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{Air} Fried Find

Hey, y’all! Hi!

As I believe we have mentioned once or twice before in October, AJA and I have a deep fondness for a treat we used to could only get at festivals and “big” events. Sometimes it’s been described as a core reason to attend that convention we went to last weekend, but…something changed in September. 

That’s right! Fried Oreos could now be ours at any time and with slightly better nutritional value!! Thanks to ACG’s Mom! Yes, my mom and her recipe-sharing ways led us to a recipe where we could (air) fry Oreos at home. I saw the recipe in my Facebook Messenger app several weeks before we were actually able to try them. 

But, we wanted a treat, and we remembered that these were simple and quick. So, we went to the store, got the TWO ingredients (it felt a little like we were forgetting something), and came back to my house. 

The recipe for these air fried Oreos is as follows:
Crescent rolls (One triangle of crescent roll makes one fried Oreo.)
Oreos (We used double stuffed. I think it might be a little gooier with regular!)
Fry the oreos on a rack at 350 degrees for 8 minutes.

That’s it! It’s really that simple. I know, I know…. I didn’t believe it either. The post also said that you can use cookie dough and Reeses’s, but why would you do that when you can have it the original way? We also tried them using sugar cookie dough instead of crescent rolls, but that didn’t go how we had hoped it would. It was too sweet, which shocked us more than it should have considering part of the deliciousness of a fried Oreo is the contrast of salt/butter. 

This didn’t take away from the joy of getting (properly) fried Oreos when we went to the convention, but it is nice to know that for years when they aren’t at any events, or we just really want them in March (it’ll be sooner than that), that we have a great and easy way to get our hands on these ourselves. 

Anyways, as always…drive (or…in this case, fry) safely. ❤
Keep your sugar open and your hearts powdered! ;P 🙂 😀 😉 O.o ❤


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Bakers’ Night In

Hello!!!! 🙂 Hey, y’all!

We have had a very eventful day! Earlier this weekend, our friend K came back home to visit and see us. So, today has been spent with her. (Also making words about fictional humans!) Oh, and I guess we also made a four layered cake and played with fondant and making buttercream icing, so yeah. Lots of things (like a variety pack!)! A good day, but as with most good things–we’re so busy living it we don’t have a ton of time to sit around and talk about it. 😉 ❤ 

And, seeing as how all good things must come to an end, enjoy a picture of the cake we made below! It looks amazing (thanks to AJA’s fondant and icing skills–those were mostly K’s skills (and ACG’s actually)) and tastes even better (courtesy of the internet–the world’s biggest recipe book that can be lost in an  instant if some sort of apocalyptic EMP event were to take place 😉

Bake safely. I mean, drive safely. ❤ 🙂 

Keep your chicken dizzy and your play-dough delicious! ❤ 🙂 😛 😉 😀 O.o


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If Not for a Mom

Hey, y’all! Hi! 🙂

If you live in America (the United States), you’ve probably been bombarded with the fact that tomorrow is Mother’s Day. If you have managed to avoid this information, you might be able to find a rose petal left in your local stores to get for the moms in your life. Because, yes, let’s be honest we ALL have more than one mom.

That isn’t the point of Mother’s Day, though. It’s to honor our amazing mothers (by blood or fate). So we wanted to share with y’all the a few things that our moms have taught us. Alternately, All The Things That Would Not Get Done if Not for a Mom.

  1. The wisdom in organizing a closet. When I was younger my mom had my closet completely color coded, and it helped everyone find things when they were lost. Today, it reminds me that I should probably do a better job of it if I wanted to find my favorite shirt quickly.
  2. How to have fun for very little cost with obscure household items. Potatoes? Both candy and jewelry! Paper bags or mateless socks? A little hot glue, some construction paper, and a marker–literally a five act play.
  3. Being raised by a nurse has some fallbacks (literally the only one I can think of is not being allowed to have a trampoline), but it does come with some nice perks. I’ve learned that a Bandaid, ice pack, and time can heal anything that isn’t falling off your body.
  4. And how would we possibly ever know the first thing about resumes, cards, cover letters, or thank you notes if not for loving mothers (or teachers, I guess 😉 which when female are kind of, basically school moms). Without my mom, I would not know how to remotely be an adult human being.
  5. Just add water! A few nights ago, AJA, our friend K, and I were trying to make pie crust together for the first time by ourselves. When my Mom walked into the room to check on us, she dumped in the rest of the water we had sitting there (already over the recipe amount), beat it a bit, and then got us back on track. It was amazing.
  6. Of course…one of the most important things I know both of our moms have taught us is patience. They both know how to love unconditionally and how to love even when their children are being difficult, even when situations are difficult or scary. And…this patience and strength may be the most practical thing that our moms are still teaching us.

