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Hello! Hey, y’all!!! We’re a week into July, which means summer is at its…most intense. Meaning you’re most likely to drown to death walking to your car (especially if you live in the South).  That being said, there are also some very happy and fun things in the summer (she means “heat doom time”).  Some of these things can even help you stay hydrated and keep your taste buds satisfied throughout this time of heatstroke.

One of our personal favorites of this type is watermelon! It’s sticky and sweet and a ton of fun to eat. It’s also very juicy and fresh tasting. It makes you feel less dead even when you’ve already passed out from heating exhaustion seven times in your soul.

Watermelon is great as the fruit itself, but there are also other ways to enjoy this wonderful gift to mankind. We recently found watermelon tea, and I re-found one of my favorite juices in history. Also, there’s a recipe for watermelon/fruit pizza that is amazing, especially if you trade the whipped cream out for cream cheese frosting (I think it’d be just fine with whipped cream, but you have to understand ACG is a weirdo who demands things be organized as well as rejects whipped cream, so :/ there’s no helping her).

Recently we’ve definitely been seeking out all things watermelon, although we haven’t tried the “Watermelon Dress” thing we’ve seen on the internet. No, although when I first saw that, I was really wondering how they made dresses out of watermelon. Then I opened the article. Maybe we can try it out next post. 😉 @)

Keep your seeds in the ground and your rinds in your shoes. 🙂 ;P 😀 😉 ❤ O.o

Also, watermelon is juicy, so if you’re gonna eat and drive, please do so safely. 😉 ❤

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Pizza My Heart

Hi! Hey, y’all! Tonight has been inspired by supper. By pure coincidence, we both had pizza for supper, so we thought we might share with you a little bit about our preferred pizza experience. It’s the universal meal: sleepovers, rewards for clubs and teams, and family meals. Basically everybody loves some kind of pizza, and why not give it the place of honor that it’s due.

Of course, there are some Not So Great pizzas out there, so we thought tonight we’d share with you our qualifiers for a good pizza experience.


  1. The sauce must be good, and there must be enough of it.(Sauce texture has to be appropriate. Nothing too chunky. Truuuuue.)

  2. The crust can’t be too thick or too thin. If the flavor gets absorbed by bread, you’re doing it wrong. If you’re eating off a cracker, you’re making a questionable decision. (Handmade is my personal favorite, and I also like when the bottom is toasted and crunchy while the top under the sauce is still a little squishy.)

  3. Closely related, the crust should be able to support the entire structure of the pizza. I don’t want to bring this to friends and eat it in a living room having to use a plate, really, much less a fork. (I think napkins aren’t cool, but I like pizza that would do just as well served on a napkin as a plate.) Napkin opinions differ, but that aside, same. If you want to eat pizza with a fork, be my guest, but it should not be necessary!

  4. The flavor of the cheese on a pizza has to be rather specific. It cannot be too salty, but it has to be at least a little salty.  And, please, for the love of every pizza, do not burn your cheese!!! It should be melted (YES) and thickly layered (ALSO YES), but do not burn it. The way to know it’s done right? Does it stretch? If yes, you’re good. If no, you’re just wrong. 😉

  5. Do not try too hard (as with all things). Pizza is not supposed to be gourmet or frou frou. If I want something that has potential to be in a five star restaurant, I’m probably not going after pizza. Please make something casual and fun. Pizza, after all, is an American food. We all know that Americans really and truly are not known for having the most divine food choices. Please don’t soil that reputation.


Pizza preferences can vary vastly from person to person, but we both stand by these qualities. Although, I guess we won’t shame you for your pizza choices. I know people that have to have them without cheese or like them without sauce, and I can still be in the same room as them. Before we go, though, we wanted to share our favorite part of pizza: the toppings.


I like chicken (and sometimes mushrooms) on my pizza, if given the option. My favorite pizza flavor is Hawaiian, fruit over vegetables any day. ;P Ham and pineapple are musts, but tonight my Hawaiian also had chicken on it O.O (this sounds so good!), so that was interesting.


Keep your pizza on the counter and your heart in the sauce!!! 🙂 ❤ ;P 😀 😉 :O O.o

Drive safely, not distractedly by pizza, even though it is great. ❤

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An Interesting Concept to Bake at a Later Date


Hello! Hey, y’all!

