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Dear Us,

Hey, y’all! Hi! Tonight we’d like to take you on a journey to the past… I think everyone has moments in their lives, or even just concepts, that they wish they could go back and advise their past selves on a little better. If you don’t have experience with realizing you made some mistakes or needed to think things through a little better, you probably shouldn’t read this post. Let’s be real. You’re Too Perfect and therefore don’t need any advice. Lol, question me on that ten years ago and I’d have been booted out faster than you could say snap. Even just five years… *sighs* Maybe just three. 😉 I’m just kidding (mostly Not really, but that’s true so it has to be okay.). I am the kind of person who has constantly revised my past decisions in my head (I think there was a time when I was an infant that I questioned whether or not I really should’ve cried about that stomachache), so if you’re anything like that this is a post for you.


However, the fact that I was very assured that I wasn’t really wrong on anything and my way was best for most of my life, I have plenty of moments I still realize I was being stupid and ridiculous during. Aha! She admits it. But what ACG is saying is…now you get to watch us critique our past selves and hopefully learn from us.


Past, ACG, there was no need to make everyone listen to you. You had no idea what was going on anyway. You had no clue, and they didn’t care if you said anything or not.

To my past self my first piece of advice would be: YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING WITH YOUR HAIR. STOP. LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER. FIX YOUR HAIR. Or, at the least, do not wear a “George Washington” ponytail that is approximately two inches long at the base of your neck. That’s…just… It’s not cute or quirky. It doesn’t make you look like you don’t care. It’s just…Very Confusing. Side note: stop trying to be “cute” and “quirky” in a way that will make boys like you and girls jealous of you. You aren’t somebody’s fantasy. You aren’t there for their curiosity. You are yourself and that is plenty interesting.

Speaking of boys, just stop. Stop running in circles, and stop running off the ones that don’t fit your short-sighted thoughts. They may actually turn out to be cooler than your all knowing self thinks, and being an Auburn fan isn’t a disease. Give them a chance, and for crying out loud don’t tease them about every. Single. Thing. Conversations work, too.

There’s so much advice to give about boys. Wow. It’s okay to say NO in big letters and a loud voice. That should probably be my first piece of advice, but I suppose as long as it gets said. If you don’t want to talk to a guy, you don’t have to. If you don’t want to talk to a girl, you don’t have to. But…as a girl, girls aren’t often an issue and also their listening skills are better. My point being: no isn’t a bad word. They’ll make you feel like it is. The whole world will make you feel like it is. But “no” isn’t an ugly word. It isn’t mean. It’s the truth, and sometimes it hurts. But holding it inside hurts you more. And, love, you are the only one you’re responsible for.

IF YOU WANT SOMETHING GO FOR IT. Try it. If you have the opportunity and you want to and you “pride” yourself on not being dictated by others’ opinions, please, just go for it. Apply for it. Pursue it. You may not regret not per say, but you will see all the reminders, and you will wonder what it was like. You will think you were the biggest idiot when you feel like you don’t fit in the path you chose. There will be days that you’re okay with it. There will be days you smile. But hold on to what you’ve got, and go for what you want.

The last piece of advice I have to offer would be contrary to ACG. Don’t be afraid to have limits. You really won’t regret not going with a boy to your senior banquet/prom/formal/whatever. (I can promise you that will be a bad experience if you do not love him in at least some capacity.) You really won’t regret not going and standing in a loud gym with a bunch of strangers. You won’t regret staying in and reading. You won’t regret taking a moment and knowing what you don’t want just as much as what you do. Which, I guess, ultimately is the same exact advice in ACG’s put we’re approaching the limit from the left this time or something. Do what will make you happiest and most comfortable. No one else. You aren’t here to prove a point. You’re here to live your life.


Okay, y’all, keep your breathing even, and count out of order! ❤ 🙂 ;P 😀 :/ O.o 😉 😛 ❤

Oh, and of course, the top advice of the night is drive safely. 😉


PS – This post took extra time to write as we were pulling from the heart and was thus posted at at approximately 12:15AM Sunday US Central Time. We did not slack and not work on it Saturday night. ❤


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