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Post-Graduation Kind Of Early Class Reunion Sleep Over (*Creepy Music*)

Good evening, our dear friends! (That…made me feel like I was welcoming you to a haunted house. Maybe a little bit. Ahem. Anyway.) Hey, y’all! Our weekends have been chock full recently, but this time it really is Saturday. Honestly, it feels so strange, even if it’s only really been one weekend where we had to schedule a post. This weekend it was mostly just our Friday that had adventure all in it.


See, we had a party to go to. It wasn’t a dance party or anything, and it actually felt more like a strange graduate shower…? We got cool but strangely domestic gifts. Towels and hangers, soap and tissues–all very useful items and much more lovely than I’m making them sound by listing them in such a way. There was also pens and binders with paper already in them.


Because of the intriguing nature of this party, we thought we’d share with you all some things we learned from a Post-Graduation Kind Of Early Class Reunion Sleep Over (I don’t know what I’m doing, tbh).

  1. Life happens to everyone, and boys seem to be at the top of the list.
  2. You CAN talk a topic to death, even if it’s a topic that would generally be enjoyed by most of the parties present.
  3. Not everyone watches movies the same way. Some like to sit quietly and actually watch intently.
  4. There are more collectible toys than one would think is possible.
  5. Disney can actually be life.
  6. But people you don’t expect might read lots of the same books as you.
  7. Some playing cards have been made especially for the military.
  8. Gluten-free brownies are actually pretty great.


There may have been a couple more minor things we learned, but I think this pretty well covers everything. Keep your hats on toes and your faces in the Jello. 🙂 ;P 😀 :/ ❤ 😉 😛 O.o 🙂

As always, please remember to drive safely in strange lands on strange 800 lane roads.


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Hey, y’all. I would like to say that tonight’s topic is because we have done the two previous movies before this one (technically we’ve only done the second because this blog was not around right after the first ;), but… it is still tradition whoops). It will not be a review, just a bit of commentary on it. As you may know, yesterday was the release of the third Divergent movie, “Allegiant.” The quotes are both grammatical and ironic (in the colocalized use of the word). This movie was definitely…a movie…based (sort of) off a book.  

Being the slight tech geek that I can be from time to time, the future tech and special effects were amazing. In my opinion, they were wasteful and irritating, but I guess they were sorta pretty. The movie in itself was not necessarily bad, it just really did not need to be called the third in the series. It seemed to have become the playdough version of the clay model–being the plot from the book–which means it did not dry as well so when it was moved into the camera, it squished and deformed a bit.

Okay, we disagree entirely because I thought it was a bad movie overall. I mean, it wasn’t awful, but if you hadn’t read the series to understand why a few things happened I can’t imagine it made a ton of sense, even if you had read the book it didn’t make a ton of sense. I wish I were an objective viewer, though. I’m pretty sure I’m bias. I don’t know. My feelings were hurt. I was disappointed. I don’t know why they’re prolonging the end of the series. I don’t understand that part either. They could’ve ended it on this movie. Easily. I keep going back and forth on how I feel about it when I separate it from the books or compare it to them. As a fan of more than just the series and ultimately the writer behind the series, I’m grateful that this is happening for Veronica Roth’s sake and the fact it gets the concept of the work to to other people (and encourages them to read the actual books), but personally I wish there weren’t movies at all to wreck this amazing series.

My sense of details is not strong enough to be a good person to really give an opinion because a lot of it is based on the fact that it was pretty (sorta) and the graphics were high quality (like basically all movies are now, but still). I will share my favorite quote, though. It is from Christina: “Keep your hands to yourself or I will throw you out.” They were about to take off in basically a helicopter. It was very her and very amusing. The first movie stuck to the plot line pretty well (well, kinda well–Uriah, Lynn, and Marlene have been missing the entire time), and as a reader of the series, I wish the trend would have been continued. Uriah is a whole other can of worms I try not to think about, though.

