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Shout Out

Hey, y’all, it’s just me, ACG. Now that I’m done rhyming, I’m sorry to have to admit that tonight it is not timing, technology, or even distance separating us and having me post alone but sickness instead. (Don’t worry, I was with her earlier. I don’t think she’s contagious, and she will be fine, just needs rest.)

While she isn’t here to avoid the c word–which is really funny because I generally am the one avoiding it–I need to give a shout out to her and anyone else who is living in a dorm room right now, especially for the first time. How on earth are y’all doing it?!?!?!? 

I can’t imagine it. I mean, I can. I was trying to see myself in the role for a while, but to actually execute it? Just watching AJA try to get settled with her roommate and classes is tiring me out. A new person to be in a room with all the time and having to clean everything, procuring food for every meal, and balancing all that with classes? Yikes. All of this and somehow there is supposedly still time for clubs, socializing, and keeping up with everyone back home that demands time? Apparently there is.

That’s all I’ve got to say, because the rest would just be a long long list of things that I don’t understand how people manage to do. So, consider this a shout out to all of y’all that are treading water through this whole adjustment period. I’m quite impressed with everything you’re able to get done and still have time for.

Keep your rings in the boxes and your noses on your faces. 🙂 😀 :/ ❤ 😉 😛


P.S. Feel better soon, AJA! We love you!!!


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