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Spend It Wisely

Good evening! (Sorta. Most would call it night, but that sounds like a goodbye as opposed to a greeting.) Hello! Currently, I have just come to the realization that this month–the shortest month of the year, February, a month of only twenty-eight lonely days–is receiving an additional day! There is a 29th, which makes this year a leap year! On behalf of my brother and a cool realization, I would like to pass along that this happens on the same four year rotation as presidential elections.  Hey, y’all!

Wait, is that The Reason a leap year happens? So we can have a day to fixate on the stress of putting our country into the hands of one someone who thinks they are capable of controlling it? I have no idea. I thought there was something about the planets and orbits, but that makes more sense than anything else. The electoral college decided that we needed an extra day and that would make us informed voters when we decide to take that step. Not gonna lie, I read that as “take that next step” and I was really confused if we were getting in a relationship with the electoral college, but that’s moderately irrelevant… Honestly, time is a manmade concept, and since time isn’t a thing outside of our own minds……………………….

That means that we are tricked into believing we have an “extra” day to spend “wisely!” Mwahahah! (Why am I laugh diabolically? You’re crazy. 😉 Why is ACG letting me monologue? Because ACG was curious about the monologue…)

It is really just another day. I hope for everyone involved that it is a day full of adventure spent wisely, as well.

An adventure to drive safely through. ❤

Keep your keys in the gelatin and your pepper spray in the salt shakers.
🙂 😀 😛 😉 ❤ :-O 🙂 😀 😉

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Allegiant, Chicken, Effort, and Shirts

Hey, y’all!!! 😀 I have no idea why, but I feel like it has been forever. So, hi, *hugs*, *waves*, etc. ❤ . It’s been like a week… Literally. There is no reason to be so sentimental. I had a moment, and it did feel like a really long time ago. Maybe it was the holiday on Monday or the fact this week was a moderate level of evil. Maybe Monday is the culprit. Oh well, idk, psychology is not my major nor do I know anyone my age that should truly consider pursuing that.

Anyway, life is bleh, food is crazy, and my room has not floated away contrary to popular belief. AJA and I are pretty excited about March 18, 2016… Drumroll please…

ALLEGIANT, THE THIRD DIVERGENT BOOK’S MOVIE, IS GOING TO PREMIERE!!! Really, that is such a big deal because we read those forever ago and now they are going to be movies. Like, all of them. It is insane. I still don’t know if it’s just the one Allegiant movie because I’m too lazy to look it up and I’d heard rumor they were splitting it, but in theory, yes!

Truthfully I want to be more excited than I am, but they butchered Insurgent so badly I think I can’t forgive them. I am trying to be optimistic and hope they will be better this time now that they have had some practice…? Yeah? No, I know. I really am a realist underneath all the sunshine. Maybe it won’t be awful… And maybe pizza will fall from the sky.(ooooooh)

On a different note, I need to do more research about the latest matchmaking method I have heard about. The little bit I have heard from a couple of late night radio DJs is that they send guys shirts to wear around for approximately three days and then the girls smell the shirts to see which pheromones they like better. I have no idea of anything past that, but maybe it will work for someone and I have gotten the ball rolling. Maybe I will do the research and find out this is some scam artist thinking that your mailing address to get you the shirt is the most important thing ever. I do not know; I am just passing this along. This is just a very weird thing to hear and this is the second time I’ve heard it, so… I’m gonna just end this here…

Current motto: “Effort will not fail you.” (I got this used on me today.) Remember that…as you drive safely.

Make chicken your favorite animal, love Colonel Sanders, and Google the teacher and honest student favorite animal story if you do not know what I am referring to. 🙂 😀 😛 😉 😀 ;P ❤

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Elephants and Chauffeurs

Hello! Tonight is the night before the day that we all dread internally. At least, on some level… Single people might be lonely or, at least, sick of all the hubbub, and couples might feel stressed to live up to some impossible standard. The good news: contrary to popular belief, Valentine’s Day is just another twenty-four hours we all want to get through unscathed. So, relax, tell someone you love them, and try not to overthink the whole ordeal. Now that that elephant is out of the room (or at least tightly squeezed into the closet), maybe I’ll let ACG get a word in.

