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Problem Tech

Hey, y’all!


Technology is a wonderful thing… I cannot imagine my life without technology. Well, it’s amazing, when it’s working. No offense to cat people, but it can be kind of like a cat from what I have heard. It is either cooperative, or good luck trying (especially when wet).  The ability of technology to knock over all your expensive vases and poop in your flower pots when you need it most is astounding. This problematic tendency of technology comes in many forms. Here are a few:

  1. Your ability to receive text messages just flies out the window for a few hours. No biggie.
  2. Autocorrect corrects your correctly spelled word to a previous misspelling as though it is helping you.
  3. You find out that you can’t turn vibrate off, and your vibrate is so loud that you can barely hold it in the air (not touching anything) without still hearing the noise.
  4. Your battery decides to drain itself in the middle of the night for NO apparent reason.
  5. Mysterious things happen with it. (Vibrating in a pattern with no notification visible so you are convinced it is about to explode, notifications that are irrelevant to anything you have on your phone yet show up with no explanation, etc.)
  6. Sometimes it seems to have brainwashed you and as though you are dependent on it since it is so convenient, and not only because of your generation. *looks pointedly at anyone above 30 reading this post before they can hate*
  7. Even without autocorrect, the human error of not being able to type on it. This one isn’t really the fault of the technology, just a problem that comes with it, brains not working well enough to use the keyboards correctly.
  8. There is the danger of knowing too much or being distracted by technology when you should be focusing on something else.


Those are the top eight we can think of, but they are definitely not all of the possibilities, so keep a list of your own, too.  Keep your phone in the forest and your cacti in the shower. 😉 😛 😀 :/ 🙂 ;P ❤ 😉

I’m sure I’ve used this one before, but don’t let technology get in your way as you drive safely. ❤


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