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Things We’ve Learned: First Month of College Edition

Aloha! I have returned and did NOT die of The Plague or any other illness. I told y’all… shame shame for the disbelievers *tsks*.

I’m just kidding. Hey, y’all! So, today we want to tell you what we’ve learned from our first month as freshmen, kind of like we did as seniors (I think. I’m bad with times and memories sometimes. Yes! Very similar to that, which totally happened because I checked tonight prior to this post for fear that I imagined that. 🙂)

Personally, I don’t feel like there’s much other background information to be given other than take everything we say with a grain of salt as this is our very first semester and we are BABIES! Infants. We aren’t even college toddlers yet.

  • It is okay to eat lunch by yourself. It may not be ideal for every day, but every once in a while in the right conditions it isn’t horrible. Don’t feel bad about it.
  • You will experience a strange sense of constant human interaction and constant loneliness. This doesn’t really seem to be affected by being around people or not being around them. It just is.
  • The classes are more intensive than high school classes, but even at big schools the professors don’t not care about you. They will still work with you as long as you aren’t acting like a disrespectful moron in the class and show up to it.
  • You actually learn, rather than get constantly wrangled and corralled by different faculty. You’re all paying to be there. It’s a choice, not a requirement by parents or otherwise.
  • People just hang out on campus. (And I don’t mean the ones that live there.) They just go find a couch in the student center and sit? Or they do homework? I don’t understand. At all.
  • If you live on campus, you actually have a nicer weekday experience in my opinion because there is no having to leave early enough or stay late. Most places are in a less than ten minute walk, and you can always nap midday if necessary and if you have a break between classes. 😉
  • The upperclassmen I have classes with are more chill and less showily problematic it seems like. Like, the freshmen I hear have to prove themselves by showing out every other word.


This list really does not encapsulate the full range experiences you have your first month of college at all. However, these are some pretty accurate experiences that both ACG and I have witnessed. So, for now, pursue higher education and drive safely. ❤

Keep your Jell-O in the car and your cacti in the refrigerator. 😀 😉 😛 ❤ 🙂 :’D

PS – This was posted at 12:12 AM Sunday morning, so in some time zones still Saturday night 😉 …just not ACG’s and mine.


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