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The Debate

Hello! 🙂 Hey, y’all!

It’s time to settle The Debate once and for all. What debate, you may ask. Well, ACG–tell them! Left Twix vs Right! No, really, we’re talking about something much more worthwhile than that debate: COFFEE!!! Specifically, which coffee shop is truly superior–Dunkin’ Donuts or Starbucks.

Tonight, we want to give y’all some reasons that we find each of these coffee chains to be either the best or just second place. 😉  So, first up–the Skype or Google or Kleenex of coffee–STARBUCKS.



  1. Starbucks is the go-to place for those that want their coffee just a little more extra than coffee. It can easily be for those that like the idea of coffee but not really the taste.
  2. Starbucks is v. classy and hipster. It’s aesthetically pleasing for your basic chick Instagram posts. I think nearly every female with an IG is guilty of at least one of these, and every female with a camera may be guilty of taking the picture. 😉
  3. CAKE POPS. Enough said. (true.)



  1. Cost effectiveness. Enough said. 😉 (Seriously, Dunkin’s pricing is far, far more affordable for as often as I drink coffee and like to hang out. Plus free refills on non-specialty hot or iced coffee is really hard to beat.)
  2. This might sound a little weird, but I think Dunkin’ is a little more creative. Their seasonal coffee flavors are things like ice cream flavors, Girl Scout cookies, and things of the sort. (I mean, really, who thinks to put Peeps flavoring in coffee?) Starbucks is more classic, but I’m a little too weird for just the classic flavors. (Not arguing because I get your point, but Starbucks will make you just about anything if you ask for it… You’ve just got to use your own creativity and who has time for that when you’re already spending $7 for coffee *shrugs* :/)
  3. Dunkin is more relaxed overall. Just finished working out in an old t-shirt and faded $12 yoga pants? No biggie. Take your sweaty self to Dunkin to fill yourself with carbs and not be judged. (YESSS!) If you’re going to Starbuck post work out, you’re eyeliner should still be on point or your stylish leggings probably should’ve cost about $60. It’s all about the environment you’re seeking out. #)


All in all both places have their pros and both have a little bit of a con, I guess… 😉 And as college students, we tend to go for the cheaper more laid back approach, but Starbucks comes in clutch when we need to feel a little extra fancy or are just really craving a cake pop. True facts! Dunkin’ can also sometimes be easier to have more than just two people at, because there are so many seating varieties, and Starbucks always confuses me about how to sit there.

Keep your caffeine buzzing and your sugar stirring! 🙂 ;P 😉 😀 O.o ❤
All of that to say, drive safely to the coffee shop of your choosing! (It could even be a local one! Imagine that! We have one or two of those we like, but we won’t debate them publicly, I don’t guess. #) ) ❤

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What We Thought…or Never Dared to Imagine

Hey, y’all! Hi! It’s that time of year–no, not Christmas. Not yet. We have approximately 3 months until we are bombarded with plastic santas…in August. 😉 It’s graduation time, which means that bright eyed teenagers are looking at their futures expectantly and quite certainly (or maybe uncertainly, which is far more realistic an outlook) because ACG and I have realized over the past few weeks–nothing goes as you expect in life ever, but it especially doesn’t go as you expected it would at eighteen.

In light of ACG’s not-so-little brother graduating and one of our other younger friends, we’ve been very reminiscent on our high school graduation experience. That is intensified when you realize ACG is starting her last year of college*; our friend K will be graduating in December*; and I am finally settling into the right degree* and returning to a four-year university rather than a two-year college or technical program. (*Barring changes in plan.)

We have been, and it led us to tonight’s topic: The things we thought would happen at 18 and the things we never thought to imagine would happen.

