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Pillowforts and Puppies

Hello! Today has been a pretty good Saturday for both ACG and I. I spent about two and a half hours in a pillow fort, and ACG has a very special announcement. 😉 Take it away, babe. Hey, y’all! Okay, so today I got a new puppy!!! I am super excited, and she is something else. Being a seven week old half lab, she could be nothing less. I am quite interested in the whole pillow fort thing, too. Yeah, honestly it’s as basic as it sound: both a fort and made of pillows. So, there is not much to be interested in. Although, I’m pretty sure the only thing that could’ve beat it was a puppy. The puppy is precious, and my brother has barely let it out of his sight. Thankfully, though, the puppy is now sleeping. Amen.

I have this idea that we should make a pillow fort with the puppy! Not, like, recruit the puppy for help building the fort, but for cuddles once inside (I mean, after it’s mostly house trained or you’ve learned her cues agreed). I mean, can you imagine anything better on earth? I cannot. I cannot either. Those are like the two best things, and you added cuddles. Put a fork in me.

I think it’s easy to conclude why this Saturday was so good, even if we had to divide the awesome down the middle and each only get one component of the magical sounding situation above. We will remedy that eventually. Soon. Soon. As soon as I am allowed to take the puppy places or we bring the pillow fort here. 😉 The beauty of a pillow fort is they can happen anywhere, anytime. #)  That they can.

Keep your pillows on the roof and your stars in the washing machine. ❤ 🙂 😀 😉 😛 #) :’D :O o.O

Of course, drive safely if you have a puppy passenger to the pillow fort of your dreams! ❤


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