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First Post, Also Pumpkins

So, you’d think for our first post we’d introduce ourselves and give you our favorite colors, foods, and days of the week, right?
Nope, sorry. We’re just going to talk about pumpkins. Halloween, if you want to be that specific.

More specifically: a pumpkin we designed for science! It was totally for science don’t even argue. Okay, I’m kidding actually it was for–

The Pumpkin Extreme Makeover, for school. The downside is that we couldn’t make it scary, creepy, goblin-y, or ghoul-esque. Our solution? Make our muse a contemporary novel.

Anyone heard of The Fault in Our Stars? Didn’t think so.

ACG, you can’t talk about books that people don’t know about here*. That’s very elitist! But since she’s already mentioned it. We might as well tell you that Thursday night, we carved our muse into a pumpkin as fangirls have done time and time again.

Because most “fangirls”(no one can kill me for not being sure that I can be considered a fangirl.) (Everyone can kill you. I was joking when I suggested it you. You went along with it. Don’t tell me you really just do that much to make me happy.) carve pumpkins about books they like. Or tolerate. No, like is the right word. (She loves it. I swear. In math class, she always–is very strong–quotes it.)  Most just post on social media about it, take selfies with the movie poster (that was one time!), and whatever else they do.

You’ll have to excuse her. She has yet to realize the lengths other fangirls go to show their love and admiration for the thing most dear to them. For a computer tech, Internet Culture is not her thing. So, if by chance you too have carved a book inspired pumpkin, feel free to share it with us. Somehow. On the Internet. Because that’s where we are.

If you have, by all means, keep on truckin’ but I don’t think that’s a common thing. (Lies! I know you crazy fangirls exist!) We digress, our pumpkin features the famous “Okay? Okay,” an infinity sign, a venn diagram, and the “vaguely pedophilic swing set.” It’s a beautiful representation of TFiOS. I’m sure John Green would be proud.

In short, this is how we spent our Thursday afternoon, making the best pumpkin ever. You cannot argue. All arguments are invalid.

She likes our pumpkin. But you can’t blame her. And if you want to try, just look at it. Even if you don’t, you can still look at it.



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*We’re being sarcastic. We’re sarcastic people. We realize this book is pretty popular.