  1. I never thought that I would be okay with leaving high school behind, especially the comfort of seeing my friends every day and living basically just down the road from them. I really struggled with it, but three years later I can’t imagine going back. So much has happened that never could have in high school.
  2. Three years ago, I wanted to start over. I didn’t want to be who I always had been–who I still am. But now, I’m grateful I didn’t ditch my wonderful friends like ACG or this blog. I’m so glad to have grown and changed but to have also kept some pretty amazing things I thought I had to get rid of in order to be happy. You don’t have to start all over to become some new or better. You just have to work on what you have. You just have to make yourself your own.
  3. I thought I was going to be halfway to adult by now. By that I mean that I was going to take the chances to make changes to my personality (with no effort and overnight, mind you) that would have me suddenly involved in at least an extracurricular and making friends that I met up with for lunch  in every class and dating some guy about two years older than I am. That didn’t happen, though. In some ways, that’s a good thing; I needed a chance to grow and accept the fact that I was growing up and it was okay. But I also didn’t make myself branch out quite as much as I could have sometimes, and I wish I had. There’s still time to work on that in myself, though, and I am slowly trying to make myself.
  4. I, too, assumed I would be dating someone. And be a magical adult. To both those things I must say–spoiler alert to the youngsters–TRUE ADULTHOOD IS NOT REALLY ACHIEVABLE. There is only slowly adding in slightly more adult activities and making slightly more rational decisions. That aside. I did have the opportunity to date someone for about a year and a half before this graduation season and period of reflection. What I have learned is that: you can and will have new and different relationships than you had in high school. They will change you just like your high school relationships. And as much as you think you’re both adults so it’s real, they may not last–just like relationships in high school. Another note on high school relationships vs. college: anyone you had feelings for or an awkward relationship with in high school will not matter nearly as much in three years. It’s wild. The people you have in your life right now may not be the people who will always be there, and anyone in your life will always leave you with something–whether that be good memories and fondness or only strength from what you endured. On a positive note: it IS possible to keep friendships very strong–even when two of a three person friend group have lived away at different times.
  5. I never imagined that I would be able to sit down and actually reflect like this. I’ve learned a lot about myself and how to slow down and think about what happened in a situation, how I really felt, and what things actually meant. I was naive about a lot, innocently good-intentioned, not realizing how something that I said or did with nothing but kind purposes could have hurt someone. I didn’t like to stop and analyze things–or make a plan. I was thoughtless, kind of careless at times, and would have never thought that I would be willing to be the one to slow down and try to guide anyone through any emotional spot. I never imagined I would be able to put together a sentence full of any real feelings or wisdom that was my own.
  6. Don’t settle. I don’t mean go get Starbucks over making a cup of coffee at home. I mean, don’t tell yourself you’re not worth the investment in education or that you’re not special or smart enough for what you want to be; don’t tell yourself that what makes you happy doesn’t matter; don’t feel like you have to reduce your needs to be loved, to fit into someone else’s life. You have to take care of that for yourself. Make what you need known. Make what you want known. Know the difference between the two but stand up for both of them. You deserve the life you want. You need to love yourself enough to go after it. You are ultimately the only person on earth who can look out for your best interest 100% of the time, so do it.

Things didn’t go at all like either of us thought they would in the past three years, but looking at this list I think I can say that we’re right where we need to be because of it. I am so grateful that AJA didn’t ditch me or the blog ;), and I cannot agree with #6 more!

Drive safely, y’all. I mean, I know your bright futures in your eyes, but… that’s what sunglasses are for! 😉 ❤
Keep your diplomas open and your feelings buried. ;P ❤ 😉 😀 🙂 O.o

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Hey, y’all! HI! It’s that time of the week, y’all 😉

So, this post may be for just the girls tonight. There are some guys who may make it through (Yes, this is a challenge.), but for the most part I doubt it. Eh, in my experience…guys can handle it. 😉 But, the warning is probably nice.

As you know, this blog is brought to you and powered by estrogen, which means ACG and I both know the wonders of having uteri (uteruses? Dr. Google says either is fine 🙂 ). We really do; it’s truly amazing. Since we know just how obnoxious awesome it can be, we wanted to give some tips to make it even better.


