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7.5 and Heels #seniors

I would say good evening but ACG’s and my week has been so, so messed up, I’m not even sure if it’s evening. Alas, welcome! Hey, y’all! It is evening/night, and the week has been pretty strange. Messed up makes it sound negative, but it was really just skewed and strange. Truthfully, it’s been a pretty good week overall corsage bruises and (mentally) swollen ankles aside. Oh, and those sore, sore legs from walking nearly 7.5 miles on Monday.

Read as: we had our not-prom banquet on Thursday, and Monday we were back at the dreaded C word (The word is college, if you don’t recall. Nothing too offensive, just vaguely traumatizing.)  My experience walking 7.5 miles was more preferable to the high heel experience, but that is because I am not nearly as girly as I could be. To be fair, I–the girl of the two of us–ditched my heels an hour into the night. Cheater. ;P

So much has happened good and weird alike that I think we’re kind of still processing it. I think our senior status is finally sinking in (or kicking me in the face). Maybe… I try not to think about it. I am just enjoying what comes, or trying to survive the not so hot parts. It will be fun, crazy, annoying, and sad over and over again before it is over, but we will get through it together and slay in the process. We’re going to be just fine, just like you will be if you’re currently dealing with anything majorly life changing.

Until next week, drive safely and SLAY. (Okay, now that I’ve flashed us back a couple of years…………….)

Keep your toes in the sand and your car in the lake. 🙂 😀 😛 😉 ❤ ;P :O

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Dearly beloved… (Is that the right ceremony phrase?)

Each one of us has a beloved pair of pants. Or, at least, you better. *narrows eyes* amen Else you’re wrong. (This is 97% a joke. If you prefer dresses or priestly robes or…wizardly robes? I don’t know. I can’t think of many non-pants options. The point is: we all love pants or something that covers our backsides.)

*sniffles* I agree. The worst thing is when you’ve formed this amazing bond with a certain bottom-coverage-item and then you can no longer wear them. Sometimes you love them so much that people try to convince you that they’re dead and that you shouldn’t wear them before they are fully dead and done. *sniffles more* And then sometimes, unfortunately, tragically, near unbearably, they die completely because a certain someone doesn’t completely listen to the rule of stop before they die completely.

Ahem, what I mean is: REST IN PEACE, ACG’S FAVORITE JEANS. REST IN PIECE. (That was a lame joke, even for me. I’m sorry. I’m so…so sorry.) *sniffles even more* Oh well. I have other jeans. They will dearly miss their older sister but I have them. It won’t be the same without this pair, but I’ll survive.  Maybe.

They led a long and adventurous life. It will be okay. It will be okay. I’m not so sure, but you can say that. It might be okay, so you’re sort of right.


Wear something to cover yourself and drive safely. Otherwise you could get caught for two types of offenses.  

*sniffles* *punches a wall and loses at ping pong again* 😥 D’: 😦 :/ O.o X(

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So, this Thursday evening I basically just walked around laughing and saying the word “pretty” so I didn’t cry, and I still don’t feel like we had banquet.

I was really just wishing for jeans. The food (minus the mushy green beans and lettuce) was good and the entertainment (minus the strange sad/romantic (since, you know, most of the couples are “romantically involved”) music) was great and the decorations were gorgeous.

It was very…pretty and lovely and great. Yes, it was. But, am I a terrible person if I say I feel like it didn’t matter? No because it doesn’t/didn’t. At all? Like there was nothing special about it for me. We weren’t special and infinite. We were in itchy dresses, surrounded by too many people.

But we survived and then went to play a video game that I still don’t understand (aka my childhood) and sleep on a couch (which was really uncomfortable), get a cramp that still hasn’t really gone away, and eat a brunch on a trampoline (which was when I finally did feel…something so * thumbs up *).

So, to sum it all up, banquet was good for a few laughs, a lot of pictures, and food. It could’ve been worse and it could’ve been better, I guess. But, that’s for next year I guess… Heh… Ha… * deep breaths *

For now, though, always eat your pizza hot and your ice cream freezing.
🙂 😀 😛 😉 ❤

And don’t look out over the bridge while you’re driving safely.