There are many more things that our moms teach us, but we have to stop somewhere. 😉 We all want to sleep sometime, but I am–me too! ;P #)–so grateful for a day that lets us spend some time focusing on the most important women in our lives. Seriously, so grateful for my mom (ditto, I love her mom) and for ACG’s mom as well and just all the mothers that are truly moms and all the women that step up to be moms to children that aren’t their blood.

Drive safely! (Your mom is watching you, you know… 😉 )
Keep your friends close and your moms closer! ❤ 🙂 ;P 😉 😀 O.o

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Chocolate Quick Fix


Hello, humans who enjoy chocolate! Hey, y’all! (You don’t have to like chocolate, but this post may be weird if you don’t. Just keep that in mind. ;P Eh, only as weird as last week’s post without a uterus…)

So, we’re pretty busy college students. Similarly, we like sugar. These two things put together mean that we need fast sugar to satisfy our cravings. Could we hit up the closest store and get cookies and cakes every time? Sure. (Cakes? Whole cakes? GROSS.) However, we also like to cook, and that would be a LOT of cookies and cakes. (This makes us sound vaguely like we have no concerns for our health or risk for diabetes, which… is not true. We balance our meals pretty well. We do; I really meant if you factor in how long we have hung out and the fact that I think we plan to keep hanging out.) Either way, when we’re looking for a sweet snack that we can make while we study, we like to make brownies.

Tonight, we wanted to give y’all a list of some reasons that brownies are literally the best sweet snack out there (except maybe white chocolate puff corn (true but it’s too special for an all the time thing), but that’s a whole other category and post).

  1. Brownies contain chocolate, which as aforementioned in last week’s post is indeed an actual pain reliever thanks to your opioid receptors! Brownies keep you off drugs…….. that’s a real reason.
  2. THE CORNERS–enough said. Actually, it’s the fact that there are both edges and middle pieces, so it can bring a room together. Our group is actually split about half (as half as we can get since K left us D: ) as to who likes edges versus middles.
  3. So, likewise I must argue for both my original opinion (although I’m quickly becoming a corner girl) and C’s sakes–THE MIDDLES–that ooey, gooey deliciousness that cannot be matched.
  4. Their size is completely customizable, and they’re portable! You don’t have to have a plate, somewhere to throw the wrapper, or even a plate. Just cut a piece the size of your choice (using a template brownie if you must to make it even with your friends’) and go.
  5. Do you really need a 5th reason to justify brownies? Seriously, though… For our friend group, they’re pretty agreeable on. They’re a good compromise between a cookie and cake. And honestly, I think it’s that opioid thing…. Who am I kidding? Brownies don’t keep you off drugs; they ARE drugs.

Thankfully it’s a legal drug for all ages. I would be really, really sad otherwise. Anyway, hopefully this convinced you to drop everything and go get a box of brownies. (Not really, it may be late where you are. Eh, there’s always a Walmart run 😉 ❤ We don’t judge).

Keep your brownies close and your batter closer. 😉 😀 🙂 ;P O.o ❤
Drive safely ❤

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We Survived! Now, Our Break Agenda…

Good evening, all, and to all: a HAPPY SEMESTER BREAK! Hey, y’all! We’re back!!! Finals and such a crazy schedule are behind us. We hope you all survived to see this post as well.

However, what all this really means is it’s time for another ~break agenda~! 😀 This break is even more involved and including more friends and people than ever. I can’t wait.