So, if you didn’t know, we like to bake. Our baking is sort of a tradition. Today, AJA discovered a thing we want to bake soon. They were brownie and cinnamon pot stickers. WITH CREAM CHEESE ICING!!! Ahem. They look very yummy, and this is all thanks to Tastemade on Snapchat. I am mega hype, if you can’t tell. They look delicious, and we will hopefully be trying to do that very soon.

Well, maybe not very very soon. The home stretch of this semester is coming up, and most baking gets done in the summer. However, once they do get made, we’re pretty sure they are going to taste AMAZING! We can certainly hope, and maybe if they’re aesthetic enough we can even share them on this blog ;). 

So, keep your pots in the trunk and your keys in the fridge! ❤ 🙂 😛 😉 😀 O.o

And as always drive safely. ❤

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Nacho Cheese and Cookies!

Hey, y’all! It feels like it’s been longer than a week since last Saturday, but it has also flown. Time is trippy. Let’s blame climate change. Agreed. Always blame climate change.

Although our weather has lately been up in the area, some things always stay the same, like the wonderfulness of an Oreo cookie. Oooooh, Oreos. Yes, please.

I have one downside to them. What if I just wanted some crazy flavor? Like, what if I wanted to experiment with something like raspberry caramel? We need an OreoMaker that mixes flavors for us to try! While they have just about every flavor out there in some form or another, I’ve never heard of raspberry caramel, so I agree.

That being said, here are our top five ideas for OreoMaker flavor ideas:

  1. Sweet Potato Oreos could be quite interesting. Sure, they already make pumpkin spice as a fall flavor, but where is the love for sweet potatoes?
  2. Bread Pudding Oreos would be epic if done correctly. It’s already such an interesting dessert; I feel like putting it into the Oreo family would be a very nice addition.
  3. Now, take time to consider something could be delicious or could be horrendous: Nacho Cheese Oreos. The salty and rich flavor of cheese layered between the sweet of the chocolate could be such a…unique combination.
  4. What about maple flavored filling? I think it’d have to be on a golden cookie maybe, but maple is so good that I think it could definitely be doable. Not only doable, I think it would taste really really good.
  5. To end on a less traditionally sweet flavor, what about a Spicy Oreo? An Oreo with a weird kick. I have no idea how this would taste or work, but chocolate and hot spices do get paired together in other creations–why not here?

So there they are, the Annas top five Oreo ideas. I would be excited to try every single one listed, even if I’m vaguely wary of nacho cheese. It could be so good!

Keep your cream in the hat and your plastic in the freezer!

Drive safely ❤

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Cookie…Cake…Cookie Cake!!!

Hey, y’all! Look who I brought back from the technological dead. 😉 Hi! My computer is…well, it’s pretending to function post-updates. I’m ALSO back from the 200 miles below for the weekend and typing in my own living room again, so that’s really nice. My reason for being back (well, the part that doesn’t have to do with missing my couch and ACG’s face) has had quite an influence on tonight’s topic. SHE TURNED MORE ADULT AND WE HAD TO CELEBRATE!!!! Seriously, though. Happy birthday to AJA (aw, thanks), and I spent her drive back creating the world’s most boxy welcome home statue (she’s truly beautiful). (I was calling it a boxman to play on snowman.) That isn’t the topic, though. Birthday equals celebration equals sweets to celebrate said birthday, and that is the topic. More specifically, tonight we will be discussing the difference between two rival sweets–cookie cake and traditional cake.


I will be taking the side of regular cake. Shout out to the cookie cake lovers! Rep-re-sent!


If this is going to be a logical discussion, well, there isn’t really a lot of logic because this is just straight opinion. (When have we ever been logical on this blog? Still.) However, cookie cake is my favorite because you don’t have to have the plate, fork, and both hands to eat it. I can pick it up like a pizza, and it tastes better, too, personally. I also like the “cake” better than the icing generally and cookie cake normally has less icing.


Regular cake has my heart. I don’t know why. I think it’s because it feels more specifically related to celebratory events than cookie cake. It might also be that I don’t particularly like stiff frosting. Regardless, in my opinion, you cannot go wrong with traditional cake.


There you have it, our reasons for the great cake debate! Keep your icing in the ladle and your love in the heart! ❤ 😉 😀 :O 😛 O.o 🙂


And please drive safely and with both hands, despite the urge to eat a piece of cookie cake with one and a fistful of traditional cake with the other.

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Tech and Time

Hey, y’all! It’s just me tonight because, well, timing stinks. Also, Windows updates can take a while. The latter is AJA’s current problem.