So, here we go…

  1. First, one thing having a uterus has taught me is to be PREPARED for anything, especially pain and messiness(better than any Boy Scout I’ve heard of). I almost always have ibuprofen and tylenol with me (large quantities) and I’m the girl who has at least 3 pads in every single bag I own, just in case my uterus decides to gift me with my period at a random time. Look: it only takes once of being in Birmingham at 13 with your middle school “boyfriend” and getting your period with absolutely nothing to do anything about it. You live, you learn.
  2. One thing I have learned from the whole experience (well, I’m working on it) is to keep track of your own habits. It helps a little bit to know that if you feel ready to bite someone’s head off (or whatever other tells there may be) about the same time every month, you can start doubling up on AJA’s first point. Or you can know so that you make sure you don’t bite said head off; that’s also a good idea.
  3. Almost a component of being prepared is pain management and pain tolerance. See, uteri are finicky creatures. So are their close friends ovaries. All three organs get upset very regularly and when they do, it hurts. ALL OF US. See, my pain tolerance is pretty high because I’ve experienced period pain (and actually ovulation pain) that was bad enough to cause me to black out for several seconds and throw up in the past. Once you’ve endured pain that intense on a regular basis for any reason, you learn strategies to effectively manage it as well as how to tolerate it and still at least semi-function. Over the counter medications + heat therapy + exercise–all are wonderful ways to cope. (PROTIP: if having cramps, try using the row machine at your local gym. It feels amazing to use those muscles.)
  4. This one may come across as super stereotypical, but there’s a reason it’s a classic piece of advice. Chocolate is literally one of the best things to help. (Note: chocolate can ACTUALLY, scientifically relieve pain thanks to opioid receptors and associated endorphins (so next time some dude in your life questions why girls are extra about chocolate just tell them science said it was okay ;).) Our brand of chocolate is typically brownies. Occasionally I really just want sugar in general (more like cookies or cupcakes), but chocolate is pretty much a staple.
  5. Look, as much as I complain about the whole thing. My last tip is to enjoy being a girl. AMEN! What our bodies do is pretty freaking cool. Like, think about it this way–even if you don’t want kids–your body is DESIGNED to GROW an ENTIRE OTHER HUMAN inside of this hysterical, pain-inducing organ, from the singular cell of the other two smaller, temperamental, pain-inducing organs. That’s kind of hilarious if you think about it. Like, I wouldn’t’ve thought to install that feature. 😉 But seriously: it’s unpredictable, comes with some nasty mood swings, and can have a mess ton of pain BUT you get chocolate and the ability to grow a person inside of you so maybe it sort of balances out. Maybe so, and I’m kind of glad I wasn’t put in charge of designing this body, because I definitely wouldn’t have thought to include that spectacular feature either.


There you have it, ladies…and well, at least, C. I know he’ll keep reading I’d be more concerned if he didn’t. 😉 Here’s mine and ACG’s grievances with having uteri as well as a couple of small benefits. ❤ Haha..

It can be a fun, crazy, wild, exhausting ride, but I hope–at least one day–it’s worth it in the end to each of us. Keep your punctuation close and your pads closer. 🙂 ;P ❤ O.o 😀

Drive safely! ❤

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When in Walmart…

Hey, y’all! hi! 🙂

So, if you haven’t noticed, we like to go on adventures. They’re strange adventures, and only rarely intended to be, but we enjoy them after the fact. Many of these adventures take place in a terrifying and fascinating place known as Walmart! O.o They do, and these are some of the few that are intentional. It’s a fun place to hang out seeing as how it’s huge, never closes, and gets so much money from us through groceries and other stuff that we never have to feel bad about going in without the intent to buy anything (even though one of us normally ends up getting something anyway).

Since this is such a fun place to go and hang out with friends (if you have a Walmart and friends to do this with, of course), we wanted to give you a “guide” of sorts on what order to explore this huge place for at least the first time. Uh… I don’t recommend or endorse Walmart as a “hang out,” but if you find yourself in this maze of crazy–at least this way you’ll know what you’re up against lol ;).

  1. First, I suggest starting in the seasonal section. It’s a fun area where there are typically holiday themed items (or if it’s summer cute gear for pools and being outside in crazy heat. You never know what you’ll find to laugh at or spark an idea. (WARNING: be cautious during Valentine’s Day #) Trueeeee)
  2. As I just jokingly said to ACG before realizing how terribly true it is: “Don’t touch the ham you find in the Pioneer Woman (kitchenware) section. And, don’t be misguided by “Party Ware” signs (I totally should have taken a picture of that.)
  3. Whenever possible to convince the boys in your group, take a detour to the makeup section. It’s so much fun, and you can occasionally find epic things like zodiac sign makeup. LIPPPPSSTTIIIICCKKK
  4. Honestly, there is never a bad time to go get inspired by the office and craft supplies. It’s amazing the things you can convince yourself you’ll do (that you never actually will do) at 9PM in Walmart on a Thursday night. #) Absolutely! The notebooks are also just really cute.
  5. Similar to AJA’s last point, don’t write off any section because it seems too boring or weird. With the right friends and open minds, even the pet supplies aisle can be really fun. Also, if your crew likes games, don’t forget the toy section, because it really seems like there are always new games popping up to explore and try!

There you go! We could give you many more, but here are 5 tips for surviving an adventure to Walmart! It’ll go great 😉 Next time you’re looking for something to do remember (or don’t) this suggestion. 😉 It may just be better to go home and go to sleep considering this usually happens when everything else is closed. Ha…haha…. Nah, sleep’s for weirdos.

Drive wreck-less, my dudes! (Joke courtesy of C’s sister…)

Keep your toes on tight and your eyebrows on the edge. ;P 🙂 😀 😉 O.o ❤

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Halfway There (6 Month Review)

Hello, friends, Romans, and countrymen, strolling by! 🙂 Hey, y’all!!!

