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An Almost-Post

Hey, y’all! Sooo, we were planning to post something, even if we didn’t know what day it was most of this week after finals. So, this is definitely something. (Also, hi!)

Part of the reason for this post’s lack of topic is that I don’t feel like it’s close enough to Christmas to talk about “wintery” or “Christmassy” things. But also…we decided that tonight was the best time to lose our heads in our words. Or, at least, try to…

So, for tonight, our apologies. We’ll be back next week with more thoughts, probably “wintery” in nature.

Until then, drive safely, even if you’re unsure what day it is.

Keep your words in the sky and your toes on the fan. ❤ 😀 😛 😉 O.O 🙂


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