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Bistro vs. Britain

‘Ello! I am very hyper and it’s thanks to the coffee I had earlier. (That’s a clue as to what we’re talking about tonight. 😉 ) Hey, y’all! My tea did not have the same effect, really. However, it was hot instead of my usual colder “syrup” concept of tea. However, we both agree that tea and coffee (both hot and cold) are delicious each in the right situation. So, how come there seems to be a war between these beverages?

Kind of like the concept of math and English, it seems that people “cannot” like both (I love both #yikes).  If someone likes tea, coffee is too gross (which is completely understandable, it has taken me a while to warm up to it ayy…THIS!) and if someone likes coffee then tea is too sweet or flavored or something I cannot put a finger on (no one understands why one might not like tea).

I guess coffee is a bit more…intensely precise in its flavor profile as opposed to the different and more subtle possibilities for tea combinations. Coffee is like drinking a dirty sock, even when you sweeten and dilute it. I enjoy coffee, nevertheless, but if we’re being real: coffee certainly is a strong flavor and an acquired taste. Teas are more prone to have fruit shaving, flavorings, and other herbal components. This makes teas slightly sweeter usually. The things flavoring them are often very light, so I think tea is easier to enjoy overall. I agree, and am also not completely sure that people enjoy coffee. I think they drink coffee. Coffee is often used to wake someone up, keep someone up, or offer a pretentious or “sophisticated” (still pretentious) air, whereas tea is genuinely meant to be enjoyed.

Summarizing this post, ACG and I both love coffee and tea. We do not understand the feud. Perhaps if you are a part of this contest of Tea Vs. Coffee, you could tell us what exactly causes this disagreement.

Please do. We need insight. Until then, keep your shoelaces on the ceiling and your timers in the oven. 🙂 :/ 😀 😛 :O O.o 😉 ❤ 🙂

And drink your beverage of choice and drive safely. (The legal to drink and drive ones, that is…)


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