Tonight is the last night of June, which is the sixth month of the year, which means we have somehow survived half of 2018, although I’m not really sure how anyone has survived any year since 2016. True point. AHEM. Point being. In 6 months, you can learn a LOT, grow a lot, change a lot, and so we thought we might share with you all a few things we’ve learned so far this year.

  1. I learned this before this year, technically, but moreso in the past six months, I have learned that things like exercising and being active do not have to be as awful as I originally thought they were always going to be (meaning that we have started doing things like playing disc golf, finding ways to make the “normal” exercises more fun, and generally getting a system for making it a positive thing).
  2. Balance is key. You cannot constantly deplete yourself and expect to be able to encourage and care for others. I know this is a basic idea, but for a very long time I would think I could support my friends and family while tearing myself apart, which in turn tore them apart and also didn’t allow me to be there for them in full capacity.
  3. Put yourself out there. Do things you aren’t comfortable with. Obviously, don’t do dumb or dangerous things, but do things that might not be what you want to do. Listen when your friends encourage you to be more social (go talk to the guy mmmmhmmm you might even get his IG @)). Let someone know that you care about them. Ask them if they’re okay, even when that seems like a bad question and the answer is going to be no.
  4. You have to remember that your actions and words affect other people and that you need to choose actions and words that are at least not harmful if not beneficial to others. I still struggle with this, but I’m learning. 
  5. Branching out isn’t going to kill anyone. It’s really going to be okay when someone you love finds someone else they want to be around. They’re not going to go away or love you less. Things will change, but they will settle down. A friend group is a group for a reason. If you have one, take advantage of it and cultivate all of the relationships. Don’t focus on what feels like it’s shrinking or fading away, but realize it’s room for growth on all parts.
  6. Apples To Apples is pretty sick. B) You get to know people better than you expected to.Seriously, though. Find people you can be yourself around, that make you laugh, and that are your family because at the end of the day the people you choose and who choose you back? Those are your forever people.


So, to summarize the first 6 months of 2018: we’ve had some rather personal growth and I think we’re both very grateful. Absolutely grateful, both for the experiences and to those around us making us better than the day before. I look forward to seeing where we are in the next 6 months. ❤

Drive safely and remember you’ve made it six more months and that’s something to be excited about.
Keep your calendar in last month and your goals with the stars. ❤ 🙂 ;P O.o 😉 😀

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Hey, y’all!

So, I think I’ve said this for like a month now, but life is crazy! We’re busy; I’m sure you’re busy; I’m sure everyone is going to stay busy. We have finals and studying for them coming up soon so I make no promises to be back next week. (AJA told me right before I got on here that we’d be back once things settled down…like after we had kids.)

All of this being said, we will be back. I may be here by myself again to give y’all nonsense advice, or it may be both of us giving you nonsense advice. 😉

Either way, we love y’all! Keep your feet in many pies and your hair in fifteen kumquats! 😀 😉 O.o ;P ❤ 🙂

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Hey, y’all! HI! 

Although this is a previously referenced topic, I’m not sure if we have ever TRULY expressed the sincerity and relevance of it. Brownies. Must I say more? Like, really, that itself had to have just given you shivers (yikes… shall we keep this PG?). Unless you dislike chocolate or have never had a brownie.

Yesterday afternoon ACG and I made brownies at her home where I declared that I was pretty sure my brownie sexuality had been awakened. I mean, honestly. This is just the biggest appreciation post ever for brownies. That’s true.

Anyway, if you’ve never had a brownie, PLEASE do us–but mainly yourself–a favor and get brownie mix. You don’t even have to bake them (says us, we are not doctors or responsible for any food poisoning cases –eat safely 😉) and eat them with a spoon!!! Or bake them and eat the edge pieces. Your choice. JUST EAT BROWNIES! ❤

Oh, and drive safely. ❤ 

Keep your batter in the bowl and your pitcher in the cabinet 😉 O.O 🙂 😀 ❤ 😛

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Hellooo!!! Hey, y’all! This week we have a ADJECTIVE NOUN to VERB with you. Once you VERB this post, you will VERB what I VERB. I know this has to seem quite ADJECTIVE, but here we VERB. If you can’t guess, we played a game last night that has a similar setup. Something like Pad Dibs or something. ;P


To be honest, this game was not the official Mad Libs company. It was on a fun, little website called, “Mad Takes.” Still, it was all the fun of Mad Libs. I can’t tell y’all how similar or different it was (identical essentially), because I’ve never played the official Mad Libs (a travesty!). What I can tell you, is that it was a blast, and I’d do it again anytime (hehe, you should NOT have said that oh my my my O.O).


