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Payback for the Pre-College Post ;P


So, AJA is gonna be frustrated with me, but to be fair I suggested taking it and giving a “brief tagline/caption” for this picture before I got the idea to do this.

I’m not good at pep talks between the two of us; that is her department fair and square. Therefore, I guess it’s good this isn’t a pep talk. If y’all didn’t know, Thanksgiving was this past Thursday, so I’m going to be thankful for a minute.

I’m so thankful to AJA for dealing with my headspace. We’ve known each other longer than this blog has known us and before the internet knew me at all. I’ve always had thoughts racing ninety miles a minute, and that is best evidenced by the fact that most of the crazier ideas for posts have been something she said and I ran a marathon with. I get grand ideas, and she makes me stop to think. If they aren’t realistic or hurting anything she obliges me, but she keeps me on the ground, too. For that I am so thankful.

I’m not always one to stop and think serious or handle serious well, and she both does and helps make me to practice doing it. There’s so much more to say here, but I am thankful for her making me do the hard things instead of just reigning in all the easy things to talk about.

She’s helped me strengthen my logic and debate skills even if the circumstances weren’t always great behind it. She’s encouraged me to go after things and do things even if it’s just so I have tried for what I want. She continues to prove that she would walk over flaming coals for anyone that has earned her trust and protection. She isn’t perfect, but she’s my best friend.

For these things, I am thankful. The list could go on and on and on, but I’ll stop it here. When we agreed that I was going to post this picture she told me to tell y’all to drive safely. So:

Keep your cornucopias full of blessings and your shoes full of feathers. 🙂 O.O

Drive safely!

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Nacho Cheese and Cookies!

Hey, y’all! It feels like it’s been longer than a week since last Saturday, but it has also flown. Time is trippy. Let’s blame climate change. Agreed. Always blame climate change.

Although our weather has lately been up in the area, some things always stay the same, like the wonderfulness of an Oreo cookie. Oooooh, Oreos. Yes, please.

I have one downside to them. What if I just wanted some crazy flavor? Like, what if I wanted to experiment with something like raspberry caramel? We need an OreoMaker that mixes flavors for us to try! While they have just about every flavor out there in some form or another, I’ve never heard of raspberry caramel, so I agree.

That being said, here are our top five ideas for OreoMaker flavor ideas:

  1. Sweet Potato Oreos could be quite interesting. Sure, they already make pumpkin spice as a fall flavor, but where is the love for sweet potatoes?
  2. Bread Pudding Oreos would be epic if done correctly. It’s already such an interesting dessert; I feel like putting it into the Oreo family would be a very nice addition.
  3. Now, take time to consider something could be delicious or could be horrendous: Nacho Cheese Oreos. The salty and rich flavor of cheese layered between the sweet of the chocolate could be such a…unique combination.
  4. What about maple flavored filling? I think it’d have to be on a golden cookie maybe, but maple is so good that I think it could definitely be doable. Not only doable, I think it would taste really really good.
  5. To end on a less traditionally sweet flavor, what about a Spicy Oreo? An Oreo with a weird kick. I have no idea how this would taste or work, but chocolate and hot spices do get paired together in other creations–why not here?

So there they are, the Annas top five Oreo ideas. I would be excited to try every single one listed, even if I’m vaguely wary of nacho cheese. It could be so good!

Keep your cream in the hat and your plastic in the freezer!

Drive safely ❤

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We’re Writing (about) The Future

Good evening! Tonight we’d like to take you on an adventure to a magical world…a world of the future. Hey, y’all! It’s mystical, magical, and out of this world. This all sounds very vague, and unfortunately that’s because what we will be talking about tonight has not truly come to pass. Yet!  Yes, yet. Hopefully that will change someday, maybe even in the nearer rather than more distant future…

Now most people would say things like flying or self driving cars when thinking about the inventions of the future as we are. We’re talking about, well, not that, because cars are already driving themselves (minus that nasty ethics debate). One pretty rocking invention would be a tablet-to-closet program. If wardrobes could be holographically condensed, organized, and stored within hard drives instead of hangars, imagine how much more floor space places would have. Imagine how much cleaner kids’ rooms would be when all they had to do was “zap” their clothes back into the tablet.

In a similar vein of super technological advances, if it were possible that people could scan something similar to QR codes with a device or implant and receive the information as knowledge in their brain, I feel like that would be super cool. Imagine how interactive that would make museum and historical sights! Or if they were placed on books, suddenly having the knowledge of certain information needed for tests or job performance.

Also along those lines, and pulling straight out of a scifi book, if everyone had a chip in their wrist that kept up with all their stuff. By stuff I’m talking money and driver’s license and those things. Cars could possibly even be made to only recognize the driver’s chips so that you didn’t need a key and people couldn’t steal it.

Technology seems to be the first line of thought for improvement for both of us, but there are so many other things to that could use improvement. However, it is getting late and before we drone on much further, I think it’s time we wrap it up.

So, don’t forget to drive safely, or make sure that your “Vehicle of The Future” is programmed to. ❤ 😉

Keep your chips in potato bags and your clothes in the refrigerator! 😀 😉 😛 ❤ 😉


PS – I, AJA, take full responsibility for the vague Paramore reference. 


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Scientifical Personalities

Hey, y’all! WELCOME. So, we have personalities. As ACG states the obvious.

But really, we took the Myers-Briggs personality test. It wasn’t the real one, but it was labeled that, and we got four letters from it. IT WAS VERY REAL! I WAS TOLD I WAS EMOTIONAL THAT IS VERY REAL THAT IS TRUE AND ACCURATE! IT WINS. I didn’t say it wasn’t real. It wasn’t the real one. IT WAS SCIENTIFICAL. Meaning, it was not the official expensive Myers-Briggs, but it was based on the concept. (I got INFP{the Nurturer}, and therefore don’t get too hung up on the details. I AM AN IFTJ (also apparent the Protector because life is hard and scary and I want to save everyone ever don’t ask me questions) AND IDK WHAT THAT MEANS BUT I WANT TO KNOW WHY IDEK ISN’T ONE BECAUSE IT’S MY REAL TRUE PERSONALITY!)

Also, I feel (get it? because she’s an INFP) like everyone should know that charts and analyses aren’t always 100% because if you look at a chart we are not supposed to get along.  BUT WE ARE THE BESTEST FRIENDS OF EVER!!!

SO WE NOW MUST LEAVE YOU, buuuuut… If you want to check out the site where we took our test and find out your type we took it, here:

Keep your heads on straight and your toes crooked. (Seriously though, it’s cool.) ❤ 😀 😛 😉