impressive, and I’m really proud of her for surviving, succeeding (I have one more test, do not jinx me! I’m knocking on wood now.), and enjoying it. But thanks.) I had a fairly normal semester (it was not “normal” lol… you had some very interesting classes featuring a very interesting set of humans 😉 and had to deal with TWO nursing students in your house), but it was still fun, and I learned a lot.

Overally, it’s been a time of growth and there’s a lot to be thankful for, even if it’s been busy, hectic, sad, and stressful. Which, while it isn’t fun to deal with, is when most of the growth comes, but there were also some adventures and good times to hopefully make keeping on feel worth it and give high hopes for semester break and the new semester to come. It’s going to be a wild, messy, unpredictable ride. Always is, but maybe next semester will at least have SOME breathing room and hopefully more posting room. 😉

Keep your lollipops sharp and your pencils sweet! 🙂 ;P 😉 😀 O.o ❤
Drive safely ❤

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Sick Days :/

Hey, y’all! It’s ACG here tonight. AJA isn’t here because she’s been home sick all day. (Don’t worry; I’m not failing as a best friend or anything. C has been taking care of her like a good boyfriend.)

That being said, it’s just us tonight, and I wanted to let y’all know that everyone is okay, AJA will get better, and we’ll hopefully be back next week!

Keep your plants on ice and your heads high. ❤ 🙂 ;P 😉 😀 O.o

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Hello, all internet turkeys (and pigs)! Hey, y’all!

So, here in America we celebrate this day called Thanksgiving, and it’s a day that supposedly originated from pilgrims not knowing how to grow food in their new land (that’s true, we clueless white people were very clueless and often racist ) so there were some very kind Native Americans that did know how to grow food to help them out by sharing a meal all as one big group (this meal did not happen, p. sure, but maybe it did, so let’s pretend it did anyway). Today, though, this meal has become a family time to eat certain foods (like turkeys and pigs–sorry, friends) and spend time together (and watch football, but all in the name of thankfulness).


Today, we want to spend some time telling y’all what the day is really about, though, which is things we are thankful for and spending some time thinking about those things.

So, here’s a list, dudes:



  1. Reunions with friends (like with our friend K who has moved off for school not too long ago; thankfully getting together with her is like picking up right where we left off).
  2. Late nights with friends doing a number of random things (YouTube videos, mouse chasing, horror movies, espresso making, etc.) and probably not knowing what on earth we were doing but trying anyway.
  3. This blog, duh. Even though this year has had it’s difficulties with us being able to post together. I love this blog and all it represents and I know ACG does too. AMEN
  4. Chances to grow and do more “grown up” things, both as friends and by ourselves. Learning who we are and how we fit into this world around us is an experience that occasionally hurts but I am so thankful to have.
  5. On a super serious note, recovering and healing from some dark times, for having best friends who help you grow from pain and keep fighting on bad days.
  6. Family, particularly my brother that lets me call him a schmiegel (based on the villians in a horror movie) and offers to beat people up to protect me (or AJA) at the drop of a hat (and totally could because he’s strong enough to crush a man with his pinkie).
  7. Second (& third) families. The families that aren’t biologically related but still claim you, take care of you, and help you become your best.
  8. Late night (or middle of the afternoon) conversations with AJA about life, liberty, and all the things we don’t actually have time to talk about on a regular basis. (Also things that may sound like dumb questions but we entertain and talk about anyway, since everyone needs [at least] a friend like that in their life.) (Strangely enough, I was thankful for this one last year, too, although I’m not entirely sure why. ;P)
  9. Learning lots of things from traditional education things to things about each other and ourselves, new experiences (something I’m becoming more thankful for each year), and new ways of thinking.
  10. Things falling into place how they’re supposed to. They may not have always made sense at first, and not everything is perfect or anywhere close to smooth. But things are becoming what they were always supposed to be, and with that comes the knowledge that life happens in some pretty mysterious ways that end up being the best for everyone. That’s true ❤ so grateful for the fact things do always go the way they ought to in the end.


Keep your cornucopia close and your heart closer! ❤ ;P 🙂 😀 😉 O.o
Drive safely ❤

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After Effects

Hey y’all! It’s still just ACG here again tonight. AJA is still dealing with the after effects of what’s happened with her grandmother, so she’s not with us tonight.

We plan to be back next week, so keep your mice in the pool and your feathers in the freezer! ❤ 😉 😛 🙂 😀 O.o

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Hard Times

Hey y’all! It’s ACG here and I just wanted to let y’all know what’s kind of been going on in our lives. AJA’s grandmother is really sick right now and so that’s why we’re not both on tonight is because her and C are at her grandmother’s house with her. I know all of our thoughts and heart to going out to AJA and her family right now as they face down sickness and loss.

Keep your lives close and your loved ones closer!  ❤ 🙂 :/ ;P 😉 😀

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Gaining Time with Friends

Hey, y’all! Hi!
AJA and I have had a pretty great day, even though we were only together for probably 10% of it. It was amazing, despite not being together much. For different reasons. Lots of reasons. Time oriented, people oriented reasons.