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Just us again down here…eating crepes <3

Hello, people, aliens, martians, and canis lupis (would you not need to pluralize this somehow? Canis lupi? Canis lupises?)!!! We’ve decided(sort of) that since we both write(or “try to”) that, well, we could, kinda, sorta, maybe…yeah I’m not sure, I didn’t suggest it… We’re going to attempt to talk about writing, but probably not do a very good job since, like, I’m having writer’s(editor’s is what she claims eh…) block (sorta) and she’s in the thick of finishing her novel. I have over 65,000–THOUSAND–words and I’m in chapter TWENTY-FIVE!!! That’s a lot of novel! ‘Tis true. That is a lot of novel. I finished writing a thing a few weeks ago, and it was just barely that long. So, congrats to ACG! (My brain is so heavy right now. Forgive my lack of coherency.)

Does anybody…and that thought died. So I’ll finish it with…eat crepes? Because I ate at this great place in a mall at Nashville called “Music City Crepes” and it was AMAZING. I should write a scene where my characters eat crepes. That’d vastly improve the manuscript I’m trying to edit, would it not? Sure…? Is that the right answer here? Since when does food(unless it’s a book about a chef or person with a food problem) make or break a story? Since always. Duh. Ah, that’s what I’ve been missing. Okay, anyway, I seriously had amazing crepes and found my dress (it’s really, really cute) for our school banquet (to understand, read our last post) today and got to go to Nashville, TN in the process so…bonus points. It was a cool escape and lunch at “The Rainforest Cafe” was great, too. Yay for fun times!

I have done nothing because I am nothing. I am the ultimate form of zen.(_-_…sure I am, too! ) 😀 But seriously her dress is adorable. (awww, thanks :D)

So, writing turned into the daytime adventure of ACG into the heart of country music and pondering about magical characters eating crepes…bonus points for a successful day, night, and dusk (not really “successful” for both of us, but I’m happy for ACG, so we’ll ignore that fact). The night was successful for both of us! (How so? bonus points on a post I didn’t get bonus points? Once again that was you?) And you got your successful day last week! (Was also an incredibly painful day. my feet hurt from walking around all day and my feelings were hurt by a couple of dresses. This was meant to be a wrap up sentence…hmmm…*sigh* I’m just pointing out that my day wasn’t super great today or successful at all because my biggest accomplishment was not going back to sleep when I’d slept over twelve hours the night before.)

Anyway, I am sincerely glad ACG had a great day, and I’m not completely miserable with my heavy brain, though I am thinking of trunking that story I was talking about editing. As always *insert a long list of things to do that ACG might say* and drive safely. ❤


Head in the socket, foot in the fan, and fingers in the pool! 😀 🙂 😉 😛 ❤

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Dress Shopping and Other Terrors of the Natural World

Hey, yall, I know we’re not normally the most ladylike, or the girliest…but, that doesn’t matter because we’re juniors and have prom dress shopping coming up(even if it’s a banquet where we go to school and has more restrictions and requires adding material that didn’t exist before to practically every formal dress you can find). So, we’re being girls and doing girl things. Like shopping…


This of course results in things like needing to sell your ribs, possibly your spleen or maybe multiple parts of your body because you’re getting tired of trying to find things that would work.

Or finding a dress online that DOESN’T EXIST ONLINE BUT YOU JUST PUT IT ON YOUR BODY HOURS EARLIER IN A STORE!!! The struggle is real. The struggle is so, so real.

Another problem figuring out how to convince your friends to “just try” something even if they don’t think it would fit completely or look perfect. Especially when they have something in mind already.

Yeahhhh…it’s not me she’s talking about, promise(I don’t think nope, it’s not you) because I’ll try almost anything in the privacy of a shut door no camera dressing room.


But then there’s also the times when you go to a store that you’ve been dying to go to for years(since you’ve realized it was there) and then you find things you really, really like and someone else from the party finds(or tries it on after you hand it to them) a dress that is amazing on them and they end up getting said dress.*raises hand politely* I think she’s talking about the sparkle-shedding creature that I got, which means I can’t change too drastically in the next… three-ish? two-ish? three-ish? months. Which, yes, ACG totally found. So, props to her for that.

68 days, if anyone was wondering…or as far as we/I know. that’s just over two months… This is why I’m going to become a hobo or runaway or whatever you said the other day(run away and get picked up as a hitchhiker by her soulmate and then she’s going to tell me where they are so I can meet him, give him a token of approval if he deserves it[which he probably won’t but that’s just the best friend talking] and they can get on finding me a boyfriend as their next mission, simple right?).

As great as that would be, it’s not going to happen. But for that story tune in next week for Anna Can’t Imagine Herself Existing in Six Days.


Keep your dresses stuck, ribs in your cage, and feet on the wall.

🙂 😀 😉 😛 :O

Just… drive safely.