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Looking For July

Happy August! Don’t even… *sighs* Hey, y’all. She says that because July decidedly flew past in a blur of “Where did it go???” and it is quite traumatic. Honestly, I think July wasn’t a month, so much as a day. Amen! So, in honor of that, we’ve composed a list of things that are better than a disappearing July and the quick approach of the c-word (college, for those of you who are unaware shhhhhhhhhh!!!).


    • “Running away” to Rhode Island. It’s gorgeous and the food is amazing.


  • Literally eating five pints of ice cream. (Not all in one sitting or day. Just having five pints reserved for self.)


    • Going on an expedition {to find where July went specifically}.


  • Taking a really nice nap or having a really good cup of coffee with friends (who will probably spend a million years talking).


    • Finding a way to get paid to do really simple things. {An almost-eight-year-old suggested quitting college be that thing.}


  • Making some stellar pancakes (or waffles, if that’s your preference).


    • Waking up to find that Jacob Black or *insert favorite book character here* is real and your best friend (“best friend” heh… that’s funny).


  • Getting a baby or a puppy or a baby kangaroo (that was a wallaby…yikes @ self #whoops) with your best friend and hiding from the rest of the world forever.
    • Going to Alaska. Originally it was going to be for the purpose of the c-word, but now it would just be another must visit state.



Almost ANYTHING is better than losing an entire month of your life. As you can see, these things tend to be the more optimistic, desired things that are better BUT still anything would beat the weird time warp we’ve gone through.


Try not to think too much about the calendar, while driving safely.

Keep your best literary friends in the pages and your legs on the headrests. 🙂 😛 😉 O.o ❤ 😀 :/ ;P 🙂


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