I spent time with C because this marks 1 year of us admitting we might at least like tolerate each other and ACG got some family time and some productivity time. All of this to say: time is important. So, why does it change? The productivity was limited, but in my defense my computer battery was dying. As to why time changes? Some old smart guy decided that was the best way to do things and then a group of more old smart guys agreed. Thus, we now have this thing called “Daylight Savings Time” (unless you live in certain places like Hawaii or Arizona in the United States). Those obnoxious smart old dudes. @) OH well, at least we get an extra hour for now. 😉

Another great thing that happened today is we got to see our friend, K! The other most significant member of our party 😉 (ha…haha…. Hamilton reference lol It was a truly beautiful reference. I’m proud of you. For knowing the musical I introduced you to? 😉 But thanks, lol). 

(I know this post is a trainwreck, I’m in a sleep-deprived, post-clinicals, anniversary and pain endorphin highs state of mind, so I’m like a little extra giggly tonight @) I don’t know that it’s a trainwreck, maybe just touching on a couple more subtopics than we planned. ;P)

But really, seeing K was amazing. It had been a while (that’s what happens when you move 3 hours away), and she’s the kind of friend that you don’t realize just how much you’ve missed her until you’re picking right back up where you left off and there’s too much to say before time runs out. That’s true! Really… She is that kind of friend, that everything falls into place when she’s back but unfortunately, she has to leave again soon after. Yeah, that part stinks, but the good news is that Thanksgiving is coming up so we get a chance to see her for a bit longer then, and it’ll be great!


Keep your shoes high and your apples in the dryer! ❤ 🙂 ;P 😉 😀 O.o
Drive safely, dudes! ❤

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Fantastic Fours

Happy birthday to us. Happy birthday to us… Hey, y’all! I mean, I was just gonna be like “happy birthday to a variety of people as well as this blog,” but ACG had to go write a whole song and show me up. ;P 🙂 Ahem.

If you haven’t gathered, this weekend is somewhere in the celebratory time frame of when we started this blog. Oh, ya know, as juniors in high school–4 whole years ago. What the mess?!? I’m not even sure what happened, but it’s absolutely ridiculous. It’s been 4 years since we started posting our nonsense on the internet, and loving every second of it. Oh, ACG–no wonder you never truly had an emo phase 😉 ;P. @) You’re eternally optimistic. But that’s not a bad thing. Of course, we love you guys, but there have been downs to balance the ups. More recently too many posts that are quick to let you know we are thinking of you. Or in the past posts that are laced with frustration at life. But it’s amazing, isn’t it? It’s definitely amazing. 😀

Four years? That’s…quite the time. We have survived four years and so many challenges. From junior years light and silly freedom as high schoolers to senior year and its emotional trauma to starting college with me moving away for a year to redefining our friend group as well as starting the depth of our curriculums and degree plans. We’ve both suffered losses and seen our family members face serious challenges. Wow. It kind of goes to show you that if you stick around long enough, you never know where you’ll be. Which as someone who has struggled to see the point in sticking around at times, knowing that there have been so many life changing moments is comforting because it proves that you’re never stuck in a situation forever. There is always, always change, but there is also always love and the best things? They will survive, no matter what form they take on.

Okay, sorry. I got sentimental. #) Sentimental is great. I feel the same way, though not as in quite so elegant words, so I’ll go with what AJA has already said and agree wholeheartedly.

Of course, if you’ve been with us for any length of time, you know that we have a yearly tradition to commemorate the birth of our blog together. We carve a pumpkin together and then post the results for y’all to see!  This year, we included my boyfriend C in that process and oh how exciting it is to have a boy’s point of view. Oh my my my……… @) ❤ Exciting, dangerous, match-consuming, whatever word you’d like to use. I was intrigued but also watching carefully.


Normally, we carve our pumpkin into a theme. This year we still carved a pumpkin, but our theme was a little different. That’s not to say we didn’t toss around theme ideas like “Twilight” and “horror movies.” Ultimately though, when cleaning the inside of our “Jumbo Pumpkin” was far too difficult, C had an idea. We did toss those around, and those would have all been cool, too, but I think that this was definitely the most…adventurous pumpkin we’ve ever done.  The idea was pretty simple: why scrape out what you can burn out?

So, that’s…exactly what we did. Well, tried to do. To ACG’s families loss, C went through two boxes of matches trying to burn it (to be fair, we rarely use matches. They had probably been up there at least a year, but we did carve it with flames and other vents to promote the burning. Unfortunately, we mostly got smoke until we aided it with WD40. Which was…not our smartest move. Still, it was a fun Halloween project. It was fun, and we had a certified Pyro with us to keep everything under control. ;P We needed something flammable.


Overall, a very fun fourth birthday to our litle space here and a wonderful time trying to wrestle this year’s pumpkin project (not to mention the pumpkin itself).


Drive safely my aging patience so that you may live a long and full life. ❤
Keep your pies sweet and your potatoes pumpkin. 😉 😛 🙂 😀 ❤ @) O.O


P.S. Please enjoy this image of our burning child. There was supposed to be a video, but alas technical difficulties happen. Just pretend this is a video.




