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Pumpkin!!! (Happy Birthday to Us)

For this year’s annual pumpkin, we decided to commemorate our friendship and queenliness. 😉 After all, three years of blogging is quite a while. Four whole pumpkins of joy. #) Four pumpkins, three years, and six years of friendship!!! That’s insane in the best way possible. We’ll just let the pumpkins speak for themselves.

Keep your stems on straight and your carvings tasteful! ❤ 🙂 ;P 😀 O.O 😉 O.o

Drive safely and don’t run with your carving knives. 😉 ❤



Also, we started writing Halloween songs while we worked, so here is “O Pumpkin Tree.”


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A Message to a Queen!!!

Hey, y’all! So, I know it’s the middle of the week, but I realized something. AJA’s birthday has only been mentioned once, and it was in passing to debate traditional versus cookie cake. That’s insane!!!

I don’t draw attention to point out that she’s getting older or anything like that. I am posting this because she’s an amazing sister queen to me, has done this for me at least twice, and really deserves somebody–everybody–to post something like this for her.

With that being said, AJA, happy birthday. I don’t post things like this enough, definitely not as much as you do naturally, and I want to be better about that because you’re an amazing person in my life. I don’t know where I’d be without you. You’re my best friend of six years now, it’s coming up on six years since I first spend the night at your house, played Rock Band, or tried to put Sour Patch Kids on anything. In that time we’ve tried to shoot sprinkles (by mutual bad judgement) and probably thousands of other sketch ideas. We’ve gone on crazy adventures and made tradition out of carving a pumpkin about TFIOS.

My point is that you’re a queen that should be recognized for being you more often. You push yourself until you’re exhausted for the people you care about. I think sometimes you worry about upsetting those same people more than you could upset them. You deal with a huge load every day and have taught me how to be brave by still being here and functioning today. There has been a lot of change and things to happen, but you still keep rolling. You’re beautiful and have been such a great addition to my life. Thank you for that, and I hope that this day is as amazing as you are!

Love you! ❤
ACG 😉 O.O 😀 #)

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Sorta A Birthday E-Card, Kinda Repetitive

Good evening, everyone in our time zone, and good every other time, all you other people! It is AJA tonight, not because ACG is unavailable. In fact, she’s next to me as I type this on her computer. However, Monday is her birthday, so tonight I will be posting in celebration! 😉 

ACG has been one of my closest friends for years now. She is quite literally the only human I feel like completely gets me and I am beyond lucky to have her in my life. We have shared so much, and she has been a queen through all of it. I know this is repetitive and unpoetic, but the bottom line is that she is my favorite person. I love her and I hope she has the best birthday on Monday, even though she has to wake up early for a school project. :/ 

Drive safely and celebrate the ones you love! ❤

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Cookie…Cake…Cookie Cake!!!

Hey, y’all! Look who I brought back from the technological dead. 😉 Hi! My computer is…well, it’s pretending to function post-updates. I’m ALSO back from the 200 miles below for the weekend and typing in my own living room again, so that’s really nice. My reason for being back (well, the part that doesn’t have to do with missing my couch and ACG’s face) has had quite an influence on tonight’s topic. SHE TURNED MORE ADULT AND WE HAD TO CELEBRATE!!!! Seriously, though. Happy birthday to AJA (aw, thanks), and I spent her drive back creating the world’s most boxy welcome home statue (she’s truly beautiful). (I was calling it a boxman to play on snowman.) That isn’t the topic, though. Birthday equals celebration equals sweets to celebrate said birthday, and that is the topic. More specifically, tonight we will be discussing the difference between two rival sweets–cookie cake and traditional cake.


I will be taking the side of regular cake. Shout out to the cookie cake lovers! Rep-re-sent!


If this is going to be a logical discussion, well, there isn’t really a lot of logic because this is just straight opinion. (When have we ever been logical on this blog? Still.) However, cookie cake is my favorite because you don’t have to have the plate, fork, and both hands to eat it. I can pick it up like a pizza, and it tastes better, too, personally. I also like the “cake” better than the icing generally and cookie cake normally has less icing.


Regular cake has my heart. I don’t know why. I think it’s because it feels more specifically related to celebratory events than cookie cake. It might also be that I don’t particularly like stiff frosting. Regardless, in my opinion, you cannot go wrong with traditional cake.


There you have it, our reasons for the great cake debate! Keep your icing in the ladle and your love in the heart! ❤ 😉 😀 :O 😛 O.o 🙂


And please drive safely and with both hands, despite the urge to eat a piece of cookie cake with one and a fistful of traditional cake with the other.

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Good evening and happy birthday! If your birthday is anything like mine and ACG’s dads’, it’s this week.  Hey, y’all. I’m not gonna include the if clause, because if you are a dad, I have a feeling that your birthday is either passed recently (Happy Birthday in three languages) or is set to pass within the next week. There was even a baby boy I know of born today (I think) that will (likely) be a father one day. *screams*

Why is it that males like to be born in June? The month that already has an entire day set aside to those males that reproduced and/or raised children! Don’t get me wrong, I love my father and AJA’s father, and the concept of fathers everywhere, but it seems a bit stressful when you have to do something for Father’s Day and then the very next day is a birthday to also make a deal about. Part of the “problem” is that we want to give our fathers our all, the best we can, but doing that twice is like trying to one-up yourself! Exactly. It’s just hard. I like to believe that my presence itself counts as part of the gift. Ooh! Good thought. 😀

Anyway, we still love our fathers, even if they are making this week all about them. 😉 Happy birthday, Dad and ACG’s Dad. As you would encourage us to do, drive safely (except I don’t drive, don’t point that out, ACG. I’m watching you. *narrows eyes*).

Never dreamed of it. *smiles angelically* Keep your dads in the dunking booth and your spoons in the toolbox. 🙂 😛 😀 O.o :’D ❤ 😉

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For The Better Half of This Blog

I’ve been thinking about this post since Wednesday night, and I still am uncertain how to begin. But I need to do this before ACG’s and my regularly scheduled blogging for the “surprise” factor to be the same. So, without much more elaboration, here I go.

ACG is my best friend in the entire world, and I hope she knows that. I hope she realizes how much I mean that when I try to say it. More than just my best friend, she is my favorite human and more family than friend at this point. She gives me hope that there are other good and honest humans floating around somewhere in this world, and she has given me strength to get through some pretty rough times.

I don’t know what I would do without her. Even during our worst “fights,” she’s still my best friend and the one I want to tell all the drama to and ask advice from. (Also, she’s my best friend because she’ll forgive me for ending that sentence with a preposition.) Sometimes she can be a bit hard headed or a little feisty, but that’s just the struggle of being friends with an Aries. Besides, if it weren’t for her Aries tendencies we wouldn’t’ve had half as many exciting adventures.

It’s hard to put it into words the kind of friendship we have. So, I’m deeply sorry this post does not do it justice, but let me try to summarize. She is my platonic soulmate, my sister queen. #doublecrowns Together we could rule the world, and one day I have faith that we will.

Thank you for being my best friend, ACG, and making my life a million times more interesting in a good way. I’m so lucky to share a name with you.

Happy 18th birthday (tomorrow)! I love you, babe. ❤