Basically, I have classes and come home still, though I have talked to some more cool people than last post. AJA is making friends and trying coffee places and amazing Parmesan chicken sandwiches from a place that is probably much more popular after football season starts (less than seven days from this moment).

That’s all I’ve got tonight, and we will be back next week with more to say and both halves of this stretched thin whole.

Keep your books in the oven and your cakes in the sky. 🙂 😀 😉 😛 O.o ❤

Since I’m on the phone with her currently, AJA says, and I quote, “Technology is stupid. Drive safely.

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Finding Ice Cream

MINE!!! Mine, mine, mine…my ice cream. Hey, y’all! That was my tribute to both the Finding Dory movie I have not seen and our topic tonight. It just seemed fitting. Okay, but all that did was set up the title of this post to be Finding Ice Cream. Ahem. If that comment didn’t clarify the topic, tonight we will be discussing nothing other than The Most Fabulous Invention Of All Time: ice cream, my true love.

Not that it really matters who made it, seeing as all ice cream is amazing, but for the record: Ben & Jerry’s is to ice cream as Krispy Kreme is to doughnuts. Just sayin’. I say this because they have all these crazy amazing flavors, Half Baked  being my personal go-to. However, a good soft serve or plain vanilla is still needed every now and then, as well. Okay, real talk: the beauty of ice cream is that it can be any flavor, and in my personal opinion the most beautiful flavors feature cheesecake or cream cheese. I can appreciate those as well. Actually, I just have to wholeheartedly agree, because I am not sure there is a way to make ice cream healthy enough that I will not at least try it. ;P Some of the best even have fruit in them. I’m sure somewhere there’s broccoli ice cream–probably horrendous even in my opinion, but it might exist–or there are plenty of “healthy” ice creams that are quite awful. Not that it is awful, but if we are going to mention frozen yogurt, can I say that it rocks, mainly because it is basically flavored soft serve and sometimes that in and of itself is the best kind of ice cream? Mainly because it does not require a spoon, if I am sharing my real favorite reason. (Can we tell that I like soft serve? I wonder how many more times I can casually use the term tonight. Hmm… O.o)

Froyo is not the healthy thing that I’m complaining about. It’s amazing, but usually not terribly more healthy if we’re being honest. #yikes I’m talking about those “no carb” ice creams that taste like cardboard. I have no clue how anyone even manages to stomach the stuff. Good. Gross, but good that froyo is not the accused.


Until next time, keep your frozens in the pool and your toppings in the deep freeze. ❤ 🙂 ;P 😀 :’D O.o

Don’t forget to enjoy a cone every now and then and drive safely. ❤

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Allegiant, Chicken, Effort, and Shirts

Hey, y’all!!! 😀 I have no idea why, but I feel like it has been forever. So, hi, *hugs*, *waves*, etc. ❤ . It’s been like a week… Literally. There is no reason to be so sentimental. I had a moment, and it did feel like a really long time ago. Maybe it was the holiday on Monday or the fact this week was a moderate level of evil. Maybe Monday is the culprit. Oh well, idk, psychology is not my major nor do I know anyone my age that should truly consider pursuing that.

Anyway, life is bleh, food is crazy, and my room has not floated away contrary to popular belief. AJA and I are pretty excited about March 18, 2016… Drumroll please…

ALLEGIANT, THE THIRD DIVERGENT BOOK’S MOVIE, IS GOING TO PREMIERE!!! Really, that is such a big deal because we read those forever ago and now they are going to be movies. Like, all of them. It is insane. I still don’t know if it’s just the one Allegiant movie because I’m too lazy to look it up and I’d heard rumor they were splitting it, but in theory, yes!

Truthfully I want to be more excited than I am, but they butchered Insurgent so badly I think I can’t forgive them. I am trying to be optimistic and hope they will be better this time now that they have had some practice…? Yeah? No, I know. I really am a realist underneath all the sunshine. Maybe it won’t be awful… And maybe pizza will fall from the sky.(ooooooh)

On a different note, I need to do more research about the latest matchmaking method I have heard about. The little bit I have heard from a couple of late night radio DJs is that they send guys shirts to wear around for approximately three days and then the girls smell the shirts to see which pheromones they like better. I have no idea of anything past that, but maybe it will work for someone and I have gotten the ball rolling. Maybe I will do the research and find out this is some scam artist thinking that your mailing address to get you the shirt is the most important thing ever. I do not know; I am just passing this along. This is just a very weird thing to hear and this is the second time I’ve heard it, so… I’m gonna just end this here…

Current motto: “Effort will not fail you.” (I got this used on me today.) Remember that…as you drive safely.

