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Left at Home

Hey y’all! It’s just ACG tonight. I’m out of town and was dumb enough to leave my computer at home @) (I thought it was a good idea at the time but then realized I might miss out on certain wonderful things that my computer could do.)

Anyway, I’ll be back by next week, so we’ll talk to y’all then! ❤ 😉 😀 🙂 ;P O.o

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What We Thought…or Never Dared to Imagine

Hey, y’all! Hi! It’s that time of year–no, not Christmas. Not yet. We have approximately 3 months until we are bombarded with plastic santas…in August. 😉 It’s graduation time, which means that bright eyed teenagers are looking at their futures expectantly and quite certainly (or maybe uncertainly, which is far more realistic an outlook) because ACG and I have realized over the past few weeks–nothing goes as you expect in life ever, but it especially doesn’t go as you expected it would at eighteen.

In light of ACG’s not-so-little brother graduating and one of our other younger friends, we’ve been very reminiscent on our high school graduation experience. That is intensified when you realize ACG is starting her last year of college*; our friend K will be graduating in December*; and I am finally settling into the right degree* and returning to a four-year university rather than a two-year college or technical program. (*Barring changes in plan.)

We have been, and it led us to tonight’s topic: The things we thought would happen at 18 and the things we never thought to imagine would happen.

  1. I never thought that I would be okay with leaving high school behind, especially the comfort of seeing my friends every day and living basically just down the road from them. I really struggled with it, but three years later I can’t imagine going back. So much has happened that never could have in high school.
  2. Three years ago, I wanted to start over. I didn’t want to be who I always had been–who I still am. But now, I’m grateful I didn’t ditch my wonderful friends like ACG or this blog. I’m so glad to have grown and changed but to have also kept some pretty amazing things I thought I had to get rid of in order to be happy. You don’t have to start all over to become some new or better. You just have to work on what you have. You just have to make yourself your own.
  3. I thought I was going to be halfway to adult by now. By that I mean that I was going to take the chances to make changes to my personality (with no effort and overnight, mind you) that would have me suddenly involved in at least an extracurricular and making friends that I met up with for lunch  in every class and dating some guy about two years older than I am. That didn’t happen, though. In some ways, that’s a good thing; I needed a chance to grow and accept the fact that I was growing up and it was okay. But I also didn’t make myself branch out quite as much as I could have sometimes, and I wish I had. There’s still time to work on that in myself, though, and I am slowly trying to make myself.
  4. I, too, assumed I would be dating someone. And be a magical adult. To both those things I must say–spoiler alert to the youngsters–TRUE ADULTHOOD IS NOT REALLY ACHIEVABLE. There is only slowly adding in slightly more adult activities and making slightly more rational decisions. That aside. I did have the opportunity to date someone for about a year and a half before this graduation season and period of reflection. What I have learned is that: you can and will have new and different relationships than you had in high school. They will change you just like your high school relationships. And as much as you think you’re both adults so it’s real, they may not last–just like relationships in high school. Another note on high school relationships vs. college: anyone you had feelings for or an awkward relationship with in high school will not matter nearly as much in three years. It’s wild. The people you have in your life right now may not be the people who will always be there, and anyone in your life will always leave you with something–whether that be good memories and fondness or only strength from what you endured. On a positive note: it IS possible to keep friendships very strong–even when two of a three person friend group have lived away at different times.
  5. I never imagined that I would be able to sit down and actually reflect like this. I’ve learned a lot about myself and how to slow down and think about what happened in a situation, how I really felt, and what things actually meant. I was naive about a lot, innocently good-intentioned, not realizing how something that I said or did with nothing but kind purposes could have hurt someone. I didn’t like to stop and analyze things–or make a plan. I was thoughtless, kind of careless at times, and would have never thought that I would be willing to be the one to slow down and try to guide anyone through any emotional spot. I never imagined I would be able to put together a sentence full of any real feelings or wisdom that was my own.
  6. Don’t settle. I don’t mean go get Starbucks over making a cup of coffee at home. I mean, don’t tell yourself you’re not worth the investment in education or that you’re not special or smart enough for what you want to be; don’t tell yourself that what makes you happy doesn’t matter; don’t feel like you have to reduce your needs to be loved, to fit into someone else’s life. You have to take care of that for yourself. Make what you need known. Make what you want known. Know the difference between the two but stand up for both of them. You deserve the life you want. You need to love yourself enough to go after it. You are ultimately the only person on earth who can look out for your best interest 100% of the time, so do it.

