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Nacho Cheese and Cookies!

Hey, y’all! It feels like it’s been longer than a week since last Saturday, but it has also flown. Time is trippy. Let’s blame climate change. Agreed. Always blame climate change.

Although our weather has lately been up in the area, some things always stay the same, like the wonderfulness of an Oreo cookie. Oooooh, Oreos. Yes, please.

I have one downside to them. What if I just wanted some crazy flavor? Like, what if I wanted to experiment with something like raspberry caramel? We need an OreoMaker that mixes flavors for us to try! While they have just about every flavor out there in some form or another, I’ve never heard of raspberry caramel, so I agree.

That being said, here are our top five ideas for OreoMaker flavor ideas:

  1. Sweet Potato Oreos could be quite interesting. Sure, they already make pumpkin spice as a fall flavor, but where is the love for sweet potatoes?
  2. Bread Pudding Oreos would be epic if done correctly. It’s already such an interesting dessert; I feel like putting it into the Oreo family would be a very nice addition.
  3. Now, take time to consider something could be delicious or could be horrendous: Nacho Cheese Oreos. The salty and rich flavor of cheese layered between the sweet of the chocolate could be such a…unique combination.
  4. What about maple flavored filling? I think it’d have to be on a golden cookie maybe, but maple is so good that I think it could definitely be doable. Not only doable, I think it would taste really really good.
  5. To end on a less traditionally sweet flavor, what about a Spicy Oreo? An Oreo with a weird kick. I have no idea how this would taste or work, but chocolate and hot spices do get paired together in other creations–why not here?

So there they are, the Annas top five Oreo ideas. I would be excited to try every single one listed, even if I’m vaguely wary of nacho cheese. It could be so good!

Keep your cream in the hat and your plastic in the freezer!

Drive safely ❤


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