  1. We’ve already started this one technically but it’s a HUGE goal for me: finish all the Harry Potter movies! O.O
  2. We’re going to both try and finish the stories that we’re working on before we start our next semester.
  3. SLEEP. No, seriously. Get back into some healthy habits: getting 7 hours or so of sleep, being more active, etc.
  4. There’s a day trip planned with a couple of our really close friends to go to a science activity center and an art museum! 😀
  5. Survive the holidays 😉 as per usual. ❤
  6. Making a gingerbread house from scratch! We just want to be able to say we’ve done it. Who knows, it might could be our Christmas post this year. 😉 (maybe O.O)
  7. Lastly, a star gazing party for us and some of our friends since ACG and I both will have had an astronomy class now. 😉 Although, mine was a bit more useful than hers. 😉


Whatever you decide to do this holiday season, just drive safely. ❤

Keep your trees bright and your wands raised! 😀 😉 😛 ❤ 🙂 O.o

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Hey, y’all! HELLO! So, as you know (or may not, no judging) this past Thursday was Thanksgiving for Americans everywhere. 😉 YAY TOO MUCH FOOD AND WEIRDNESS!

As a result of that (both being Americans and having had this day to celebrate) we wanted to share ten things we’re thankful for.  Soooo onward, we go…


  1. NEW EXPERIENCES (like a strange bean’s family)
  2. Family and friends (that eat your experimental thanksgiving pizza happily)
  4. Cookies!!!!!!!!
  6. Time off school and work to contemplate the deeper things of life
  7. MORE NEW EXPERIENCES (like disc golf and bird watching)
  8. Realizing that some experiences are meant to be shared and some are best individually
  9. Naps #) because they make everyone’s mood better when done right
  10. Sister queens (platonic soulmates) to have ridiculous conversations, video chat seven minutes apart, and go on some crazy (donut) adventures with.


Keep your turkey in the ball pit and your seasoned bread in the churn! ❤ 🙂 😛 😉 😀 O.o

Drive safely! ❤

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Hey, y’all! HI! 

Although this is a previously referenced topic, I’m not sure if we have ever TRULY expressed the sincerity and relevance of it. Brownies. Must I say more? Like, really, that itself had to have just given you shivers (yikes… shall we keep this PG?). Unless you dislike chocolate or have never had a brownie.

Yesterday afternoon ACG and I made brownies at her home where I declared that I was pretty sure my brownie sexuality had been awakened. I mean, honestly. This is just the biggest appreciation post ever for brownies. That’s true.

Anyway, if you’ve never had a brownie, PLEASE do us–but mainly yourself–a favor and get brownie mix. You don’t even have to bake them (says us, we are not doctors or responsible for any food poisoning cases –eat safely 😉) and eat them with a spoon!!! Or bake them and eat the edge pieces. Your choice. JUST EAT BROWNIES! ❤

Oh, and drive safely. ❤ 

Keep your batter in the bowl and your pitcher in the cabinet 😉 O.O 🙂 😀 ❤ 😛

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Balls, Galaxy Cake

Hey, y’all! Heyyyy #) 

We have had quite the wild ride this week–everything from doctor appointments to classical music to learning to embrace gym sweat and how to cope with Friday the 13th curses–but we wanted to share with you all the sweetest part. 😉

So, there’s a post here from the end of May about the “Great Teascape,” and in it, we mention that we baked cake balls together. Well, they didn’t actually turn out all that great for a multitude of reasons.  Those reasons being: we were inexperienced, reckless, and didn’t freeze them for 20-30 minutes before trying to dip them in the melting chocolate. @) BUT since we have LEARNED. We have GROWN. We successfully made the most (well, okay, they still weren’t perfect but we liked them) BEAUTIFUL cake balls! 😀 Be quiet. They’re beautiful, perfect babies, and the colored white chocolate was probably the best part!