Remember when escaping from a bizarre airport turned research lab to drive safely. ❤

Keep your hands, feet, and all objects in the vehicle at all times and your toes in the air like you just do not care. 😀 🙂 ❤ 😉 😛 :O :/ 😦 -_- ;P

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Four, YALL, Now

Hey, y’all! ACG here. AJA is en route back to her home from some convention thing (YALL fest, and I really think it’s cool) just before we leave on our trip as a class. Quite frankly, we’re both terrified and a bit nervous, and I’m not sure how next week will go. So if we don’t get back to you in a week, check back the next week. Just in case, HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Anyway, I have to be up at some 4 o’clock hour so I’m going to attempt sleep now.

Keep your head on the ground and your toes in a jar. 🙂 😀 😛 😉 :’D 😥 ❤

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Throw it back ten years…(bonus points if you get the reference)

Werewolves. That’s all I have to say about it. (Not really, though. Hey, y’all! I just needed to get that out there.)

Hot-headed, over protective, moon maniacs, she means. Ahem. (Shut up, they’re not all bad.)

It’s throwback time. Tonight, we will raise the age old question: vampires or werewolves? *waggles eyebrows as if that’s a thing actual people do* We know my opinion, so let’s get AJA’s out here before we discuss the real pros and cons.

Back in the early days of my discovery of werewolves and vamps, I’d have totally been a crazy, Jacob fangirl. However, today… I must say vampires slay.

To be fair, the weres I’m talking about aren’t completely from Twilight.
One of my main reasons that I like them better is kind of because I already have cold fingertips 94% of the time anyway and don’t have the desire to forever like cold people…? If that makes sense?
There are also all the other cool things about them. They’re strong, protective (they care deeply *cough* overly so *cough*), and they live in packs to stay healthy. There’s always someone else close to you because pack is family.

Basically, the notion of vampires is deeply romantic…and a little sensual, but that’s beside the point. Ahem. It all depends on the vampire’s lifestyle as to how they would be in a relationship. While vamps get a rep for being “cold” (I meant literally cold ^ up there) and “soulless,” it truly depends on the mythology behind your vampires. There are vampires that seek to retain humanity, those who are totally monstrous, and even a few who walk a line between the two. My argument behind this would be that, vampires–if you so choose to believe they retain their souls–are deeply tortured, which is problematically associated with being attractive. So, there’s that. Also, I just really want to have my blood drained, okay?!? Is that too much to ask?!?

“You wouldn’t have to change for me, Bella…” “Flesh, and blood, and warmth…” Okay, I’m done quoting.

Technically Edward didn’t want to change her. Bella and I connect on that level in the wanting to be changed. Like, real talk if she could have Jake and be a vamp, I’m not sure that wouldn’t’ve happened.

Yeah, idk, I like my blood in my body for the most part. Call me crazy, I just think it’s nicer in there. 🙂 😀 😉 😛 O.o ❤

Anyway, whatever side you choose, make sure to drive safely…because neither of these “creatures” are likely to do so, being relatively invincible and all.

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Fangers, Spring Showers, and Productivity…:D

Welcome to the most disturbing, terrifying topic we have discussed on this blog: returning to school after spring break. Yes, it is true! We’re here to express our sympathy to everyone who has had to deal with it or is alongside us dreading the experience ourselves. Or those who are working and wish they had a spring break to have to dread the end of.

The worst part I think is that 2015 has been a snowball running kind of year already. I mean, it’s almost April! What is even going on with time?!? The year is literally approaching being a fourth over(3 days) with every tick of the clock. So, of course, spring break has lasted no time hardly in my mind. (Double negative if we’re getting in the spirit…I think it is, at least…maybe. Sorta. *ducks head* never mind, ignore me. It’s okay you just want to embarrass me. I know how it is with you. Of course.)

Basically, I’m beyond confused about time’s function in our lives at this point and I don’t want to go back to school. So why don’t we just not and say we don’t have to!? 😀 😀 😀

I like that idea. We can read, write, and whatnot FOREVER!

Agreed. So, there you have it according to the Annazzz you never have to go back to school again. The End.

