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Battery Life

Hey, y’all! I’m back, and never meant to be gone quite so long, but I’m back now and much more fit company. 😀 SHE LIVES!!! Also, I at least sort of have my affairs worked out.


Both of those things together mean that we were out adventuring today. And of course every adventure has a plot twist. After a day of a cookie and ice cream, a moody fifteen year old, and visiting two different stores to find plastic needles (long story that involves a homemade crossbow target), we discovered ours. Thanks to said moody fifteen year old, when we returned from the second store trip there was little to no battery left in the vehicle.


Parents were called, and that turned into a race between the parents (both of mine vs. ACG’s dad), tracked by GPS on our phones. Her parents won by a hair and brought one of the best inventions ever (a portable generator to jump off vehicles or pump up tires). Thus concludes the adventure of today. We arrived home safely, and I am very thankful to her parents for bringing the generator and my dad for coming and making sure I was okay, too.


That was our adventure, and hopefully everyone had their own adventure for the day! Keep your shoes in the bathtub and your pillows in the cabinet. 😀 ❤ O.o 😛 🙂


Drive safely and, remember, keep your batteries charged! ❤


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