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2 Years, Also Pumpkins!!

Hey, y’all!  Hi! This is a very, very exciting post for us because in four days we will have been posting for exactly 24 months, annnnnnd because: it’s pumpkin time again!!! Even if we don’t get to enter it this year in a competition, we get to create it and celebrate the anniversary of the blog with a pumpkin instead of a bouquet.

As usual, our pumpkin drew inspiration from pop culture. This year we jumped from book to movie to musical, and we chose…(drumroll please) HAMILTON! (As in the musical based off the biography of “the founding father without a father,” Alexander Hamilton.)

Over the summer and early fall, I and ACG became a little…obsessed with that musical, so it seemed perfect for a pumpkin idea. I am obsessed, but it was totally AJA’s fault.

Anyway, without further ado, we proudly present…our pumpkin! (said in the “Be Our Guest” voice)


Quite frankly, I feel like it’s the best pumpkin I’ve ever seen. Is that an exaggeration? Maybe, but it is the best I think we’ve ever done. Agreed. Our last two were okay, but I feel like this one is stellar.

Please give our pumpkin a round of applause, and don’t forget to drive safely.

Keep your guts in the gourd and your Oreos in the coffee cabinet! ❤ 😀 😉 😛 O.o


PS – There were actually two pumpkins. One that ACG and I both carved, the Hamilton pumpkin, and one that ACG did by herself but I think is pretty epic! ❤ So, keep scrolling for ~bonus content~ below.



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