Well, this was a lovely decision. Look at us being all productive! I’m proud!

All you vampires out there, remember that pointing with your fangers isn’t nice! Use your noses instead. 😀 🙂 😛 :O 😉

When you do actually go to school again (assuming you were on break and realize this whole post has been a joke), drive safely.

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Winning The Hunger Games with The Annas

I’m going to jump right in. This week, in honor of us seeing Mockingjay, we decided to talk about the possibility of us surviving the Hunger Games ourselves, keeping in mind murder is wrong in pretty much every circumstance and our discussion within this post has no bearing on our morals and our standards on the things within real life.

Here I was, just gonna say hi to all the ladies, gentlemen, and surfers (also cats, ferrets, and most importantly dogs…says the girl who was just gonna jump in I’m in a better mood this week. Much. Better. So…stick a sock in it.) of the world… At least she’s better 😀 I’d do a smiley face back but as discussed before, I’m too lame to use emoticons. Also, this is the Hunger Games. No smiling allowed. Unless you’re Effie.

At this point, I assume you’d like to know if either of us–abandoning all previous morals and regard for human life– thinking we’d actually survive and I can answer you in one word: No. I, AJA, would never under any circumstance survive the Hunger Games unless the only obstacle was having to sit very still in one position for a long time while everyone else did the same.

I’m not too sure about myself. I’d like to tell you that I’d be a beast but I’m not very athletic. But what I can say is that if I was going to die within the first…eh, probably twenty tributes, it would be because I tripped and managed to be unconscious then drown or brained myself on the cornucopia after making friends with the muttations. (I’d like to add that I can totally win in a fight with her because I just don’t give up easily. Maybe I would survive. If everyone were ACG, I’d survive.) Basically, I’d be okay but luck would somehow not be on my side. I’d also totally like to say she so can’t  beat me, I don’t even want to start that fight. (The only reason I was forced to surrender last time was that you brained yourself on my head, and I had to check on you. The time we were fighting over the playstation controller messaging him? (I almost hashtagged that “#lowblow” but that just sounded weird. He is to remain unmentioned on this blog ever again. Except now. Because I like my hashtag.) Ohhhh no during Divergent. No I’m pretty sure that your head was hurting and it was not my head, I think it was my chin. I think it was also because I didn’t need to have to explain to my parents where I got bruises, whereas in the Hunger Games, they’d understand a few bruises.) But if we were in there and she started spouting stuff like that, my barber knife is sooo coming out and into her neck. Yeah, yeah. Big bark, small mouth. Literally, but remember who’s got the purple belt (and hasn’t been to karate in a year? almost? not quite, but pretty close.)? And my first reaction is basically hit first, ask later? Okay. You should also remember that I make most guys twice my size wince in pain with a not-for-self-defense hit. Whatever. Just know that I’d definitely get in the cute but protective initiate’s good graces and have a not-so-secret-since-anything-scandal-worthy-is-televised wedding and see if that worked for me because, hey, if we’re in love why should the Hunger Games (Quarter Quell or not) stop us? Ah, but Katniss wasn’t doing out of romantic love at least not at first. And who’s the one who can stand being touched and doesn’t like being helped because I feel like I owe people things that I don’t have? *points thumbs at self* *becomes biggest narcissist in all of human history* *make that: becomes biggest narcissist in all of Greek mythology* *becomes such a narcissist Narciss loses his street cred*

WHO SAID ANYTHING ABOUT KATNISS EVERDEEN!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I am not her, don’t exactly want to be her, and was talking about myself. I just want to get out of the Games and get away from multiple action notations…please. If you can use emoticons, I can (over)use action notation. Is this in the post? I think it is. Even this comment. I think my people will appreciate it.

