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Misaligned Break

It’s SPRING! And…the weather here almost believes that for once. No kidding. Hey, y’all! Not only is it spring, but it’s spring break!!! Well, it’s my spring break. Unfortunately, ACG’s spring break was the week before last and I was not home for it. Shhhhhhhhh, details. However, I am home this week 

However, I am home this week and we have a list of things we’d like to do when our schedules (mainly ACG’s ;)) allow. 

  1. Make waffles for breakfast (or lunch) at least one time because our waffles are a blast to make and delicious to eat.
  2. Yoga…and tennis. Mainly because I’ve recently taken to being active and those are the easiest ways to con ACG into joining me ;). 
  3. Looking at the stars because even if it isn’t school time, AJA is a nerd and takes astronomy this semester. She’s determined to make me physically active and learn about Aristotle. (I’d like to point out that Aristotle is from my philosophy class…and some logic in astronomy… but that’s not the point. ;P) 
  4. Get some practical things done, some plans made for the future, including me finally getting my license…maybe…finally… O.O
  5. More binge watching. Season 3 of 5 is underway, and this week could be key to finishing. (Thank you, Netflix.)

With ACG still having classes this week, that’s a whole lot to get done, but I can’t wait to try and accomplish it all. It’s just school, challenge accepted. 😉 This weekend has already been a great kickstart. 

Keep your dogs in the clouds and your signs on the floor. ❤ 🙂 😛 😉 😀 O.o

Drive safely in all your spring (break) plans! 😉 ❤

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A Belle of a Weekend (Or, We Saw Beauty and the Beast Friday Night)

Hey, y’all! This weekend has been a beautiful magical adventure seen through 3D glasses. Not quite through a magic mirror, but still a beautiful movie. (Also, hi!) If I could get there through a book I would though. (Shh! No one tell her it was “originally” in a book 😉 )

Controversy and haters aside, the movie was great. We got to see it opening day in our own little theatre (had to wait in line to be admitted and everything–the hallway there is sloped for wheelchair access to a fire exit and that was quite a time for an easily-dizzied human). There was a preview for a movie called Coco that looked cute, too.

The storyline was fleshed out a little more (certain details I’d never understood were much more prominent and helped me enjoy the story), and the details were thorough (I’m a sucker for a good detail). Gaston was more subtle but flirty and persistent. Honestly, Gaston was terrifying in this version, which…is sorta because he represents that person who can’t comprehend the word no. LeFou was presented as comic relief but more as a human character than a complete buffoon like the comic relief in the original animated movie. Agreed. His role in the movie worked pretty well overall. Belle recognized that people thought she was different and noticed but wasn’t proud of it. In fact, she appeared to feel like an outsider and was mistreated for being an educated woman, which was heartbreaking to see. It made her a more authentic character. The Beast showed his humanity by being “a guy” about things and being her friend instead of immediately her shy lover (he wasn’t all hands on deck with reading the romances, nor did he automatically assume the love needed to be romantic to save him). Lumiere and Cogsworth (an iconic duo, in my opinion…) were both afraid and comfortable with Beast, doing the right thing by Belle and acting in the roles they always were supposed to fulfil by duty. Belle’s desire for freedom but humility and loyalty to return back to the castle to see Beast was beautiful and touching. The theme of the rose being carried through consistently was nice, too. I did love Beast having a reason to take captive Belle’s father.

Overall, my favorite line (for no solid reason other than it’s one of the lines I love from the many many many beautiful pieces of dialogue) is simple: “Very dark and very dusty.”

I don’t have a true favorite line, but I’ll leave you with a classic line of my own: drive safely. 😉 ❤

Keep your vases in the bedroom and your flip flops in the kitchen. 🙂 ❤ 😀 😉 😛 🙂

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Lessons on a Lazy Weekend

Good evening! Hey, y’all!

Life is full of lessons…and not all of them are that vital to your well being or happen during big moments. Sometimes they happen on a lazy weekend like we’ve had…in the celebration of ACG’s spring break, of course ;). The only thing that would make spring break better is if the colleges lined them up, but that’s another rant. Maybe that can be next week’s post, lol. But for now… We’d like to share with you some of things we’ve learned as of late.


  1. Never doubt the power of a hug. Or good coffee, but ACG drinks more than me, so I’ll stick with the hugs.
  2. Online classes are messed up; sometimes you find out someone who has not responded to any of your group project work is still in your group after weeks but hasn’t responded because of extenuating circumstances.

  3. Not making your bed won’t result in your death…most likely. So, don’t waste your time. 😉 It’s precious and the universe doesn’t know if your comforter is spread smooth.

  4. Binge watching really is fun. Finishing season one of your new favorite TV show is totally worth leaving you with four hours of sleep.

  5. The best plans are the last minutes ones. ❤ Or, at least, that was how this weekend seemed.


Yeah, it was last minute, totally unprepared, and completely a blast. Adventures are great, but so are lazy day weekends. Much better than going to a cold wet baseball game.

Drive safely. ❤

Paint your homework with ostrich eyelashes, and write your canvas in pixels. 🙂 😛 😉 😀 ❤ 🙂 😀 ;P

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Cookie Dough

Hey, y’all!!! Hi. So, the all famous question about cookie dough is the topic of the night: Pillsbury or Toll House brand? As if that’s a question… We both agree it’s Pillsbury.


We do! We also have about three tried and true ways to eat said Pillsbury cookie dough (whether it’s in the tube or the precut squares).



  1. A cookie dough milkshake is the absolute best. I am not talking about a vanilla milkshake with cookie dough chunks, but blended cookie dough with a vanilla base. It is amazing.
  2. Take a glob of cookie dough. Put it in the microwave for around 45 seconds (or until gooey). We’ve used it as a dip before with chips for the salty sweet combination, but by itself is also perfectly fine for the melted method.
  3. This list would not be complete without the classic: straight cookie dough in a spoon. Of course we love this option.





Drive safely, which is done most easily  while drinking a cookie dough milkshake. ❤

Keep your dough in the shower and your loofas in the dryer! 🙂 ;P 😀 😉 O.o ❤ 🙂