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Sick and Sad

ACG and I are both having rough nights. She’s very ill, although neither of us know why. Please keep her in your thoughts, prayers, and such. And I am dealing with some family stuff that is making me a little sad. Hopefully, next week things will return to normal. 

Until then, drive safely. ❤

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This post might sound like it’s been written before, and that’s because ACG is my best friend. But tonight instead of us both getting on and writing about something arbitrary, we took that time to strengthen that bond. I am so grateful and so lucky to have a person like her in my life. She is someone who understands me when no one else does. Or, if she does not understand, will work until she does. I am amazed. I am astounded. I could not ask for anyone better to be my sister queen. I wouldn’t want to anyway. 

Have a great week! Be kind and celebrate your friends, especially your sisters. Oh, and drive safely ❤

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Straight Lines and Serves

Hey, y’all! Hi! So, today we have a story of our adventure instead of a topic to comment on exactly. It was a truly terrific time we had today trying to play tennis. (I worked really hard to fit all those t’s in there! But enough tomfoolery.)

We come from a town that doesn’t really have a lot to do, and today we were going to hang out as we often do 😛. We ended up at the city park (it’s more of city wannabe, tbh), and I had so conveniently remembered tennis racquets. (The weather is also great for January. It’s about seventy degrees this weekend. Hahaha let’s thank the Chinese for making up the myth of climate change so we could enjoy the weather (please note this is a joke) 😉 )

Due to the lovely weather, we did get to use the racquets. Well, sorta. I don’t know that you can call what we did playing tennis. It was totally tennis.  Mostly we didn’t hit the ball and ran around the court while getting shown up by some older dudes. We think they knew each other previously, and they had been practicing. It had been over a year for the two of us, however. Not that we were ever that…skilled. My claim to fame was that I was able to hit it in a straight line by the end. I kinda could serve it. @)

All in all we ended up with black hands, and I was barefoot so I’m sure my feet were filthy. My brother and his friend have been called out for a tennis match in a few months. We’ll keep you informed on how that goes. 😉


Keep your tennis in the winter and your hearts on the court. 😉 ❤ 🙂 😀

Drive safely with the racquets in the back.