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Hooray for Haircuts! :D

Hey, y’all! I have the urge to start this post with a “BAM!” but I guess I’ll settle for “Hello!”

So, AJA and I have both shared a common event this weekend, but we did not share it together at the same time. We did not even have the exact same experience, but it was the same as well. It was similar and it was not similar. 😉

We both cut our hair.

Well, trimmed our hair…sorta. I cut my bangs slightly different. ACG had hers trimmed and it now spirals better. You know, the usual. Her bangs are cute when they aren’t flipped backwards to hide with the rest of her hair. Mine was not intended to spiral better, but it was a side effect. Her hair is gorgeous and mine will be changing colors (again) tomorrow also. Awwwww, thanks.

Haircuts can be stressful or fun, necessary or anticipated. Haircuts are usually all at the same time, let’s be real. (Thankfully, I think both of ours were rather lackluster this time.) Either way, they are a part of life that people sometimes go to school for (shout out to our third triumvirate member!) and some avoid for reasons more than distrust of people touching their heads.

Y’all all probably need to cut your hair (or heads as I originally accidentally had the thought), so do it!

Keep your hair in the jar and your eye of newt in your hat! 😉 😛 😀 🙂 :/ O.o ;P

Drive safely to your nearest barber but beware the knife! ❤


PSA –  Please DO NOT cut your heads in reality for any reason. That is a bad idea. If it occurs by accident, seek medical attention. * peace *  


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