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Finding Ice Cream

MINE!!! Mine, mine, mine…my ice cream. Hey, y’all! That was my tribute to both the Finding Dory movie I have not seen and our topic tonight. It just seemed fitting. Okay, but all that did was set up the title of this post to be Finding Ice Cream. Ahem. If that comment didn’t clarify the topic, tonight we will be discussing nothing other than The Most Fabulous Invention Of All Time: ice cream, my true love.

Not that it really matters who made it, seeing as all ice cream is amazing, but for the record: Ben & Jerry’s is to ice cream as Krispy Kreme is to doughnuts. Just sayin’. I say this because they have all these crazy amazing flavors, Half Baked  being my personal go-to. However, a good soft serve or plain vanilla is still needed every now and then, as well. Okay, real talk: the beauty of ice cream is that it can be any flavor, and in my personal opinion the most beautiful flavors feature cheesecake or cream cheese. I can appreciate those as well. Actually, I just have to wholeheartedly agree, because I am not sure there is a way to make ice cream healthy enough that I will not at least try it. ;P Some of the best even have fruit in them. I’m sure somewhere there’s broccoli ice cream–probably horrendous even in my opinion, but it might exist–or there are plenty of “healthy” ice creams that are quite awful. Not that it is awful, but if we are going to mention frozen yogurt, can I say that it rocks, mainly because it is basically flavored soft serve and sometimes that in and of itself is the best kind of ice cream? Mainly because it does not require a spoon, if I am sharing my real favorite reason. (Can we tell that I like soft serve? I wonder how many more times I can casually use the term tonight. Hmm… O.o)

Froyo is not the healthy thing that I’m complaining about. It’s amazing, but usually not terribly more healthy if we’re being honest. #yikes I’m talking about those “no carb” ice creams that taste like cardboard. I have no clue how anyone even manages to stomach the stuff. Good. Gross, but good that froyo is not the accused.


Until next time, keep your frozens in the pool and your toppings in the deep freeze. ❤ 🙂 ;P 😀 :’D O.o

Don’t forget to enjoy a cone every now and then and drive safely. ❤


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