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Tech and Time

Hey, y’all! It’s just me tonight because, well, timing stinks. Also, Windows updates can take a while. The latter is AJA’s current problem.

Basically, I have classes and come home still, though I have talked to some more cool people than last post. AJA is making friends and trying coffee places and amazing Parmesan chicken sandwiches from a place that is probably much more popular after football season starts (less than seven days from this moment).

That’s all I’ve got tonight, and we will be back next week with more to say and both halves of this stretched thin whole.

Keep your books in the oven and your cakes in the sky. 🙂 😀 😉 😛 O.o ❤

Since I’m on the phone with her currently, AJA says, and I quote, “Technology is stupid. Drive safely.

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200 miles and the life with a head…

Hey, y’all!!! Greetings from a place 200+ miles below where this blog began(and still has a presence). That whole concept is nuts, but very important. I can only ever say hi from about 45 minutes from where this blog began, so let’s hear from the adventurer first, shall we? Yikes. Way to put me on the spot.

Since Thursday, my life has been flipped on its literal head. Yes, so flipped that it now has a literal head. Anyway, move in and “Welcome Weekend” has been fun but I am super sore. I’ve gone to some weird parties, got some weird information, and met some weird (but super awesome) people. So, yeah.  That’s my life right now. On to more homegrown adventures…

While AJA has just been getting information and making tons of awesome friends, I started classes on Wednesday. I have been to all but one of them once, and have more than likely  talked to less people than she is probably already considering friends, since she is such a party-mixer-chick now. 😛 Seriously, though, if anyone wanted to know who the butterfly is…*points in the general direction south that I am not positive I know anyway*.  I have a new five subject notebook, and have figured out where I want to park I think. Today I gave my family a backseat tour of the places I’ve been going so far. It’s been bigger than our tiny high school, but I haven’t curled into a psychotic ball in the corner from the culture shock yet. I may be a butterfly, but that doesn’t mean if one of us gets to have a nervous breakdown, it shouldn’t be me first since I am the one living with a stranger I’m uncertain how to interact with. (Teasing… but arguing because we all know it’s true. Yeah, yeah ;P I’m just pointing out that it isn’t as shocking so far as I’ve been warned it’s supposed to be.)

Fun question for first time freshmen out there like ourselves: how many of your profs or the adults you’re interacting with have said a dirty word in the first twenty minutes you’ve been interacting with them because for me it’s…90% of them. That seems pretty light. If I do the math in my head it’s not, because really I’m thinking 4 of 6 professors have, but still. I do second the question, though!

So there you have it, our lives and attempts to find a niche. Hopefully I will lose the invisibility cloak soon and AJA’s classes have a smooth liftoff on Monday morning. Keep your books in the sauna and your dog in the backpack. 🙂 😀 :/ ❤ 😉 😛 😉 O.o ;P

As always, drive safely into new adventures.

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A Platonic Love Letter To My Soul Sister/Sister Queen

Today is the last Saturday I, AJA, will be posting from my favorite cushion in my living room. 

It’s mid August, which means colleges and universities all over the country are about to begin classes and move-in. 

By this time next week, ACG and I both will have started a new chapter in our lives.

I’m excited but scared because this will be the first time in a very long time I will not have my other half within a couple miles from me at the most. I’m trying not to think about that. I’m trying not to think about how much I’m going to miss ACG. But I can’t help it.

All I can think about is how much I’m going to miss her and how much I wish sometimes that we weren’t a yin-yang duo but identical copies, although that would be terribly boring. So, I understand why we are traveling different paths, but it doesn’t make the hurt of separation any less. 

All of this to say, I want to write ACG a letter publicly about this transition that is most definitely not a goodbye.


Dear ACG,

You are one the most special people on this planet. When I walk into a room, I am immediately searching for you because I know that no matter what, you aren’t going to let me–or anyone–get hurt. You do what’s right most of the time. You protect those you love. You are strong and brave and courageous, so I know you are going to slay at this new adventure. 

Five years ago, I could not have fathomed calling you my best friend. I would not have dreamed that your family would claim me as a part of yours. I had no expectations of graduating from our high school as one of Those Girls who have best friend they are inseparable from. But I wouldn’t change it for the entire world.

I know we have had our differences and our struggles. I know there have been fights and long night and tears and frustration, but we’ve worked through it. We’ve grown. We have a strong bond, not because we are perfect, not because we always get along, but because we were willing to put in the work on the days when it would’ve been easier to walk away. 

This is beginning to sound like a love letter, and it is. I think platonic love letters are highly underrated, so I’m writing one. You are my sister queen. I could not rule a kingdom alone. I could not have slayed my dragons without your hand (or pinkie) reaching for mine during the long nights of battle. And I’m not saying that there aren’t roars and smoke and growls that still plague me, but I know that you are not afraid to help, that you willingly steady my sword when I can’t do it for myself. 

You are a beautiful person inside and out. I envy your confidence. You radiate power and strength. You know what you deserve or, at least, you should because you deserve everything. You are a queen after all. 

I want to tell you that this is all going to be fun and exciting, but I’d be lying. It’s going to hurt. But we aren’t just queens. We’re warriors. We are capable. You are capable of so much greatness. 

You don’t have to know exactly what you’re doing right now. I don’t. I doubt anyone does. So, just breathe. You were made for this. You were gifted with a brilliant mind and deep and complex thoughts. Use them. Take advantage of these new experiences to let your brain free. 

This is hard. This is a transition, but queens are not easily knocked down by change. They stand at the forefront and push for new ideas.

So, I encourage you to stand with me, and with trembling hearts lets embrace this. 

Long live the queens! Long live us! ❤


PS- ACG, if you still wanna post tonight, I am totally game. It’s only right that we post together, if that’s what you desire. 

PPS- I’d say expect a second post, but I don’t know what she’ll say yet. So, until next time, drive safely. ❤


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Looking For July

Happy August! Don’t even… *sighs* Hey, y’all. She says that because July decidedly flew past in a blur of “Where did it go???” and it is quite traumatic. Honestly, I think July wasn’t a month, so much as a day. Amen! So, in honor of that, we’ve composed a list of things that are better than a disappearing July and the quick approach of the c-word (college, for those of you who are unaware shhhhhhhhhh!!!).


    • “Running away” to Rhode Island. It’s gorgeous and the food is amazing.


  • Literally eating five pints of ice cream. (Not all in one sitting or day. Just having five pints reserved for self.)


    • Going on an expedition {to find where July went specifically}.


  • Taking a really nice nap or having a really good cup of coffee with friends (who will probably spend a million years talking).


    • Finding a way to get paid to do really simple things. {An almost-eight-year-old suggested quitting college be that thing.}


  • Making some stellar pancakes (or waffles, if that’s your preference).


    • Waking up to find that Jacob Black or *insert favorite book character here* is real and your best friend (“best friend” heh… that’s funny).


  • Getting a baby or a puppy or a baby kangaroo (that was a wallaby…yikes @ self #whoops) with your best friend and hiding from the rest of the world forever.
    • Going to Alaska. Originally it was going to be for the purpose of the c-word, but now it would just be another must visit state.



Almost ANYTHING is better than losing an entire month of your life. As you can see, these things tend to be the more optimistic, desired things that are better BUT still anything would beat the weird time warp we’ve gone through.


Try not to think too much about the calendar, while driving safely.

Keep your best literary friends in the pages and your legs on the headrests. 🙂 😛 😉 O.o ❤ 😀 :/ ;P 🙂