If you are ever looking for a laidback party game or something to pass the time, this website is great. Of course, the original Mad Libs is pretty great, too, and is a way I got to know some people at the college I attended last year. It’s a very casual game. I can only imagine how you got to know people that way, it’s not like the words you choose randomly say way too much about you sometimes. I think I learned a thing or two about ACG and our other good friend of six years. Definitely, I think “Love Letter” was the best creation we made for AJA. It was so much fun to throw out random words and have just as much fun reading the finished product. Very much so!


Well, that VERB it, guys. I hope you all VERB this game as much as we do. Remember to VERB ADVERB! ❤

VERB your NOUN in the PLACE and your BODY PART in your NOUN. ❤ ;P 🙂 😀 😉 O.o

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Sweat Soup

Hey, y’all! HELLO! We don’t have much news, but what we do is a HOT topic. 😉 Oh, ACG… Oh my my my.

THE HEAT OF THE SUMMER IS UPON US AS WE APPROACH THE END OF JULY, especially in our region of the nation. Nearly every day this week the weather app on my phone has reminded me to be cautious due to extreme heat. Walking outside has been voluntarily becoming ingredients in sweat soup (contents: sweat, 100% humidity, the probability of skin cancer, and deodorant that lasted .2 seconds; WARNING: may result in spontaneous human combustion). The app said 87 and the real feel portion said 104 one day. That’s insane.

How do we combat this? We have no idea. We’ve just come to accept that it’s hot in the summer; it was hot in the summer in the past, and it will always be hot in the summer. Well, until our impending ice age, BUT FIRST WE MELT!

Stay safe out in the heat, my dudes. Wear your sunscreen, and please wear your deodorant, even if it won’t last. My words of wisdom: stay in the AC, if possible. Yessssss, do that!

Drive safely away from the sun!!!

Keep your heads in the freezer and your feet in the pool! ❤ 😉 😛 🙂 😀 O.o


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Pizza My Heart

Hi! Hey, y’all! Tonight has been inspired by supper. By pure coincidence, we both had pizza for supper, so we thought we might share with you a little bit about our preferred pizza experience. It’s the universal meal: sleepovers, rewards for clubs and teams, and family meals. Basically everybody loves some kind of pizza, and why not give it the place of honor that it’s due.

Of course, there are some Not So Great pizzas out there, so we thought tonight we’d share with you our qualifiers for a good pizza experience.


  1. The sauce must be good, and there must be enough of it.(Sauce texture has to be appropriate. Nothing too chunky. Truuuuue.)

  2. The crust can’t be too thick or too thin. If the flavor gets absorbed by bread, you’re doing it wrong. If you’re eating off a cracker, you’re making a questionable decision. (Handmade is my personal favorite, and I also like when the bottom is toasted and crunchy while the top under the sauce is still a little squishy.)

  3. Closely related, the crust should be able to support the entire structure of the pizza. I don’t want to bring this to friends and eat it in a living room having to use a plate, really, much less a fork. (I think napkins aren’t cool, but I like pizza that would do just as well served on a napkin as a plate.) Napkin opinions differ, but that aside, same. If you want to eat pizza with a fork, be my guest, but it should not be necessary!

  4. The flavor of the cheese on a pizza has to be rather specific. It cannot be too salty, but it has to be at least a little salty.  And, please, for the love of every pizza, do not burn your cheese!!! It should be melted (YES) and thickly layered (ALSO YES), but do not burn it. The way to know it’s done right? Does it stretch? If yes, you’re good. If no, you’re just wrong. 😉

  5. Do not try too hard (as with all things). Pizza is not supposed to be gourmet or frou frou. If I want something that has potential to be in a five star restaurant, I’m probably not going after pizza. Please make something casual and fun. Pizza, after all, is an American food. We all know that Americans really and truly are not known for having the most divine food choices. Please don’t soil that reputation.


Pizza preferences can vary vastly from person to person, but we both stand by these qualities. Although, I guess we won’t shame you for your pizza choices. I know people that have to have them without cheese or like them without sauce, and I can still be in the same room as them. Before we go, though, we wanted to share our favorite part of pizza: the toppings.


I like chicken (and sometimes mushrooms) on my pizza, if given the option. My favorite pizza flavor is Hawaiian, fruit over vegetables any day. ;P Ham and pineapple are musts, but tonight my Hawaiian also had chicken on it O.O (this sounds so good!), so that was interesting.


Keep your pizza on the counter and your heart in the sauce!!! 🙂 ❤ ;P 😀 😉 :O O.o

Drive safely, not distractedly by pizza, even though it is great. ❤