Hey, y’all. I need a chauffeur hat. However, I am not a chauffeur, and I am here now. 🙂 You’d be a good chauffeur probably, ngl. That being said, your hair would probably murder the hat. Probably, for everyone not acquainted with my hair, just know that if it is provoked by anything (including brushes) it turns into a monster of frizz. Pencils have lost before, pretty sure. Not the thing you want to mess with unless you’re super bored in math class. 😉 Apparently in college that is the sign of a creeper, though. I mean, it could be more of if that’s how you meet someone it’s kinda weird. Yeah, yeah. Anyway, the facts that my hair is nuts and turns into the bermuda triangle (in both shape and purpose) when it is cut anywhere near shoulder length were the points of that statement, not meeting someone in college. Good. Because you said the c-word, and I think I’m gonna go be sick now. I did not really mean the c-word (believe me, I did not) but it sort of just happened. It was related to this but not the actual c-part.

Still… 0.0 On that note–and my computer’s poor temperament–I must bid you all a good night and remind you to drive safely, lovestruck or not. ❤

I must remind you to keep your petunias on the roof and your paints in the dishwasher. 😉 😀 🙂 :/ :O 😛 😀 🙂

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Productivity and Pictures

Hello from a lazy Anna with a sore throat and much more productive Anna who is not me! I mean, I’m just assuming ACG is going to tell you hello. Yo. I am only vaguely more productive. (Oh, honey… Don’t even… You’ve been social and productive both.) I played with some “window putty” today that I am pretty sure was playdough. I also sang for over two hours and surprisingly my throat is not sore. Those two things do not make me always more productive than she is. (I meant for the day… Obvs. I’m the one with sticky notes afterall. ;P Whoops…carry on, then.)

AJA and I have a conundrum. Well, we have many, but in relation to absolutely nothing mentioned here, we have our senior pictures and quote due in soon for the yearbook.  There is so much that goes into picking the senior pictures, and quite frankly, it is obnoxious. This problem is mostly over for us really. It was a problem, but our pictures are turned in and our quotes are basically picked. Fine, AJA and I had a conundrum.

You have to have a formal picture. Some people think drape pictures are a must have (which they are not …as a person who likes uniformity, I can see the point of them, but I’m not going to complain). Some think it has to be in a skirt or dress. Some are okay with the fact that it looks vaguely nicer than the other one you picked for your casual.

Basically most people use the casual to express themselves. Sporty people use pictures in their uniform, book nerds (not unlike myself) take pictures with books, or wear an outfit that isn’t exactly “fancy” but speaks on something that they truly love. Some people get told to climb into a tree during their session and end up really loving that picture out of the batch.

I would think every school would do this, but some may not include this last picture. We had to also pick out a baby picture. This one can even be the hardest picture to pick out of all three. Do you pick a formal posed studio infant picture? Do you pick a formal posed studio toddler or below picture? Do you pick a candid? Do you have to be looking at the camera? UGH!!! The possibilities are endless!!! Yeah… I don’t know. This wasn’t that terrible for me? I don’t know why? I think my mom knew exactly which picture she wanted as though that was always the sole purpose of that photo being taken. (I think my mom thought I should care more and be more decisive over my senior year and memories when I asked for help.) *sighs* I love my mom.

Basically senior year brings up more than just the end of an era. It makes you think about an era that came even before you started school…and that’s not cool. But I think (contrary to ACG’s beliefs) that one day it’ll be worth the stress. Maybe. Hopefully. I am sure it will be useful and cool to look back on. That fact does not make me care today, nor does it make me feel like a senior to the point that I feel the need to care. I’m coping by pretending that there is a future that’s better than what she’s expecting, I think. *rolls eyes*

Remember, all photos–like all grades and other numbers–are just a moment of your life and never determine the entirity of it. Also, drive safely (which reminds me: some casuals are taken with cars. This is more particularly a “boy” thing, however. Which is stupid, I almost got one taken with my truck and some of mine are taken with an old truck bed. There was also a witch’s cauldron thing involved in a couple of pictures, as well.)

Always use strings for scissors and keep your tongue in the pool. 🙂 😀 😛 😉 :O