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Scientifical Personalities

Hey, y’all! WELCOME. So, we have personalities. As ACG states the obvious.

But really, we took the Myers-Briggs personality test. It wasn’t the real one, but it was labeled that, and we got four letters from it. IT WAS VERY REAL! I WAS TOLD I WAS EMOTIONAL THAT IS VERY REAL THAT IS TRUE AND ACCURATE! IT WINS. I didn’t say it wasn’t real. It wasn’t the real one. IT WAS SCIENTIFICAL. Meaning, it was not the official expensive Myers-Briggs, but it was based on the concept. (I got INFP{the Nurturer}, and therefore don’t get too hung up on the details. I AM AN IFTJ (also apparent the Protector because life is hard and scary and I want to save everyone ever don’t ask me questions) AND IDK WHAT THAT MEANS BUT I WANT TO KNOW WHY IDEK ISN’T ONE BECAUSE IT’S MY REAL TRUE PERSONALITY!)

Also, I feel (get it? because she’s an INFP) like everyone should know that charts and analyses aren’t always 100% because if you look at a chart we are not supposed to get along.  BUT WE ARE THE BESTEST FRIENDS OF EVER!!!

SO WE NOW MUST LEAVE YOU, buuuuut… If you want to check out the site where we took our test and find out your type we took it, here:

Keep your heads on straight and your toes crooked. (Seriously though, it’s cool.) ❤ 😀 😛 😉



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