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Heart Sweat

Hello! 🙂 Hey, y’all!

Today, we got back to doing something that we started a long time ago and missed more of than we ever meant to, for reasons both within and beyond our control. Today we had our chance to get back to the gym, though, and I’m excited to make it a routine again. Yes, it’s very exciting! Life can have a lot of challenges with keeping routines and often if your routine gets thrown off for a real reason then it’s easy to let good habits fall by the wayside. It is, and I’m sure we’ll face that again. We’ll deal with it as it comes though and do what we can to keep our good habits.

Tonight, we wanted to share some of the goals we have for getting back in the groove of this exercise thing. 🙂 Hopefully, writing out goals will make us more likely to reach them. So, without further ado, in our usual fashion of sharing our goals: A List. 🙂

  1. This one is kind of small, but I want to be able to do at least a couple of pull ups. I think this one is very reachable, though, so that’s nice.
  2. I want to feel how I felt October 2017, which was really, truly healthy (despite some weird medication reactions). I felt more coordinated than I had felt at any other point in my life when I was being active. I miss feeling “graceful.”
  3. I want to be able to get through a Zumba class without feeling like someone stole my lungs or having to modify most of the moves. I’ve been able to kind of do this before, but I’ve never been at the point I truly would like to be.
  4. Working out provides me with a lot of confidence. So I’m looking forward to that confidence boost. Zumba is basically an uplifting as a dance party with strangers; individual cardio provides a wonderful headspace/escape; and (eventual) strength training will definitely provide a sense of confidence about what I can do.
  5. I want to be able to keep up with the people around me, or at least know that I’m doing what I can to be able to do what I need to do. Sometimes I know that I wouldn’t be able to do something fast enough or well enough to feel like it’s worth trying it. I want to change that entirely.

Overall, we have a LOT of goals that are very personal to us individually. Having a healthy relationship with exercise is super important and will help us to have a more balanced life. I know we both have things we are looking forward to changing and improvements we are looking forward to seeing in ourselves in physical (strength, health) ways as well as mental (confidence, peace) ways.

Absolutely so, and I’m excited to be able to go for these goals with someone that I know has similar goals to my own. It will also give us time to be doing something together that we will both be able to relax (mentally maybe anyway) and just enjoy the time of being together and working towards our goals.

Keep your exercise sharp and your mind purposeful! ❤ 😉 😛 🙂 😀 O.o
Drive safely. ❤

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The Greatest Adventure

Hello, friends and fiends! 😉 Hey, y’all!

Our spring break was this week as we’ve mentioned a couple of times. It’s honestly been so, so very nice! Far better than last spring break for a few reasons, primarily the weather and improved health (on my part) which we are both VERY grateful for because it meant we got to have a couple of adventures. 🙂 Absolutely! The weather was amazing, and the adventures were better. It was a much needed break from school and “normal” life.

The best of the adventures was that we got to go visit K! Uh huh! We got to be the reunited AKA. 🙂 And I have to say, age is treating us all very well! 😉 It was so, so great to be with K for a few days. She also got to show us a bit of where she lives now since fall 2018 she moved away for college. It was great to see where she’s been doing what she loves, but it’s even more exciting to know she is getting closer to coming back to us. I do have to say, though, where she’s living is pretty adorable and fun to explore. It is gorgeous and has some delicious food, haha. 🙂

Honestly, the whole thing was great from time with ACG on the road and some hilarious and dangerous driving patterns of interstate drivers to the great old school slumber party with K. The drivers were INSANE, but the rest of it was great. The time on the road was filled with punch drunk laughter as well as some pretty deep conversations that I wouldn’t trade for the world. The slumber party also had some serious conversations (but we absolutely can’t forget AJA lunging at K pretending to be a feral critter what can I say? I am an absolute party animal! ;P).

It’s crazy to think about how our sleepovers have gone from giggling eighth graders to college aged young women thinking about life, liberty, and the pursuit of true happiness amen. I love these two girls, and I’m so grateful that we’ve made this journey (and spent all of our spring breaks) together. SAME! It was great!

This break was invigorating and I can’t wait to see what the future holds from here. ❤


Drive safely and don’t stop short! ❤
Keep your friends reasonable and your cruise control close! 😛 😉 O.o ❤ 😀

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Changing Breaks

Hi! Hey, y’all!

So, recently, we’ve realized that in life it’s really easy to lose track of things that were once priorities, even things that you care about and that provide you with a lot of joy. For us, one of those things has been writing. Absolutely, and there have been a lot of reasons for why we lost track of it and it fell through the cracks. I looked at my latest document the other day and saw that it had been a month since I even edited the document and it was so surreal, and I had no idea how it happened. I know I’ve started several projects and they slowly drifted away from me as I had school work or various other things happen in my life that took over. I also know that we’re both tired of this feeling.

Fortunately, we can change that, like you should do with anything in life that’s making you unhappy if there’s a way to change it! So, that’s exactly what we’re going to do! With spring break coming up we even have the perfect, school free opportunity to do it, too! There are so many other reasons that spring break will be a really good thing for us, but specifically the chance to just write–and maybe even get together and write–is topping the list of benefits since AJA mentioned that as a real possibility. It’s exciting. ❤ Life is good; change can be good, and I’m thrilled to have spring break to sort some things out and accomplish some progress on fun, personal projects like writing. Oh, and spend time with ACG. (Unfortunately, we won’t get to spend this week with K but we did have a blast doing that this week when our schedules allowed. And, thankfully, ACG and my spring breaks are the same week.)

I mean, spending time together will ultimately be the best part, but the other things fall into place with that. I’m also really glad that our spring breaks didn’t just span three different weeks; that would have been the worst. Only majorly. This is definitely a change that has potential to be AMAZING. 🙂 Agreed.

Keep your breaks safe and your passions fueled! ❤ 🙂 ;P 😉 😀 O.o
So, drive safely (and write often or whatever it is you love to do)! ❤

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The Third Piece

Hey y’all! ACG here tonight, because time springs forward tonight so we need sleep, and we kinda lost track of time earlier.

We lost track of time because of spring break. Not ours, that’s the next week, but because of our friends K’s! She moved off for school, and she came back home this weekend for her spring break. The girl time has been great so far (or we wouldn’t have lost track of time), and I can’t wait to see what the three of us get up to this next week.

Keep your hearts adventurous and your friends lovely! ❤ 😀 😉 😛 🙂 O.o

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Marching on?

Hey y’all! ACG here on this first weekend of MARCH (What on earth?!? It’s supposed to be the middle of January!)

Anyway, I digress. It’s just me tonight because AJA has been crazy busy this week (running like crazy as she always does) and needed tonight to rest and recharge so she won’t feel quite so bad.

Until next time, keep your calendars close and your friends closer. ❤ 🙂 ;P 😉 😀 O.o