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Until Next Week…

Hey, y’all! So, it’s just ACG tonight. We’ve both had a busy day, and AJA has been running until five minutes before I started typing this post. But we watched a throwback movie together tonight, and I got to use it as schoolwork, so that was fun.

All in all, we’ll see you next week for what is hopefully the most epic post of the year. ;P


Keep your friends close and your ice cream closer! 🙂 😛 😉 😀 O.o ❤

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Cherry Sundaes and Thankful Qualities

Hi, friends! #) Long time, short chats as of late! I miss you! We miss you! But, hi. Hey, y’all! We do miss y’all, and I’m glad we get to be here tonight together.

So, it’s been a bit since we were on together, but longer than that since we did it without focusing on school and what’s going on within it. And while school does affect our lives and makes them absolutely crazy, it’s not the only thing going on, and we shouldn’t forget that. Although school is the cherry on top of my own personal stress sundae! And believe me, the universe forgot to put the hot fudge on it and I don’t like cherries that much, but my stress sundae is basically just plain ice cream and a mess ton of cherries. Ahem. That’s… well, okay…not on topic. We tell y’all about everything, not just school. Like, our friends (who are wonderful absolutely, and it’s great when we get to see them all in one place) and our creativity (which has had to sit out a few rounds because of EVERYTHING ELSE which stinks, but that drought will end) but usually not the terrible things we don’t think are happy but there’s some of that in life too. There is terrible in life, and the universe did forget the hot fudge in quite a few cases. The good news is that while there is terrible, and that should not be hidden, ignored, or belittled in any way, there are moments with friends and those that love us to help make the bad moments better–or at least bearable. And while I’m not dealing with the thick of everything, it hurts me to see everything going on and not able to help more than I am. But we do what we can, and we keep going until we can figure out what else to do.

I don’t think it’s super necessary to get into the details and I don’t think it’s possible to get into nearly all of them, but someone I love a whole lot is very, very sick and every day seems to present a new challenge. Sometimes it seems like she’s herself but others I would not recognize her. This is one of the very disappointing facts of life–sometimes those we love hurt and sometimes they don’t make it and somehow that has to be okay even if it doesn’t feel okay at all, but that combined with the very nature of school has resulted in being far too exhausted to complete some very vital tasks let alone take time to write on our blog, especially since ACG and I do have a lot of personal contact right now gratefully so. I could not make it through this without her or C or the rest of our friend group. To speak for the rest friend group, we’re hurting with you, and we hate seeing you go through everything. There is nowhere else we would rather be. We don’t expect things to feel okay right now, and there is nothing wrong with admitting that they aren’t. ❤ We love you.

A few more things though, despite how bleak life can seem, there is always always always something to be grateful for, and often not even just the normal things we over look like food and safety, but also things like friendship and growth, so here’s a list of things we’re grateful for:

    1. We got to see K last weekend (yay!) and act like it was old times!!! She’s been away at school pursuing her dream career, but it doesn’t mean we don’t miss having her here involved in the plans every day.
    2. We are seeing a lot of each other and still hanging out at ACG’s house a lot, which means cooking yummy food and C and I benefit from talking to Anna’s mom who has been where we are now and also just being around her whole family is honestly a blessing.
    3. We get to do things like go on semi-spontaneous adventures (lol, this was pretty planned but it was still fun!) like trying a new coffee shop with a cool name and strange menu and wandering the mall trying to find a bathroom. (Thank you, C!)
    4. Halloween is coming up which means: costumes, candy, hot chocolate and/or coffee, sweaters (it’s finally cold enough where we’re at to wear appropriate seasonal clothes), face paint, oh and did I forget to mention pumpkins? Specifically, our annual pumpkin carving, the one we–I–get to introduce C to #) (oh yikes) that will celebrate our blog’s 4th birthday and is pretty close to the time that ACG and I really clicked 7 years ago (it was at our school’s ‘fall festival’ after swapping books for a couple weeks true points, this is a great time of year 😉 )!
    5. And speaking of growth, we have been driving ourselves around getting into who knows what for years now (I’ve been riding with people for years now, but that’s also a point to my own personal growth: I finally am not PETRIFIED to drive, even though I’m still not super practiced), but in the past couple months it has finally seemed to feel like it’s falling into place that we are learning how to be little adults that aren’t completely on our own yet but learning how to interact and turn to the support systems we’re creating for ourselves and follow plans we’re making and learning what works best or doesn’t work for us. We still need our parents and real-adults in our lives (as people always do no matter how old), but we’re trying to figure it out and may be getting somewhere. Obviously a lot to work on here, but having the capability to even begin being real humans by ourselves is pretty great.

Drive safely, guys! ❤
Keep your goals close and your friends closer! ❤ 🙂 ;P 😉 😀 O.o

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Thinking of AJA…

Hey y’all! It’s just ACG tonight. AJA and I had a big weekend which was really great and fun, but it has also been stressful for AJA.

That bring said, I know we all hope AJA’s days get less stressful and much better.

Keep your hands on the wheel and your Splenda in the air! ❤ 🙂 ;P 😉 😀 O.o