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Opportunities and Adventures

Hey, y’all! It’s ACG here again tonight. This time it’s for a really good reason (and one that’s not my fault!).

It’s just me tonight, because AJA just got back from spending a few days on the east coast, and the time shift back has wiped her out. It was a great opportunity that I’m glad she got to take advantage of, even if it did leave me back home by myself. 😥 (I got to spend some quality time with my family, so it all worked out, but she still abandoned me.)

Basically, we may actually both be back to post something about the New Year next week, but just in case we aren’t…

Keep your resolutions adventurous and your grape juice sparkling! 🙂 ;P 😉 😀 O.o ❤

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We Survived! Now, Our Break Agenda…

Good evening, all, and to all: a HAPPY SEMESTER BREAK! Hey, y’all! We’re back!!! Finals and such a crazy schedule are behind us. We hope you all survived to see this post as well.

However, what all this really means is it’s time for another ~break agenda~! 😀 This break is even more involved and including more friends and people than ever. I can’t wait.


  1. We’ve already started this one technically but it’s a HUGE goal for me: finish all the Harry Potter movies! O.O
  2. We’re going to both try and finish the stories that we’re working on before we start our next semester.
  3. SLEEP. No, seriously. Get back into some healthy habits: getting 7 hours or so of sleep, being more active, etc.
  4. There’s a day trip planned with a couple of our really close friends to go to a science activity center and an art museum! 😀
  5. Survive the holidays 😉 as per usual. ❤
  6. Making a gingerbread house from scratch! We just want to be able to say we’ve done it. Who knows, it might could be our Christmas post this year. 😉 (maybe O.O)
  7. Lastly, a star gazing party for us and some of our friends since ACG and I both will have had an astronomy class now. 😉 Although, mine was a bit more useful than hers. 😉


Whatever you decide to do this holiday season, just drive safely. ❤

Keep your trees bright and your wands raised! 😀 😉 😛 ❤ 🙂 O.o

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Twenty One Pilots and Oil

Hey, y’all! So, yesterday I changed the oil in my truck, and AJA to a Twenty One Pilots concert (without me, yes I know it was cruel). 

Anyway, that’s all this time, just wanted to share that fun adventure. 

Keep your hands in the quicksand and the tires on the roof! 🙂 😛 😉 😀 ❤ 

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Battery Life

Hey, y’all! I’m back, and never meant to be gone quite so long, but I’m back now and much more fit company. 😀 SHE LIVES!!! Also, I at least sort of have my affairs worked out.


Both of those things together mean that we were out adventuring today. And of course every adventure has a plot twist. After a day of a cookie and ice cream, a moody fifteen year old, and visiting two different stores to find plastic needles (long story that involves a homemade crossbow target), we discovered ours. Thanks to said moody fifteen year old, when we returned from the second store trip there was little to no battery left in the vehicle.


Parents were called, and that turned into a race between the parents (both of mine vs. ACG’s dad), tracked by GPS on our phones. Her parents won by a hair and brought one of the best inventions ever (a portable generator to jump off vehicles or pump up tires). Thus concludes the adventure of today. We arrived home safely, and I am very thankful to her parents for bringing the generator and my dad for coming and making sure I was okay, too.


That was our adventure, and hopefully everyone had their own adventure for the day! Keep your shoes in the bathtub and your pillows in the cabinet. 😀 ❤ O.o 😛 🙂


Drive safely and, remember, keep your batteries charged! ❤

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200 miles and the life with a head…

Hey, y’all!!! Greetings from a place 200+ miles below where this blog began(and still has a presence). That whole concept is nuts, but very important. I can only ever say hi from about 45 minutes from where this blog began, so let’s hear from the adventurer first, shall we? Yikes. Way to put me on the spot.

Since Thursday, my life has been flipped on its literal head. Yes, so flipped that it now has a literal head. Anyway, move in and “Welcome Weekend” has been fun but I am super sore. I’ve gone to some weird parties, got some weird information, and met some weird (but super awesome) people. So, yeah.  That’s my life right now. On to more homegrown adventures…

While AJA has just been getting information and making tons of awesome friends, I started classes on Wednesday. I have been to all but one of them once, and have more than likely  talked to less people than she is probably already considering friends, since she is such a party-mixer-chick now. 😛 Seriously, though, if anyone wanted to know who the butterfly is…*points in the general direction south that I am not positive I know anyway*.  I have a new five subject notebook, and have figured out where I want to park I think. Today I gave my family a backseat tour of the places I’ve been going so far. It’s been bigger than our tiny high school, but I haven’t curled into a psychotic ball in the corner from the culture shock yet. I may be a butterfly, but that doesn’t mean if one of us gets to have a nervous breakdown, it shouldn’t be me first since I am the one living with a stranger I’m uncertain how to interact with. (Teasing… but arguing because we all know it’s true. Yeah, yeah ;P I’m just pointing out that it isn’t as shocking so far as I’ve been warned it’s supposed to be.)

Fun question for first time freshmen out there like ourselves: how many of your profs or the adults you’re interacting with have said a dirty word in the first twenty minutes you’ve been interacting with them because for me it’s…90% of them. That seems pretty light. If I do the math in my head it’s not, because really I’m thinking 4 of 6 professors have, but still. I do second the question, though!

So there you have it, our lives and attempts to find a niche. Hopefully I will lose the invisibility cloak soon and AJA’s classes have a smooth liftoff on Monday morning. Keep your books in the sauna and your dog in the backpack. 🙂 😀 :/ ❤ 😉 😛 😉 O.o ;P

As always, drive safely into new adventures.

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The Distinct Scent of NYC

Hello. This post is only expected to be slightly longer than the previous few because while we are finally back in our own homes, we are also kinda tired and still adapting to being back home.

Ahem. Yeah, I also was being lame and not cooperating very much. Sorry, but I’m here now. It’s amazing to be back home.

Since we are now Experienced Travelers (that is a huge stretch, but I guess we are Minutely Experienced Travelers now), we can report to you all on some of our many experiences. This week’s experience: The Smell of NYC.

It smells…unique. It definitely doesn’t smell like my neck of the woods, even my town square (as opposed to Times Square). I wouldn’t wish it on anyone particularly, but I would also say it’s something one needs to smell to believe as well.

The conclusion: it stinks.

Here is the literal text I sent my mom:


I have no text about the smell to mi padres. I just happen to know that the hospital thing was mostly my doing because I kept smelling hospital. And as a completely unrelated side note, Central Park was gorgeous.

Basically, I don’t think I could live in the city purely because of the smell. Smh @ NYC..that isn’t my reason but I concur. Rhode Island is much better.

Keep your hospitals in dumpsters and your overnights in the pond. 🙂 😀 😉 😛 :’D ❤ 🙂 😀

Anyway, with all your scent discoveries, I hope you continue to drive safely. ❤