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Pumpkin!!! (Happy Birthday to Us)

For this year’s annual pumpkin, we decided to commemorate our friendship and queenliness. 😉 After all, three years of blogging is quite a while. Four whole pumpkins of joy. #) Four pumpkins, three years, and six years of friendship!!! That’s insane in the best way possible. We’ll just let the pumpkins speak for themselves.

Keep your stems on straight and your carvings tasteful! ❤ 🙂 ;P 😀 O.O 😉 O.o

Drive safely and don’t run with your carving knives. 😉 ❤



Also, we started writing Halloween songs while we worked, so here is “O Pumpkin Tree.”


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Sizzling Spooks

Happy Halloween! 🙂 Hey, y’all! I know you may not believe us, but the calendar doesn’t get confused that easily, Halloween really is Monday. She says that because where we’re from, the weather has not quite caught up with what we’re calling this season. Uh, yeah. It is not supposed to be a high of 80 degrees on the last full week of October. No, that is not quite the usual at all, despite what this year seems to be illustrating.

It’s really unnatural. October is supposed to be the month of hot cider and hot chocolate and hot coffee and basically you’re supposed to get a break from all this nonsense of oppressive heat and get to make the decision to bring it into your life. Yeah, it isn’t supposed to be still melting when you get into your vehicle and having to keep the AC on. I should be able to leave it off because of a comfortable temperature or have the heat on even just a little and wear long sleeves to cover the rest.

But, I guess the weather has other ideas for us this year. Maybe it means that we will have a nice, easy winter and nothing crazy will happen. Aw, come on, I’ll be disappointed if there isn’t a few weeks of sweater weather. I didn’t say warm. Besides, sweater weather can start as soon as it sinks below 68. True.

Maybe the roads will stay clear and you can all…drive safely. 😉 ❤

Keep you snow in the freezer and your sweaters in the closet. 😉 ❤ 😀 😛 O.o 🙂

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2 Years, Also Pumpkins!!

Hey, y’all!  Hi! This is a very, very exciting post for us because in four days we will have been posting for exactly 24 months, annnnnnd because: it’s pumpkin time again!!! Even if we don’t get to enter it this year in a competition, we get to create it and celebrate the anniversary of the blog with a pumpkin instead of a bouquet.

As usual, our pumpkin drew inspiration from pop culture. This year we jumped from book to movie to musical, and we chose…(drumroll please) HAMILTON! (As in the musical based off the biography of “the founding father without a father,” Alexander Hamilton.)

Over the summer and early fall, I and ACG became a little…obsessed with that musical, so it seemed perfect for a pumpkin idea. I am obsessed, but it was totally AJA’s fault.

Anyway, without further ado, we proudly present…our pumpkin! (said in the “Be Our Guest” voice)


Quite frankly, I feel like it’s the best pumpkin I’ve ever seen. Is that an exaggeration? Maybe, but it is the best I think we’ve ever done. Agreed. Our last two were okay, but I feel like this one is stellar.

Please give our pumpkin a round of applause, and don’t forget to drive safely.

Keep your guts in the gourd and your Oreos in the coffee cabinet! ❤ 😀 😉 😛 O.o


PS – There were actually two pumpkins. One that ACG and I both carved, the Hamilton pumpkin, and one that ACG did by herself but I think is pretty epic! ❤ So, keep scrolling for ~bonus content~ below.


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College Bees on Halloween

Hello, welcome to the land of the living. They were unalive before? I’m so… I’m so… It’s HALLOWEEN!!! Exactly…the internet is a living beast for one night only. I’ve forgotten every five minutes all day.

Halloween isn’t the only big thing that’s gone on in the past three days. I almost died (okay, not really but it sounds cooler that way)!!! I was afraid she was going to die. She exaggerates. Really, though, it was kind of amazing. Terrifying, you mean.

We were taking a field trip (nearly literally? okay, not really…) with our senior class (be afraid) to take pictures for class stuff. While we were eating lunch, I had a friendly visitor with a yellow and black striped posterior land on my finger. I was holding my second piece of pizza in that hand, as well, and I didn’t get to eat said pizza for a bit. This yellow jacket bee thing crawled around my finger and hand, stayed still for three-ish minutes (it was more like ten thousand), and would’ve stayed longer if the wind had not ripped this poor creature from my finger. While I was glad I could eat my pizza and it no longer tickled, I do sort of feel bad for Mikey. (The thing was on my hand taking its sweet time for probably close to five minutes; we named him. Our son! Okay, that got weird. He obviously was very lonely, though, and needed a parental figure of some sort.)

Displaying IMG_4305.JPG

There it is, the full story. No one was stung, no one died, and the pictures look amazing. (Well, the non-official ones…*shhhhhhhh*) Now, on to the rest of our life and weekend.

Last night we went to a Halloween party as the good cop bad cop of witches. I was an evil sorceress (with amazing makeup thanks to AJA), and AJA was the good witch of the outfit. It was fun, and we went on a hay ride twice. I fought a boy for a water bottle, and got called forty but details… Those two things were unrelated and neither were cool. 😛 I like to fight… *pouty face*

So today we visited a college and they claimed to be great and I like their face. Well, its face. Well…… She looooooooves it. I really like it, too, but she has been in love with it for a long time now. I am excite. I am less excite, but that is mostly because of tiredness currently. I am also fear. Most seniors are at this point though.

Anyway, feed the bees and be an evil queen (or king). Peace!
❤ 🙂 😀 😛 😉 :O :’D

Life has the potential to be very cool, so drive safely. ❤