Make chicken your favorite animal, love Colonel Sanders, and Google the teacher and honest student favorite animal story if you do not know what I am referring to. 🙂 😀 😛 😉 😀 ;P ❤

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“You’re gonna want this back…”

Welcome to it is 11:00PM and I have NO clue what is going on presented by The Annazzzzzzz! Hi! We’ve spent our night previous to this talking about experiments with gummy worms and what would happen to the earth if everyone lost weight (okay, we just sort of witnessed the last one, but still) (the answer is: nothing. well, it might affect like some minute detail of our lives but not the earth staying in orbit or anything).

In addition to witnessing a group of girls live up to a stereotype, we witnessed a group of boys trying to entertain themselves on a hayride, which resulted in off key singing (well, on my part) of the Jonas Brothers.  It was a lot of fun. We sang one of the only JB songs I know, and no one fell off. I call that a fun and successful time.

Overall, fall is a great time of year, though it does leave us very busy! Yeah, especially fall of our SENIOR YEAR…(I had to point that out.) *CRIES* Ahem… Now that she’s sang “You’re Gonna Miss This” (am I getting that right? Yes…Trace Adkins) and said THAT, it’s time for me to go.

I’m currently listening to “Drive” by Halsey, so I think it’s time to say, “drive safely!” (I love your punny timing …aw, thanks…) XO

Keep your legs, hands, and all objects inside the vehicle at all times. 🙂 😀 😉 😛 ;P :O :X

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The Seven Deadly Food Sins

Hey, y’all!!! Hola, welcome (do we know the word for that? bienvenidos I knew we did… right… that. I apologize for spelling errors), relax, pull up a chair.Tie a napkin round your neck, cherie (I think that’s how you spell it at least it is).

Anyway, we didn’t intend to debate Spanish or to quote Beauty and The Beast. We’ve most all heard of the seven deadly sins, right? Well, I think most of us have also heard of “sinful foods” so we’re going to take a little liberty to combine the two lists.

Sit back enjoy (and feel all kinds of guilt) thinking about The Seven Deadly Food Sins.

Number One: Chocolate covered Ritz crackers. I haven’t seen them sold in a while but that may be because people were getting addicted and staying on cloud nine too much because of them.

Number Two: Pasta. All kinds of pasta. Specifically, chicken alfredo(YES!!!). But you cannot possibly go wrong with a starch and cheese. When in doubt, pasta.

Number Three: Cake balls. Whether on a stick to form a cake pop or just covered in chocolate on their own, you can’t go wrong (I think I just said that about pasta, but both might be true, I guess 😉 yes but since I’m having to cover the desserts, I can use it once, too) with the delicious treats. ❤

Number Four: Cheese…on/in anything. A dish automatically becomes more delicious and more sinful by adding cheese(normal dishes anything!!!). Cheese can turn broccoli into something terribly unhealthy and amazing. It adds to the savoriness of potatoes. Cheese–make good choices.

Number Five: Hot now Krispy Kreme doughnuts. The original glazed kind, no doubt. They are so fresh and warm and the bread is light and soft while the icing is crumbly and crisp. They aren’t fair when you need to stress self-control. It’s awful. They’re too good.

Number Six: French fries, a food often referred to as “the new cigarette” (I didn’t know that, cool, but YESSSS, french fries) due to their terrible qualities but addictive nature. They are the perfect to side to practically anything. (Bonus: Onion rings, the french fry’s smelly cousin. Less so but they aren’t too bad.)

Number Seven: Now, the food that inspired this whole list and is probably the one we agree about completely and totally even to the degree which it should be illegal: Burger King’s Red Velvet Oreo Milkshake. If you even think you begin to like red velvet stuff or Oreos, or even ice cream, you’ve got to try it. If you live near a Burger King, that is. If not, I’m so sorry, get a cousin or a stranger to ship you one in a freezer box to try.

If this post has not inspired you to raid the fridge, then we have failed. If it’s inspired you to find your own Seven or to create one that would make our list, then we have not failed. So… Do that.

Keep your toes on the typewriter and your tongue in the canning jars (or just a Mason jar). 🙂 😉 😀 😛

Eat to live because that’s important, but eat as you wish to live. Eat well, which includes eating things that are enjoyable. Oh, and drive safely.