Things didn’t go at all like either of us thought they would in the past three years, but looking at this list I think I can say that we’re right where we need to be because of it. I am so grateful that AJA didn’t ditch me or the blog ;), and I cannot agree with #6 more!

Drive safely, y’all. I mean, I know your bright futures in your eyes, but… that’s what sunglasses are for! 😉 ❤
Keep your diplomas open and your feelings buried. ;P ❤ 😉 😀 🙂 O.o

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If Not for a Mom

Hey, y’all! Hi! 🙂

If you live in America (the United States), you’ve probably been bombarded with the fact that tomorrow is Mother’s Day. If you have managed to avoid this information, you might be able to find a rose petal left in your local stores to get for the moms in your life. Because, yes, let’s be honest we ALL have more than one mom.

That isn’t the point of Mother’s Day, though. It’s to honor our amazing mothers (by blood or fate). So we wanted to share with y’all the a few things that our moms have taught us. Alternately, All The Things That Would Not Get Done if Not for a Mom.

  1. The wisdom in organizing a closet. When I was younger my mom had my closet completely color coded, and it helped everyone find things when they were lost. Today, it reminds me that I should probably do a better job of it if I wanted to find my favorite shirt quickly.
  2. How to have fun for very little cost with obscure household items. Potatoes? Both candy and jewelry! Paper bags or mateless socks? A little hot glue, some construction paper, and a marker–literally a five act play.
  3. Being raised by a nurse has some fallbacks (literally the only one I can think of is not being allowed to have a trampoline), but it does come with some nice perks. I’ve learned that a Bandaid, ice pack, and time can heal anything that isn’t falling off your body.
  4. And how would we possibly ever know the first thing about resumes, cards, cover letters, or thank you notes if not for loving mothers (or teachers, I guess 😉 which when female are kind of, basically school moms). Without my mom, I would not know how to remotely be an adult human being.
  5. Just add water! A few nights ago, AJA, our friend K, and I were trying to make pie crust together for the first time by ourselves. When my Mom walked into the room to check on us, she dumped in the rest of the water we had sitting there (already over the recipe amount), beat it a bit, and then got us back on track. It was amazing.
  6. Of course…one of the most important things I know both of our moms have taught us is patience. They both know how to love unconditionally and how to love even when their children are being difficult, even when situations are difficult or scary. And…this patience and strength may be the most practical thing that our moms are still teaching us.

There are many more things that our moms teach us, but we have to stop somewhere. 😉 We all want to sleep sometime, but I am–me too! ;P #)–so grateful for a day that lets us spend some time focusing on the most important women in our lives. Seriously, so grateful for my mom (ditto, I love her mom) and for ACG’s mom as well and just all the mothers that are truly moms and all the women that step up to be moms to children that aren’t their blood.

Drive safely! (Your mom is watching you, you know… 😉 )
Keep your friends close and your moms closer! ❤ 🙂 ;P 😉 😀 O.o

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Howling Friendship

Hey y’all!

It’s ACG again, but this time AJA isn’t here for a very very good reason…


… she’s HOWLING AT THE MOON!!! (Read as: she’s in the process of recovering from last week’s cold and is catching up on some sleep.)

Some more good news for this week is that our friend K is back in town for a little bit, and we haven’t seen her since spring break. All of this is to say that we are STOKED to have her back!!!

Alright, see y’all next week! Keep your pencils fast and your pet rocks furious! ❤ 😉 😀 😉 ;P O.o