Cake Balls

As you can see, they aren’t perfectly smooth and decorated like Starbucks’ or anything, but I am very proud of us. Me too! They are so, so delicious and were so, so much fun to make! 🙂 


Keep your chocolate melted and your icing purple! ❤ 🙂 ;P 😀 😉 O.O

Drive safely by bearing in mind your sugar high before getting behind the wheel. ❤

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Check the Wondertasks – January 7, 2017

Hey, y’all! Hello! (First thing first, I’d like to congratulate you for making it a full week into the new year. Amen. I hope it’s going well for you. Now…)


At the beginning of winter, we made a list of things that we planned to accomplish before winter (or at least our winter semester break) ended. We have the list, and were going to analyze which ones we did or didn’t complete. (Spoiler alert: things got done.)


Below is our original list of things we intended to do. To the right of each item, in all caps we will inform you of which things were done.

  1. Decorate a tiny Christmas tree that may or may not be alive. (DONE – and if you haven’t seen it, check out our December 24, 2016 post 😉 )
  2. Bake all the things! (seasonal and unseasonal) (DONE, though we don’t quite have cookies out our ears, we discovered cookie butter AKA MAGIC IN A JAR)
  3. Meet up with old friends, and eat lunch, and get all the coffees!!! (DONE – we even did this three times over #) )
  4. Make a million and two words. (Okay, not quite literally, but either or both of us writing large chunks on our current writing projects over our winter break is definitely a goal!) (DONE, I wish it wasn’t too much work to add up the actual amount because it was a lot (a grand total of: 51,265 to be specific))
  5. Ice skating with my younger brother who will probably make us look like baby giraffes because he is naturally that balanced and coordinated sometimes. (DONE – this was a TON of fun, even if ACG had to be a responsible driver and not break her ankle and I may or may not have accidentally danced circles with said little brother. (Good news: no injuries occurred.))
  6. See the anthropomorphic movie Sing at some point between now and January 8. Yesssss!!! (sorry to cut into her point but YES (It’s actually ACG’s idea, but I’m on board… We saw Moana this past Thursday, so it’s her turn) (DONE, The movie was actually more sad than it looked in previews, but it was great along with Moana)
  7. Wear flip flops as many days of December as possible, because why not? (DONE – Ha! ACG did wear flip flops. Granted, this is the first weekend it’s been below freezing here, I think @) Sighs @ Alabama. )
  8. Wear sweaters as many days of southern December as possible, because why don’t we have normal seasons? (DONE, Even I wore a sweater at least two times, so I consider this a huge success)
  9. Spend as many days as possible with your Best Friend before the c-word rears itself again. (DONE – even if it was not as much time as I wish we could have, the time we got to spend together was amazing and I feel so, so lucky. Same, it was wonderful.)

If you were keeping track, there should be one teeny tiny detail that is standing out to you. WE DID ALL THE THINGS! We did, and I am a little proud of that fact.


There you have it. Until next time, keep your lists on the inside of the bucket and your chicken fingers in the cage. 😉 😀 🙂 😛 O.o ❤ 😉 😀


It’s bitter out there (and also cold! ha…haha) so don’t forget to drive safely during the potential icy season and be kind! ❤

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The Great Teascape

Hey, y’all! ‘Ello!

So, we graduated about a year ago. That makes most of the classmates approximately nineteen. That being said, week before last we attended a double wedding shower tea for two of them (which is ridiculous! they are children! and they shouldn’t be allowed to be getting married! BUT, hopefully it will work out well, despite my opinion on their age).The interaction was a little stilted (she’s under exaggerating), but my favorite part had to be making the cake balls I took. ;D

The only super enjoyable part of this event was getting to shop and bake together honestly (true). Hats were involved (ew). Food was awkward (and random + there was too much of it). Conversation was more awkward (definitely).  Life was the most awkward (agreed).  Which is to say, while we care about these girls and wish them the best, and a dear friend hosted the event… It was not A Good Time.

No, it really wasn’t. But we went, we ate, we talked, and we were two of three that gave cards (is that weird? I thought you did that with presents?). Then, we left. I have never been so grateful to get in ACG’s truck. I have never been so grateful to have a pending errand to help my dad with that got us a reason to leave.


So, next time you find yourself in this sort of situation, we bid you a safe drive away from it. 😉 ❤

Keep your puns in the cabinet and your scones in the kettle. 😉 😀 ❤ 🙂 O.o