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The following post contains brief discussion of weight loss and cultural views. Be safe. If you are sensitive to this content, please take care of yourself and check back with us next week. ❤

GOOD EVENING! (sorry for the caps; i got excited!) And likes to overcompensate. ;P Hey, y’all!

Here’s the question of the night. Do y’all ever just get tired of things? That’s really vague. I’m sure a lot of people get tired of a lot of things. Sure, studying, chores, work, school, etc. are tiring, but I’m talking about the things that you don’t think about being tired of. The things that you just do or deal with until one day you wake up and realize that you’re tired of it are what I’m referring to when I ask if you get tired of things. That was much more detailed. Thank you. I try.

The thing that inspired this post–the thing that ACG and I both find very, very annoying and problematic–is:

I am sick and tired of people “needing” to lose weight. If they need to for immediate health concerns, okay, but not everyone needs to. You are beautiful and wonderfully made. AJA sent me a picture just the other day that made me this point. You are beautiful. Do not forget it, and please stop trying to change it by leaping into the miry pit of weight loss.

Yes! I support this sentiment.

This is not us saying that anyone who feels they need to lose weight is being ridiculous nor are we trying to invalidate anyone. There are serious situations out there where people have fallen into the miry pit, and they are not at fault for doing so. It’s just sad that culture has cultivated this self hatred and it’s frustrating to not be able to persuade anyone otherwise. Amen! No one should be made to feel this way by anyone or anything, much less those trusted to lead–whether by opinion and trends or example or anything.


Stay beautiful and drive safely! ❤

Keep your hands in the air and your eyes to the sky! ❤ 🙂 O.o 😉 😀

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200 miles and the life with a head…

Hey, y’all!!! Greetings from a place 200+ miles below where this blog began(and still has a presence). That whole concept is nuts, but very important. I can only ever say hi from about 45 minutes from where this blog began, so let’s hear from the adventurer first, shall we? Yikes. Way to put me on the spot.

Since Thursday, my life has been flipped on its literal head. Yes, so flipped that it now has a literal head. Anyway, move in and “Welcome Weekend” has been fun but I am super sore. I’ve gone to some weird parties, got some weird information, and met some weird (but super awesome) people. So, yeah.  That’s my life right now. On to more homegrown adventures…

While AJA has just been getting information and making tons of awesome friends, I started classes on Wednesday. I have been to all but one of them once, and have more than likely  talked to less people than she is probably already considering friends, since she is such a party-mixer-chick now. 😛 Seriously, though, if anyone wanted to know who the butterfly is…*points in the general direction south that I am not positive I know anyway*.  I have a new five subject notebook, and have figured out where I want to park I think. Today I gave my family a backseat tour of the places I’ve been going so far. It’s been bigger than our tiny high school, but I haven’t curled into a psychotic ball in the corner from the culture shock yet. I may be a butterfly, but that doesn’t mean if one of us gets to have a nervous breakdown, it shouldn’t be me first since I am the one living with a stranger I’m uncertain how to interact with. (Teasing… but arguing because we all know it’s true. Yeah, yeah ;P I’m just pointing out that it isn’t as shocking so far as I’ve been warned it’s supposed to be.)

Fun question for first time freshmen out there like ourselves: how many of your profs or the adults you’re interacting with have said a dirty word in the first twenty minutes you’ve been interacting with them because for me it’s…90% of them. That seems pretty light. If I do the math in my head it’s not, because really I’m thinking 4 of 6 professors have, but still. I do second the question, though!

So there you have it, our lives and attempts to find a niche. Hopefully I will lose the invisibility cloak soon and AJA’s classes have a smooth liftoff on Monday morning. Keep your books in the sauna and your dog in the backpack. 🙂 😀 :/ ❤ 😉 😛 😉 O.o ;P

As always, drive safely into new adventures.

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Shakespearean Senior Time Warp

Speaking of last week’s time warps, an end of the year senior English paper is kind of the same. (Knowing about it for a month and waiting 27 days helps that, but whatever.) Basically, we are lame humans of the female variety with broken minds and pained hearts that cannot take the extra time to work together to get lost in the wonderfully crazy rabbit hole that we will talk about next week. That is a promise. For now though, Shakespeare is calling my name in a super witty fashion.

Duces (or however you spell that)! Keep your nose in the blender and your tongue on the frozen pole! ❤ 🙂 😛 😉 😀

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A Lazy Day

Today has been one of those days where ACG and I have been a little lazy, which has been nice. It doesn’t help she’s feeling a little under the weather, so I am just here tonight to let you all know that we hope your week has been great and we will be back next week with more words. Until then, drive safely. ❤

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Dearly beloved… (Is that the right ceremony phrase?)

Each one of us has a beloved pair of pants. Or, at least, you better. *narrows eyes* amen Else you’re wrong. (This is 97% a joke. If you prefer dresses or priestly robes or…wizardly robes? I don’t know. I can’t think of many non-pants options. The point is: we all love pants or something that covers our backsides.)

*sniffles* I agree. The worst thing is when you’ve formed this amazing bond with a certain bottom-coverage-item and then you can no longer wear them. Sometimes you love them so much that people try to convince you that they’re dead and that you shouldn’t wear them before they are fully dead and done. *sniffles more* And then sometimes, unfortunately, tragically, near unbearably, they die completely because a certain someone doesn’t completely listen to the rule of stop before they die completely.

Ahem, what I mean is: REST IN PEACE, ACG’S FAVORITE JEANS. REST IN PIECE. (That was a lame joke, even for me. I’m sorry. I’m so…so sorry.) *sniffles even more* Oh well. I have other jeans. They will dearly miss their older sister but I have them. It won’t be the same without this pair, but I’ll survive.  Maybe.

They led a long and adventurous life. It will be okay. It will be okay. I’m not so sure, but you can say that. It might be okay, so you’re sort of right.


Wear something to cover yourself and drive safely. Otherwise you could get caught for two types of offenses.  

*sniffles* *punches a wall and loses at ping pong again* 😥 D’: 😦 :/ O.o X(

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Broken Toe

Hey, y’all!  

*awkwardly waves from a dark corner*

I really don’t want to see another paper(printed)  picture for a LONG time. Almost as long as I want to sleep right now. (photo album galore clean out thanks to family)

I…am not really sure where I am or what’s happening, so I’m just going to say: send good vibes ACG’s way. Also my parents may or may not have been inspired by her family and are going through old stuffs, too, which is just…odd.

I apologize and don’t wish to influence anyone to take on that monstrosity just because, unless you’ve wanted to for some time and in that case, ha ha we did it, y’all can too! But really, I wasn’t encouraging that.

In related news, ACG almost broke her toe. I mention that mostly so that we can title this post “Broken Toe,” but…also to encourage sympathy and love towards my friend. But seriously… That’s how this post got (is getting?) its namesake.

Awww, thanks. It hurt. Badly. But that’s okay because I’ll survive and…yeah, not sure what else is “good” about it. Other than it became a namesake.

Well, this has been a post. The pictures may have been paper, but obviously this post is not. (Ahem. We saw Paper Towns Friday. I was trying to be clever, but……..)
Keep your pictures in your phones and your toes away from chair legs. 🙂 😀 😉 😥 😦 :O 😛 🙂
Oh, and if per chance, you go on any sporadic road trips to find a girl who doesn’t want to be found, please drive safely. ❤