*Starts humming bit to Yellow Flicker Beat* *Starts singing Yellow Flicker Beat* *Insists you listen to Yellow Flicker Beat if you have not* *Guilds life in Yellow Flicker Beat* *Remembers guilds is a word* I’ll be here all week. The pen lovers and I will stick to appropriate amounts and do what we feel and not mention the song we’re so over-obsessed (needs a hyphen_-_) with even though it’s not Immortals from the Big Hero 6 movie by Fall Out Boys. That song is a-okay. I like Fall Out Boys and look forward to seeing Big Hero 6, but Yellow Flicker Beat is literally (literally and unarguably *eye roll*) the best you cannot change my mind on that, though you can have a different opinion. It’s a song that I think can save lives. Or end them…in excitement! *heart-eye face*

I’m done trying to change your mind about anything. You don’t listen anyway. But I have heard the song, too. Not bashing, just saying it’s not the best (LIAR LIAR LIAR!!!). But I am ACG…my heart-eye face lies with country. She likes no music I like. It’s sad. Our friendship is lying in shambles…just like District 8. SPOILER ALERT!  #whoops.

I like music that you like. I don’t worship music you love. I don’t worship music. I recognize it’s ability to give people the words they need when they don’t have them themselves. Taylor Swift is great, well, I still like her original stuff better because C but anyway, I digress. You like TS as is at this moment more than ever before (She and Ella Yeilch-O’Connor (a.k.a. Lorde are bae.), I don’t prefer her or the genre over others. I’m not gonna say it. Not gonna say it. Not gonna say it.

But I’m not here to argue about music, it’s not going to get anyone anywhere or amuse anyone (it’s pretty amusing honestly). The last word won’t be mine obviously and my people know who they are and support me, silently or not…so *shouts out to anyone listening to the country station on any device* Country must be country wide!!!! Or earth-wide!!!! Country girl can survive!!!! My people are on the right side of music industry, and they can feel the beat in their heart. So thanks for that. *wipes tear* *your empathy towards me increases*

Essentially, I don’t think either of us would survive the Hunger Games because we’re writers(though I can write a wicked torture or fight scene. She can. It’s cool. I’m more of an emotional writer. Grab your tissues, kiddies!) not fighters. We fight with our words and our hearts and our minds and our brillances!

Drink sweet tea, drive with your hearts, and yawn safely!

She means: Drive safely! Because the Internet is a place you can drive. (Ha! As if. If it were, I’d actually get real-world stuff done!)

No I don’t but 😀 okay, goodnight everybody (“Just another American Saturday night” and RTR!

Last word. There! *is Narciss’s offspring*

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Timers, Lists, And Lack Of Emoticons

Twenty-nine, twenty-eight, veintisiete, veintiseis, twenty-five, twenty-four…

ACG is counting if you hadn’t noticed. Backwards, at that. Some might even say she is counting down. Okay, so, that’s what most would say. And counting down is just one of that many things you might do if you are, were, or ever have been an Anna. Don’t forget aspiring to become one! Being at that book thing has made you forgetful. Being at “that book thing” has gotten me officially called “kitten.” (From…? Jennifer Armentrout, duh! Oh, my bad.) Though, that’s not what we’re here to talk about. (Seriously though, dudes and dudettes, it’s been fun.)

What she happened to digress from while talking about her YALL Fest thingy is that we were talking about how counting down is just one way of being a successful-Annaz-worthy-Anna.


So, without further ado, we will present you with a list of things you might do if you are, were, ever have been, or aspire to be an Anna:

  1. Always have Milo’s tea and ice cream sundaes on hand. Cherries, whipped cream, and all the stops included. And Sour Patch Children. You can never forget to add Sour Patch Children to your sundaes. 😉 That actually really makes your teeth hurt, leave them separate. Just take the fun out of everything, why don’t you? (Sour Patch Kids, for you traditional folk. That’s a bonus way of being an Anna: call Sour Patch Kids Sour Patch Children.) 
  2. Play RockBand until you literally can’t talk the next day (or run out of space on your playlist and end up skipping every other song after 35). Oh, and make sure you stay up until the next morning, too. Stay up so late that normal people are going to work while you’re on only song 67/115. And get yelled at because the one with the license has to drive herself at some point and hasn’t slept.
  3. Develop and telepathic connection with your best friend and ACCIDENTALLY wear the same color, style, or shirt without having  ever mentioned what you were doing to start with. Sometimes it’s even weirder than shirt, tbh. But you’ll have to just keep guessing what that even means.
  4. You have a weird relationship with some dude. That sounds a lot weirder than it really is. It really does. Every Annaz-like Anna has a weird relationship with a guy who is not a terrible person (often considered a good person by most everyone else) and wants to or has in the past wanted to date them while you as an Anna only really want to do anything but that. (I apologize for that rambly nature of this point, but if you plan to stick around here any time at all you will find I am a rambly person, especially when tired from being on a trip. Because I’m tired all the time, but this is distractedly tired.)  And I have no more to say to this. Moving on!
  5. Whenever you see numbers counting down in visual form (more than likely on a device called a timer) you start counting down out loud, occasionally switching from English to a language such as Spanish. Of course, you could switch to a language like Swahili. Or Romanian, I guess, since that’s a good language to use for things. We don’t care. As long as you stay good and random in the order of language switching.

So, I think five is sufficient considering–well, I’m not sure, I just think five is a good number. Five is sufficient because… Fifteen is a multiple of five, and you know what Taylor Swift says about fifteen. “In your life you’ll do things greater than writing a post about how to be an Anna… I didn’t know it at fifteen.” That was lame, very lame, AJA. Your left sock is lame! When I’m wearing them, they normally are. I don’t like socks, remember? You don’t? Are you sure? I think you’d like them very much. Well, I don’t like them because they tend to imply that I’m putting on close toed shoes. Socks by themselves are pretty good. *Sigh* In a world of metaphors, I’d take that further, but on this note I must say, tune in next time for a discussion on SOCKS! (Maybe. Probably not. We’re fickle like that.)

Yeah, probably not about socks. But just keep your head on the ground and feet in the clouds. 😀 🙂 ❤

*inserts no emoticons because as pointed out by ACG I am lame*

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You Should Name It in Romanian

Hey, everyone! ACG is back and starting off to tell you that I got a fox! 😀 (and a panda bear, but the fox is still here with me). I, AJA, would be the one with a panda. Well, not currently with the panda but same difference.

Yeah, and because I know everyone’s first question is totally, “Woah! What are their names?” Instead of something absurd like, “How in Alaska did you get a panda and fox?”


I’ll just tell you. My fox is named Vulpe and AJA’s panda is named Grobian. Your next logical questions would be, “Why are they named such bizarre things?” Well, maybe it’s not bizarre if you speak Romanian. At least, Vulpe’s isn’t.

Or, if you’re insanely skilled like AJA was when she first heard his name, you automatically realize the word vulpe means fox, though you think it’s Spanish before I correct you with a nice, “Not quite, it’s actually Romanian.”


And, if you’re still hung up on the fact we have a panda bear and fox, rest assured they came from Dollar General and are very much of the plush stuffed variety. I don’t even know what a real fox eats, or what it says (sorry, couldn’t resist). But real pandas totally eat bamboo, and they speak Chinese, so it’s okay. I’d just need an English to Chinese dictionary, even if Grobian was real. Though, my parents might not have understood me bringing in a live panda bear, so good job, ACG.


Thanks, I guess. Anyway, if you’re wondering “why Romanian” there’s a simple answer. I’m kind of obsessed with Romanian-esque stuff thanks to a book (The Prince of Wolves books by Quinn Loftis, if anyone cares, and remembers that we don’t condone any of the bad things they do or say in them). The men live in Romania and the girls are from America.–I love how the males get to be “men” and the females are only “girls.” I don’t know if Jen would ever take kindly to be called just a “girl.” Excuse me, everyone involved is offended because I forgot the proper term is actually female.–Plus, Romanian is a pretty language.


