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Read-A-Thon (Alternate Title: Secretly Written On A Friday)

Hey, y’all! We have a confession to make, we are creating this on a Friday at 3:00 instead of a Saturday at 10:00. Fortunately, it’s for a very, very good reason. We are going to be indisposed for the next “thirty-six” hours for a twenty-four hour readathon. Then we may have to sleep. If we have not been turned into vampires by then, I certainly hope we will sleep, especially since this is eating most all of the weekend and we need to be recharged for the next week.


It’s funny because quite frankly when we think about–and I know ACG and I share this opinion–about twenty-four hours in relation to being at our library, where the read-a-thon is happening, it doesn’t feel that long, but in reality it’s a rather long time. It is, and I feel like I’m preparing for a battle while getting everything together, even if it is not a super strict YOU MUST READ AND NEVER TAKE ANY BREAKS. My arsenal is ready to go so I can leave once we finish since I live a few more minutes away than AJA. Snacks, caffeinated beverages, and ALL THE BOOKS are our necessities. And boy am I ready.


So, since we need to get off go slay some wicked reads and claim our crowns of Queen Readers, I am going to sign off with my usual reminder to: drive safely. ❤


Keep your glasses in the punch and the hairbrushes in the closet. 😀 🙂 😛 😉 ❤ :/ 😀


FYI, here’s what’s on the docket:

ACG has Conjure, The Black Book of Secrets, The Coldest Girl in Coldtown, Nobody’s Princess, Because It Is My Blood, and Glass Sword. {The last two have been started previously, but the rest I know next to nothing about. Also, I am bringing my entire Kindle library, so over 200 more options.}

AJA: The Raven Cycle books, Solitaire, the first two books of the Harry Potter series (because I’m a loser who has never read them or watched the movies), Firstlife (unfinished), and The Crown (unfinished) // (I only intend to read the first series listed, but I am listing all the books I’m bringing.)


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