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Good evening and happy birthday! If your birthday is anything like mine and ACG’s dads’, it’s this week.  Hey, y’all. I’m not gonna include the if clause, because if you are a dad, I have a feeling that your birthday is either passed recently (Happy Birthday in three languages) or is set to pass within the next week. There was even a baby boy I know of born today (I think) that will (likely) be a father one day. *screams*

Why is it that males like to be born in June? The month that already has an entire day set aside to those males that reproduced and/or raised children! Don’t get me wrong, I love my father and AJA’s father, and the concept of fathers everywhere, but it seems a bit stressful when you have to do something for Father’s Day and then the very next day is a birthday to also make a deal about. Part of the “problem” is that we want to give our fathers our all, the best we can, but doing that twice is like trying to one-up yourself! Exactly. It’s just hard. I like to believe that my presence itself counts as part of the gift. Ooh! Good thought. 😀

Anyway, we still love our fathers, even if they are making this week all about them. 😉 Happy birthday, Dad and ACG’s Dad. As you would encourage us to do, drive safely (except I don’t drive, don’t point that out, ACG. I’m watching you. *narrows eyes*).

Never dreamed of it. *smiles angelically* Keep your dads in the dunking booth and your spoons in the toolbox. 🙂 😛 😀 O.o :’D ❤ 😉


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