Anyway, Vulpe’s name is fairly easily explained. Grobian on the other hand does not literally translate to “panda bear.” Partly because Romanian has no word for panda apparently…? Romanian speakers, let me know if there is one. Please, and then introduce us to some cute Romanian guys that speak English please! The other part is because the word “bear” literally translate to “urs” in Romanian. Now, since I am practical user of technology and was doing all of this through Google translate in ACG’s truck(shout out to the trucks and truck drivers of the world!!!!), there were “synonyms” for the word “bear,” or rather for the word “urs” and one of this synonyms was “grobian,” which translate to “coarse.” How that means anything like unto “bear” I am not positive, but I thought it sounded cute and yet had a tough meaning. Ergo, Prince Grobian, the panda.

He’s not officially recognized in our state as a prince, just in her house when he’s with King Illusion, his “daddy.” What are you even talking about? He’s totally a real prince. (Don’t listen to her, Grobian, your highness.)


I’m just saying that the state doesn’t recognize him. More important authorities do(us and the prince of Uruguay (do they have a monarchy? *shrugs* I am barely up to date on our local government affairs. Speaking of which, tune in next week when I host a celebration for the brief lack of campaign ads every. where. She just thinks they’ll stop. Oh, wait. Next we get to decide on a President. Two years though. Two years…we could vote. *hangs head* *hangs self* WE DON’T PROMOTE SUICIDE, OR PRACTICE IT. Right, AJA? Suicide is a very serious manner. And I’m a very not serious person. So, excuse my inappropriate jokes. *cheesy grin and thumbs every dashing book character has nailed* Better? Much. I just wanted to make sure people realize we don’t float that as a solution.) and a select few others who are sworn to secrecy for the prince’s protection) however.


I think the only way to close this pretty-much-a-complete-trainwreck post up is to say that if you must name something, do it in Romanian.

A, Not a trainwreck.

B, Peace, Love, Romanian!

And remember, kids, drive safely! *corny wink*

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First Post, Also Pumpkins

So, you’d think for our first post we’d introduce ourselves and give you our favorite colors, foods, and days of the week, right?
Nope, sorry. We’re just going to talk about pumpkins. Halloween, if you want to be that specific.

More specifically: a pumpkin we designed for science! It was totally for science don’t even argue. Okay, I’m kidding actually it was for–

The Pumpkin Extreme Makeover, for school. The downside is that we couldn’t make it scary, creepy, goblin-y, or ghoul-esque. Our solution? Make our muse a contemporary novel.

Anyone heard of The Fault in Our Stars? Didn’t think so.

ACG, you can’t talk about books that people don’t know about here*. That’s very elitist! But since she’s already mentioned it. We might as well tell you that Thursday night, we carved our muse into a pumpkin as fangirls have done time and time again.

Because most “fangirls”(no one can kill me for not being sure that I can be considered a fangirl.) (Everyone can kill you. I was joking when I suggested it you. You went along with it. Don’t tell me you really just do that much to make me happy.) carve pumpkins about books they like. Or tolerate. No, like is the right word. (She loves it. I swear. In math class, she always–is very strong–quotes it.)  Most just post on social media about it, take selfies with the movie poster (that was one time!), and whatever else they do.

You’ll have to excuse her. She has yet to realize the lengths other fangirls go to show their love and admiration for the thing most dear to them. For a computer tech, Internet Culture is not her thing. So, if by chance you too have carved a book inspired pumpkin, feel free to share it with us. Somehow. On the Internet. Because that’s where we are.

If you have, by all means, keep on truckin’ but I don’t think that’s a common thing. (Lies! I know you crazy fangirls exist!) We digress, our pumpkin features the famous “Okay? Okay,” an infinity sign, a venn diagram, and the “vaguely pedophilic swing set.” It’s a beautiful representation of TFiOS. I’m sure John Green would be proud.

In short, this is how we spent our Thursday afternoon, making the best pumpkin ever. You cannot argue. All arguments are invalid.

She likes our pumpkin. But you can’t blame her. And if you want to try, just look at it. Even if you don’t, you can still look at it.



Featured imagephoto 3 (2)

*We’re being sarcastic. We’re sarcastic people. We realize this book is pretty popular.